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UF is ranked No.4 in the BCS, but don't fret Gators fans

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GAINESVILLE -- Florida is ranked No.4 in the BCS. That means if the Gators win out then they're in the national championship game. Alabama is No.1, followed by Texas Tech and then Texas. Talk amongst yourselves if you don't agree and I'll offer you my infallible rebuttal.

Offensive lineman Carl Johnson suffered a sprained medial collateral ligament (knee) on Saturday against Vanderbilt. He is probable for Saturday's game but might not start, according to Meyer.

It seems the Southeastern Conference is jumping on the Tim Tebow for Heisman bandwagon. The league named Tebow the SEC's offensive player of the week for his performance against Vanderbilt. Tebow accounted for five touchdowns. Personally, I thought Georgia quarterback Matt Stafford had a better game against Kentucky. Stafford completed 17 of 27 pass attempts for 376 yards and three touchdowns, including the game-winning throw with under two minutes left.



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UF is 0.015 behind Texas. Nothing to worry about and completely understandable at this point. Win and we're in. The only question, if we win out, is whether we play TT, Oklahoma or Texas.


What happened to the graphic at the top of the site?

If TX Tech, Texas & Florida win out then Florida will be in the NCG.

The AP and Harris polls have Florida ahead of Texas but the BCS doesn't. If Florida finishes undefeated and beats a #1 ranked Alabama then Texas would jump ahead in the BCS ranking also.


An Alabama loss could change everything.

There is alot of season left, just ask Penn ST.

YEAH Goody? Where's that cool Gator Clause logo. You need to march into some IT/marketing bigshots office and put your foot down on this one man. We could organize a blog boycott if you like. I'm sick of this. The man always trying to keep us down.

I am one Gator fan that is not "fretting" anything. The Big 12 is still duking it out. Gators win out and it's OVA!

Storyline: Cocks travel to The Swamp for beheading.

Ryan Succop is still on that team. He's very good but won't be nearly enough to make the difference for the Ole Ball Coach. USC will be just another cow on the tracks as the Gator freight train rolls through the SEC. All the media talk about this weekends game seems to be talking about the 06 game. Let's not forget that we hung 51 on them last year at their house. USC did score 31 in 07 but we all know the differences between UF's 07 and 08 defenses. It will take a monumental collapse for UF to drop this one. Predictions on Wednesday. Step up Goody, Adam.

I don't know what the deal is with the banner. It's probably a case of if they're not changing something then they feel like they're not doing anything productive.


No. It's a case of $$$$$$ In case you didn't notice, your cool logo got replaced with an ADVERTISEMENT. The schmucks could have at least kept your logo and put the ad underneath it.

jo, we're issuing an ultimatum. Get the banner back or lose me and 13-1. You KNOW you don't want to lose us. Tell the Herald we say so. :-)

But there has always been an ad up there, right? I don't know. Maybe the ads are bigger now. Manny's Miami blog no longer has a banner either.


Send all emails regarding the banner to online@MiamiHerald.com.



UF has a chance to play No.1-ranked teams in successive weeks. If Alabama wins out, the Tide will still be No.1 on Dec.6. If UF beats Alabama and Texas Tech wins out, then UF will play No.1 Texas Tech at Dolphin Stadium.


jo, we're issuing an ultimatum. Get the banner back or lose me and 13-1. You KNOW you don't want to lose us. Tell the Herald we say so. :-)

Posted by: Adam S.

LOL...YEAH THATS RIGHT!! You'll lose all.....TWO of us.

We're gonna bust outta here and start our own blog.
(that'll have Goody shakin in his boots)


Actually, as a point of fact, we'd play No. 1-ranked teams in successive GAMES, not weeks. There will be 3-4 weeks between the SEC championship and BCS title game (if we were to win.)

I'm not sure why you pointed that out to me though...my point was that if we win, we're in. I agree. We have nothing to worry about except for victories. I was just explaining how close we already were to Texas...and could easily overtake them anyway (not that it would matter) this week. TT, Texas and OU are going to have to battle it out for the other spot.

Uh-Oh. 13-1, I got a name: Gator Cause. LOL


Tim Tebow did his damage against Vanderbilt in a little more than a half. Stafford needed an entire game to put up his numbers.

I'll take Tebow's 5 TDs over Stafford's 3 TDs.

The National media is also starting to look at Tebow's overall play as Heisman worthy.


Only you would point that out. Thanks for calling me out, though.


Just thought Stafford should have gotten some love for performing in the clutch, especially after getting demolished against UF. UGA could have rolled over and died against Kentucky, but the Bulldogs fought pretty hard for an average team with a good quarterback.



Are you starting to worry that the Gators may go and win the National Championship?

Alabama has a very easy schedule to end the season. Florida still has to play USC and @ FSU. If Florida wins out, its strength of schedule will be much higher, currently 20th (Texas' SOS is 4th). By the way, that is the reason why the computers have Texas ahead of Florida, while all the other polls have Florida ranked third ahead of Texas and Oklahoma.

Alabama most likely will be #1 when it faces the Florida Gators on December 6.

SEC Championship - Gators 35 Tide 14.

I really don't think USC has much of a chance. The game will more than likely be over in the 1st half.

I do however look forward to see who is going to win the Florida Cup. The hollow out log is up for grabs. I am curious to see if FSU can hold UF to 26 point's. Personally, I don't think FSU has a chance but you never know.

jo, gotta keep you on your toes my man! You know we all appreciate what you do.

I will admit, I'm a little worried about FSU. Possibly Bowden's last game, at Doak (the house that Zook built) against a team that would like nothing more than to take us out for the last few years of victories.

I'm not counting on anything yet...but I have high hopes and believe in this team. I think this has the ability to be the best team in UF history.

Stafford is a fat boy that has been exposed lately.

The NFL loves him...so be it.

He's a Fatty McFatty?


No, that's Chase Daniel. Who also has a fupa.

That's to warm his hands.


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