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Percy Harvin not practicing for Florida Gators

GAINESVILLE -- SEC championship week began on Sunday and already Alabama is trying to sabotage the Gators.

Florida coach Urban Meyer spoke with league reporters on Sunday via telephone conference call and the fire alarm inexplicably sounded inside the Gators' football facility during the interview. "What the heck is that?" said Meyer, who joined the press conference 15 minutes late.

--The Gators lost junior Percy Harvin to an ankle injury in the first half against FSU and Meyer said on Sunday that Harvin is questionable for Saturday's game against Alabama. Florida's coach said that Harvin would not practice on Sunday. The Gators' off day is Monday. Harvin left Doak Campbell Stadium in crutches and a protective boot on Saturday.

--Saturday's game between No.1 Alabama (12-0) and No.2 Florida (11-1) is the first match-up of the nation's top ranked teams in the SEC championship game.

--Florida remained at No.4 in the BCS standings on Sunday. Oklahoma (11-1) jumped ahead of Texas (11-1) to No.2 in the BCS standings, meaning the Sooners will play Mizzou in the Big 12 championship game by way of the league's fifth tie-breaker, which states that in the event of a tie in divisional play, then the highest ranked team in the BCS standings will play for the conference championship. Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech are all tied for first place in the Big 12 South.

--If Oklahoma loses to Missouri in the Big 12 championship game, then could USC could be in a position to play the winner of the SEC championship game in the BCS title game on Jan.8? No. USC (11-1) is ranked No.5 in the BCS, behind Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas and Florida. If Oklahoma loses, then Texas could play for the national championship.

--If Florida beats Alabama in the SEC championship game, could there be a rematch between Alabama and Florida in the national championship? It's unlikely but could become an outside possibility if Oklahoma loses to Missouri and Florida beats Alabama in a classic game.

--UF defensive tackle Brandon Antwine is doubtful for Saturday's game against Alabama, according to Meyer. Antwine is the second defensive tackle to suffer a knee injury in as many weeks. Against The Citadel, Matt Patchan injured a ligament in his knee. Meyer said that Florida will use a four-man rotation at defensive tackle in Atlanta: Terron Sanders, Torrey Davis, Lawrence Marsh and Jaye Howard. Like Patchan, Marsh injured his knee against The Citadel but played at about 70 percent on Saturday, according to Meyer.

--Meyer said that defensive end Carlos Dunlap could move inside to play defensive tackle.



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**protective boat**

Like a canoe? LOL! BOOT!

I'm actually not worried about Harvin. Questionable is 50/50 and the guy will not practice until the end of the week. Even with a high-grade sprain, some cortisone, rest and strengthening can do wonders.

Then, if we win, he'll have 3 weeks to heal before the BCS championship.

Who will win the SEC? The Alabama fans are killing the Florida fans on Sports2Debate. What do you think?

Fixed with no credit? Common, jo!

Shaping up to be an OU vs. UF title game. Stoops returns to face his former team.

Shaping up to be an OU vs. UF title game.

Wow, talking about OK when you haven't even played #1 Alabama. Remember, Saban knows how to coach and has the D to shut down Florida.

Gators by 10

Love GatorAid aka TXCane aka Sarasota' Cane

Hey guys you lost to NC State, NC STATE!!!!

Just shut down the Miani Hurricane football program. It is a joke.

You enjoying the Gators ride????

All you Canes fans saying we would lose to Georgia and then to South Carolina and then for sure to FSU at FSU since they were near the class of the ACC and now??? Alabama

Let me guess you all will be picking Oklahoma or Texas over Florida too? Hope you Canes fans arent betting any money on it because not only would your football season be a total waste your money would be gone too.

Congrats Canes on another 5+ loss season!!!!

GatorAid, give it a rest man. You've already been owned on a few threads here.

I said "shaping up." Didn't say it was a definite. Gators have a lot of work to do between now and next Saturday.

Go Gators. Get healthy Percy!

Oh, that's the protective boat? How the hell did he get THAT thing on his foot? LOL

That's what UF's D will look like to Bammy. But we are thin at DT. I think the LB's are going to have to play huge in this game. That shouldn't be a problem.

Where is the story on Lane Kiffin talking smack about beating Florida next year? Doesn't he realize the game is played at the Swamp next year?

Oh any good news on Percy?! ;) I know there is!

Give me something jo.

MV, where do you see that story? Link it up here!

SEC coaches can't seem to comment without a dig at their rivals. As he rattled off the fruits of Tennessee's eventual return to the top, Kiffin mentioned that he planned to sing Rocky Top all night long after upsetting Florida next September. The comment brought back images of Jim Tressel, who after getting hired told the crowd at an Ohio State basketball game they'd be especially proud of his team "in 310 days in Ann Arbor, Mich., on the football field." Kiffin's audience laughed at his words, prompting him to gesture toward Hamilton. "That line was Mike's idea, by the way," he said. "All right, Urban." Joke or not, the remark should make the offseason bulletin boards in Gainesville. And that evening at The Swamp will be the first referendum on Kiffin's tenure. His presence alone, though, should heat up a series the Gators have swept since 2004.

I just want to know if Kiffin's wife will make the trip?


We gotta get some info here. You need to be posting/blogging 4 times a day until after the SEC Championship game. This is it. We waited 7 months for football season and it all comes down to this ONE GAME. ONE GAME and where are you? You gotta step up your game. You should not be sleeping this entire week. Tell the wife you got work to do. This is your job. This one week is it. Get your flashlight, sleeping bag and head out to both Percy Harvin's place and Urban Meyer's place and camp out. You need to give us the scoop! This is the week we have all been waiting for. We need you to step it up and get more involved with the blog. Take your 7 months vacation after this (with exception of the National Title week). We waited all preseason and all season for this. Get your game face on! Get your Tim Tebow garnet face on!
Who would you rather be Mandy Navarro trying to figure out which one Cane should make the Honorable mention on the ACC and focusing to Canes basketball or Jo Goodman having the team he is covering playing the biggest game of the season, the biggest SEC title game ever, right in the thick of the National Title? I'd pick Jo Goodman every day.
Let's go!!! One week! Give it your all!

Not to mention the Phil 4:13 eye blacks.

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