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PG Jai Lucas to transfer

GAINESVILLE -- UF men's basketball coach Billy Donovan said on Wednesday that sophomore point guard Jai Lucas is transferring after this semester.

Lucas informed Donovan of his decision on Wednesday morning, according to Donovan. "I think there was a point that Jai wasn't totally happy," Donovan said.

A McDonald's All-American out of high school, Lucas started as a freshman for the Gators in 2007 but apparently is unhappy with his current role on the team. Lucas started for the Gators on Monday in an exhibition win against Warner but Lucas was outperformed by freshman point guard Erving Walker, a New York City product.

Walker played more minutes than Lucas in the win and scored 13 points and had six assists.



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This is a kid that was so enthralled with playing for Billy D. last year that he couldn't wait to get on campus. Now he's transferring? I said in one of the previous basketball threads that I had questions about him.

I wish him the best. He seemed a little under-sized (since he was so young) and was never very impressive last year. The only comparision I had was Taureen(sp) Green who was very tuff and had great ball handling skills, which is not really fair.

This is very surprising though

He's already gone from the roster on Gatorzone. I guess this has been brewing.

Good luck to you Mr. Lucas.

He's already gone from the roster on Gatorzone. I guess this has been brewing.

Good luck to you Mr. Lucas.

I always thought Lucas seemed like a good kid, but good riddance. It's clear he thinks Walker is better than him and is scared of the competition. I think Lucas got bumped around to much for his liking to have to worry about both his body and his starting spot. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he ended up t some small school in some small conference. IF you can't compete with the best, you don't deserve to be here. Good luck kid.

Jeez. That's pretty harsh, Adam.


Based on current information, I must agree with my namesake. I've heard of kids leaving because they wanted to be closer to home or made a big mistake because they turned out not liking the school, but this appears to be neither of those things.

As was famously said in Glengary Glen Ross: "If you don't like it...leave!"

got a new one for U...




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