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4th Q: Georgia is terrible; UF 49, UGA 10

JACKSONVILLE -- The Georgia Bulldogs have completely given up here at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. UF quarterback Tim Tebow just tossed a 25-yard touchdown pass to Percy Harvin to give UF a 42-3 lead. There wasn't a UGA defender within 10 yards of Harvin when he caught it in the end zone.

The touchdown was set up by another interception by UGA quarterback Matt Stafford, his third of the game. Ahmad Black had the interception and returned it 64 yards to the UGA 25.

UF quarterback Tim Tebow rushed for his third touchdown of the game with 3:29 left in the third quarter to give the Gators a 35-3 lead. This one is done.

The eight-yard touchdown run was set up by a 20-yard fumble recovery and return from UF defensive lineman Terron Sanders. Moreno fumbled the ball at the UGA 30-yard line and Sanders returned it to the 10.

Sanders' big defensive play came a few minutes after UF cornerback Joe Haden intercepted UGA quarterback Matt Stafford at the UF 12 and returned it 88 yards to the UGA 1. Tebow scored on the next play to give Florida a 28-3 lead.

Big play for the Gators here in the third quarter at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

Florida cornerback Joe Haden intercepted a pass from UGA quarterback Matt Stafford at the UF 12 and returned it 88 yards to the UGA 1 with 7:54 left in the third quarter.

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow rushed for a one-yard score on the next play to give the Gators a 21-3 lead.

UGA kicker Blair Walsh, a freshman from Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons, missed his second field goal of the first half with less than two minutes to play. The 27-yard attempt hit the right upright. Walsh missed a 38-yard field goal in the first quarter.

UGA had their chances at the end zone during the drive. Stafford missed a wide open tight end on first-and-goal from the UF 6. On third down from the 9, UGA running back dropped a pass in the end zone.

Drive's key play: Georgia quarterback loosed a downfield missle to receiver Mohamad Massaquoi on third-and-19 to give UGA a first down at the UF 6. The impressive throw came one play after UF linebacker Brandon Spikes and UF lineman Jermaine Cunningham combined for a 10-yard sack.

Tim Tebow became Florida's career rushing touchdowns leader with 7:26 left in the first half. His two-yard touchdown run gave UF a 14-3 lead.

Tebow has 37 career rushing touchdowns, or one more than UF great Emmitt Smith, the NFL's all-time rushing leader. Georgia great Herschel Walker holds the SEC career rushing touchdowns record (49).

Georgia gave Florida excellent field position on the drive with a failed on-side-kick attempt. It was an ill-conceived play by the Bulldogs and Florida started its drive at the UGA 40. The drive's key play was an 18-yard pass to tight end Aaron Hernandez, which gave UF the ball at the UGA 22.

Georgia kicker Blair Walsh cut the Gators lead to 7-3 with 11:18 left in the second quarter with a 35-yard field goal. Walsh missed a field goal on Georgia's opening drive. Georgia's scoring drive featured a 26-yard pass to Prince Miller on a UGA third-and-10.

Florida receiver Percy Harvin gave UF a 7-0 lead with 20 seconds left in the first half on a 13-yard option play. Georgia's defense failed to cover the play properly and Harvin jogged into the end zone following a well-timed pitch from Tebow.

The drive's key play was a penalty by Georgia defensive lineman Jarius Wynn, whose penalty for illegal hands to the facemask of UF offensive lineman Carl Johnson nullified an interception by Tebow. Instead of turning the ball over, Florida received a first down on the UGA 13.

While Florida's offense spurted early, Georgia pieced together a successful drive but couldn't convert when freshman kicker Blair Walsh of Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons missed a 38-yard field goal wide left with 5:16 left in the first quarter.

Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes set the tone early for the Gators with a punishing hit on Georgia running back Knowshon Moreno. Moreno attempted a rush up the middle and Spikes met him in the backfield and speared him to the ground. Spikes then got facemask to facemask with Moreno and jawed for a few seconds before officials broke it up.

UF freshman cornerback Janoris Jenkins started for the Gators.

Florida took the field enthusiastically for its pregame warm-up. The players shot a few Gator chomps to the UGA band before meeting near midfield. Tebow chest bumped UF offensive coordinator Dan Mullen at full speed and knocked over the coach.

Florida freshman cornerback Janoris Jenkins tested the integrity of his bruised right shin about 75 minutes before kickoff here at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

Jenkins spoke with UF cornerbacks coach Vance Bedford briefly, pointing to his shin, before jogging back into the locker room. Jenkins did not warm up with his fellow cornerbacks. Jenkins injured his shin during the first defensive series against Kentucky last week.

Should Jenkins be unable to perform today, back-up cornerback Wondy Pierre-Louis will get the start. Pierre-Louis started in 2007 and was a first-string cornerback through the first three games of the season. He was replaced in the line-up by Jenkins during the Gators win against Tennessee.

Georgia is wearing its traditional red jerseys and silver pants. Florida is wearing all white.

Members of the Orange Bowl Committee were on hand Saturday in Jacksonville. In addition to the Orange Bowl, the Orange Bowl Committee is also hosting the BCS national championship game this season.

Confused about his personal identity, Jack the bulldog ended his own life today two hours before kickoff here in Jacksonville. This is the last known photograph taken of Jack the bulldog before he jumped into the St. Johns River and floated out to sea. We'll miss you Jack. He was four in dog years.


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Every win from here forward is crucial...

Even though Virginia (FORTY EIGHT TO NOTHING)will crush DuhU, recruits are already seeing Randy for the lying fraud that he is. They know his days are numbered. Terrible team, terrible coaches, terrible stadium, terrible crowds, terrible future. Throw Jacory a huge send-off party. He's as good as gone.

Posted by: Canesrule 9 'ships | October 31, 2008 at 09:54 AM

haha canerule ur a bigger loser that i seen thus far

Sorry U dweeb...... your lame posts on one measily newspaper's irrelevant blog will never make up for national tv exposure week in and week out.



Uf's victory over UGA once again proves that the s.e.c. is extremely over-rated! U notice how the s.e.c teams destroy one another but struggle outside the confrence? Ole Miss is probably the best team in the confrence, beating UF the way they did. Oh yeah, did'nt Ole Miss lose to Wake Forest?

Did you notice that Florida's lowest point total was against the U?

Thought the SEC played D, guess not!

The Hurricanes, looking to win four consecutive games for the first time since 2005?

What a Joke
“It was almost to the point where it was embarrassing, disrespectful.” - Randy “Please Don’t Run the Score Up on Us” Shannon

What part about 48-0 in your final true home game is not embarrassing?

Shannon and his dimwit comments need to be canned immediately, somebody please shut him up or fire him ASAP!

I agree, everybody shut up……including Randy! Wow what a sad day indeed we beat a 5-3 fellow ACC weakling and we treat it like an accomplishment.

I apologize to the entire nation (once again) about my above lame comments - looks more like NoShow Moreno. I sure underestimated the power of mighty Gators D, please forgive me. I’m just thankful we had them on our schedule prior to them hitting on all cylinders. Sure as heck looks like they are BCS bound.

Still no guarantees on a bowl game. Hopefully the ACC has at least 1 team ranked in the Top 25 this week.

When UGAG finally got a TD in mop-up time, UF fans applauded them. The ultimate smackdown.

Where does this leave UGAG in 09? Stafford leaves and the buttsniffers are really scewed. He's projected as top 5 overall pick. Say buh-bye buttsniffers. Maybe in a few years down the road, you'll be back. If Stafford stays he'll just get crushed by an even nastier UF defense in 09. Either way, UGAG is screwed.

Beautiful win Gators. It just shows who the more mature team is. The extememly douchey endzone dance is double douchey now.

Thanks for the note about UF fans cheering for Georgia after its late touchdown. The press box at Jacksonville Municipal Statium is sound proof. By the way, I hate Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.



I LOVE JMS. Outback in the concession stands. Yum. We have also won 16 of the last 19 there.

Guys, this game was exactly as I had been saying and exactly as it should have been. I also just want to count down the ways in which we embarrassed or "payed back" the Bulldogs.

- 49 points
- No celebration retaliation
- Rainey's pimp walk and fake knee on the return
- Putting Tebow back in the game after already being up 39 then calling a time out and giving him a curtain call.
- Paraphrasing from Urban Meyer's press conference:

"Offense and defense, that's how you win games like this. Not with celebrations."

UGA had no chance in this game and Florida proved, once again, they are the best team in the conference. Sometimes it is slow to get rolling, sometimes you need a kick-in-the-butt. We win out, we go to the title game.

I think Harvin and Tebow are going to be a dangerous combo in 2009.

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