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GAINESVILLE -- UF running back Chris Rainey joins the scoring party with a three-yard TD run with 5:39 left in the fourth quarter, giving UF a 56-6 lead. UF needs one more rushing touchdown tonight to match the total number of rushing touchdowns the USC defense allowed this entire season entering Saturday.

A five-yard touchdown pass from Tebow to tight end Aaron Hernandez gives UF a 49-6 lead on the first play of the fourth quarter. A 39-yard punt return from Brandon James set up the drive. James has 427 yards on punt returns this season, a UF record.

After a two-game drought, UF running back Jeffery Demps finally busts a long play. The 38-yard touchdown run gives UF a 42-6 lead with 6:58 left in the third quarter. Tebow offered the lead block on the play. Time to take him out of the game.

Now isn't that a nice way to being the second half. First play of the third quarter, Percy Harvin, inside draw, 80-yard touchdown run. That's Percy's second rushing touchdown of the game and his 14th touchdown of the season.

Harvin has rushed for 147 yards on five carries today. USC entered the game allowing a team average of 101.4 yards rushing. UF 35, USC 3; 14:47.

UF quarterback Tim Tebow goes over the top to receiver Deonte Thompson for a 46-yard score. UF 28, USC 0 and the rout is officially on.

South Carolina entered the game with the nation's third best defense.

--UF with its second fumble of the game. This time Chris Rainey missed a pitch from Tebow. USC linebacker Eric Norwood recovered at the 20 and returned it to the USC 48. Not that a UF fumble is going to matter much today. USC's offense is absolutely terrible today. The Gamecocks game 27 yards of total offense in the first half off of 15 plays.

It's time to see what UF running back Emmanuel Moody can do.

OK, this is getting silly and out of hand. South Carolina just made its third mistake in less than a minute, leading to easy points for Florida. UF is winning 21-0 at the end of the first quarter.

After tossing two interceptions, South Carolina gave the ball away a third time. This time the lapse happened on special teams. Obviously pressing, USC called for a trick play on a kickoff with 3:43 left in the first quarter and it went terribly awry. UF's James Smith recovered a fumble at the USC 4 and returned it to the UF goal line. Tebow rushed for a score three plays later. UF 21, USC 0.

If not for a terrible call on James Smith's fumble recovery and return to the goal line (He appeared to score but was ruled down at the one-foot line.), UF nearly scored 21 points in 54 seconds. Here's a crazy statistic: In the last six games, UF has outscored opponents 101-0 in first quarters. UF has outscored opponents 125-7 this season in first quarters.

Another UF interception and another easy score for the Gators. This time UF safety Ahmad Black intercepted USC quarterback Chris Smelley at the 33 and returned it to the USC 26.

UF linebacker Brandon Hicks once again applied the needed pressure on Smelley. Hicks tipped the pass at the line of scrimmage and Black stepped in front of a USC receiver to finish the play. It was UF's second interception in three USC plays and UF scored one play later when Percy Harvin rushed for a 26-yard score. That's Harvin's 13 touchdown of the season and sixth rushing score.

UF linebacker Brandon Spikes returned a 12-yard interception for a touchdown with 4:37 left in the first quarter to give UF a 7-0 lead. Linebacker Brandon Hicks supplied the pressure on USC quarterback Chris Smelley, who backpeddaled into the end zone before throwing the interception.

--UF has returned five interceptions for touchdowns this season

--UF running back Emmanuel Moody (the Southern Cal transfer) is in the game on the Gators' second series. UF running back Jeffery Demps fumbled on the Gators' first offensive series. USC middle linebacker Jasper Brinkley caused the fumble with a devastating hit.

It's cold (67 degrees, ehh) and wet at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium today. Good thing I'm in the press box. Does the rain favor UF or South Carolina today? I don't think it matters.

A few things to keep in mind during the first half.

1. UF has outscored opponents 104-7 in the first quarter.
2. With Urban Meyer as its coach, Florida has blocked at least one kick each time it has played South Carolina. Florida has blocked five USC kicks under Meyer.



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So, um, yeah. We're really good.

What an all around game by the Gators tonight. I saw excellent play by all units. Watkins and Johnson injured is not good.

Tenn Blowout
LSU Blowout
UGA Blowout
Ktky Blowout
USC Blowout
Citadel? Hope Gators can get by them
Bammy ?

Is this Gator team good or what?

South Carolina, the third best defense in the Nation, had no answers for the Gator offense.

There is no doubt which team is the best in the Nation!

Is this Gator team good or what?

South Carolina, the third best defense in the Nation, had no answers for the Gator offense.

There is no doubt which team is the best in the Nation!

This team is absolutely ridiculous. Insanely good. If we can keep this up, there is no stopping us. Let's go Gators, hope I can see you in Miami and spend $1,500 on a friggin ticket!


You forgot MIAMI Blowout.

Urban said postgame Carl is ok, not sure about JWat.

I think it was the opposite. Watkins had a mild concussion -- he's fine. He'll be good to go for FSU, if not Citadel. Carl re-injured his MCL -- sprained it again. He might be down a while longer. Brandon Spikes also sprained his ankle, but should be fine. And AJ Jones missed the game with a sprained PCL, but he's going to be fine for Citadel and down the road. So we're looking pretty healthy right now -- not 100%, but with what is essentially a bye week, and with some luck, we should be as healthy as we've been all season in time for FSU.

Nobody even remotely injured should step on the field next week. Hell, Tebow should only play a quarter or two.

Is this Gator team good or what?

Not sure?????? Looks like the SEC is that bad? You will now only have 3 ranked teams, what happened to the powerful SEC?

Heck, the ACC will now have 3 or 4 ranked teams. Your lowest point total was against an ACC team, Da U!


You're a moron. Our lowest point total was in our second game of the season and first real test seeing as we played Hawaii first.

FSU just lost. Miami is going to lose to GT next week. Wake lost to NC State. ACC is disgustingly weak...shouldn't even be a BCS conference.

Just wait until Dec. 6, friends. Alabama is going to beat the dog out of Florida in Atlanta. Roll Tide!

Top 20 of the recent coaches poll


I see 4 SEC teams including 2 in the top 3 but NO ACC teams?

What team in the coaches top 20 has Miami beat????? Ohhh but we should hand you the national title next year??? BAWAHAHAHAHAHA
You guys are soooo delusional. You arent an independent anymore. WAKE UP.

1. Alabama (45) 1,508
2. Texas Tech (15) 1,465
3. Florida (1) 1,373
4. Texas 1,322
5. Oklahoma 1,305
6. Southern California 1,245
7. Utah 1,113
8. Penn State 1,093
9. Boise State 1,023
10. Ohio State 957
11. Missouri 894
12. Oklahoma State 838
13. Georgia 832
14. Brigham Young 690
15. Michigan State 654
16. Ball State 613
17. TCU 533
18. LSU 429
19. Pittsburgh 406
20. Cincinnati 358

ACC has 3 and the Canes are now ranked 23!!!!

Rebuilding to dominate the future.

I'm still not happy with our OC, he seams to be to conservative. A great D line might stop all the running plays up the middle, then what do we do?

oops... seems

Go Gators

Conference Rankings


1 BIG 12 (A) = 78.03 78.11 ( 1) 12
2 ATLANTIC COAST (A) = 77.89 77.62 ( 2) 12
3 SOUTHEASTERN (A) = 77.08 77.27 ( 3) 12
4 BIG TEN (A) = 75.72 75.82 ( 4) 11
5 BIG EAST (A) = 74.19 73.17 ( 5) 8
6 PAC-10 (A) = 73.27 72.67 ( 6) 10
7 MOUNTAIN WEST (A) = 70.62 70.79 ( 7) 9
8 I-A INDEPENDENTS (A) = 65.51 64.97 ( 10) 4
9 MID-AMERICAN (A) = 65.49 65.58 ( 8) 13
10 WESTERN ATHLETIC (A) = 65.09 65.31 ( 9) 9
11 CONFERENCE USA (A) = 64.49 64.12 ( 11) 12
12 COLONIAL (AA)= 62.15 61.70 ( 12) 12
13 SUN BELT (A) = 60.66 60.00 ( 13) 8
14 SOUTHERN (AA)= 59.26 58.66 ( 14) 9
15 BIG SKY (AA)= 53.67 53.58 ( 15) 9
16 GREAT WEST (AA)= 50.31 50.93 ( 16) 5
17 MISSOURI VALLEY (AA)= 50.31 49.13 ( 18) 9
18 SOUTHLAND (AA)= 49.47 49.86 ( 17) 8
19 IVY LEAGUE (AA)= 49.09 48.73 ( 19) 8
20 PATRIOT LEAGUE (AA)= 48.82 48.06 ( 20) 7
21 BIG SOUTH (AA)= 46.51 46.92 ( 21) 7
22 OHIO VALLEY (AA)= 42.99 43.14 ( 22) 9
23 NORTHEAST (AA)= 38.71 38.31 ( 23) 8
24 MID-EASTERN (AA)= 38.07 37.86 ( 24) 10
25 PIONEER (AA)= 35.00 34.43 ( 25) 9
26 SOUTHWESTERN (AA)= 30.43 31.25 ( 26) 10
27 I-AA INDEPENDENTS (AA)= 29.81 29.49 ( 27) 5
28 ***UNRATED*** (**)= -90.00 -90.00 ( 28) 1

Here is the whole article about the conference rankings.


Florida gets to play Citadel in the second to last game of the year.


great non conference game!!

florida loses to an unranked team. Ranked #3
Texas loses to the #2 ranked team. Ranked #4

------------------ -------------------- --------------------

It's not about who you lose to, but when you lose.

It's also about how you lose (us-blocked extra point, you-game winning TD drive).

Oh, and it is really going to suck for you guys when we're No. 3 in the BCS this afternoon.

...or maybe not, still No. 4.

Canes are so delusional. It is going to be a very funny next few years for them. The heartbreak will be priceless.

If the ACC is so great why arent there any ACC teams in the top 5? top 10? top 15? top 20 of the coaches poll?????????

Bunch of mediocore teams and mediocore coaches.

It's not a Texas fan but a Canes fan.

I agree the Gators out of conference schedule is kinda weak. The Canes, FSU, and the Citadel are weak. Might as well give the Gators the ACC championship once they beat FSU. The tough ACC. BAWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Israel Gutierrez impressed me today on the Sports Reporters. He is a sharp, knowledgeable, and intelligent guy. Great job on there!

I disagree with Texas Tech being the team though that can cause the Gators problems because they can spread the D out. I think a dominant line, that can run the ball, and get 3-4 yard gains, and 10-12 play drives that can keep the ball out of the hands of the Florida offense is the type of team more likely to cause the Gators problems not a throw first team like Texas Tech.

hey...hopefully you can see this through all the crap written by these haters.

anyway, WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH SPIKES? I saw him limp off during the third and he never came back. Is he okay? The Gator D needs him in the game.


Any info on gametime for Florida -vs- FSU game?

We won’t know until next week, but the game will be at 3:30, 7:45 or 8:00. See below.

Since the television networks have been granted a six-day selection for Saturday, Nov. 29, the start time for the Gators' road game at Florida State will be released following this weekend's games.
Under the ACC-TV package, the Florida at Florida State and South Carolina at Clemson games will be picked at a later time. The Florida at Florida State game will be televised at either 3:30 p.m. or prime time (7:45 p.m. or 8 p.m.) on either ABC or ESPN and the South Carolina at Clemson game will be televised either at noon or 3:30 p.m. on either ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU or Raycom.

(per gatorsports.com)

Hmm...that's interesting, MV.

I remember two years ago the game was on at 5 p.m.

My best guess would be prime time on ABC at 8 p.m.

I think if FSU wins at Maryland, its a prime time game. If not 3:30.

I don't know what other games ABC would have to choose from that weekend...but I highly doubt there would be a better match-up than No. 3 Florida vs. their in-state rival...whether FSU wins this week or not.

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