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Pressure is key to stopping USC quarterback combo

GAINESVILLE -- Florida safety Ahmad Black is getting greedy. And that's a good thing when you're a safety.

Black said on Wednesday that he wants a few more interceptions before the season is over. He might have a chance at one or two on Saturday against South Carolina, which will likely rotate quarterbacks Chris Smelley and Stephen Garcia. Smelley has thrown 11 touchdowns and nine interceptions while Garcia has six touchdown passes and four interceptions.

Black says the Gators are preparing for both players as if they were the same quarterback.

"They really do about the same thing but Garcia runs it a little more," Black said. "He's not that accurate, so we've got to get pressure on both of them. When you get pressure on them it rattles them a little bit."

Black leads the Gators with five interceptions, which ranks him second in the SEC along with Alabama safety Rashad Johnson. Tennessee safety Eric Berry leads the SEC with six interceptions.

Florida has played with an emotional edge since losing to Ole Miss. UF lineman Mike Pouncey says the Gators' coaching staff has intensified practices recently to reduce the complacency that might creep into the locker room after five consecutive blowouts.

"Coach has been making us go harder and harder in practice so we don't lose that edge," Pouncey said.

It took awhile, but Florida running back Emmanuel Moody appears to be finally buying into the Gators' offense. Word is that Moody was on life support but was nursed back to health by the Tebow family and a nice intravenous injection of orange and blue Kool-Aid. Moody rushed for over 70 yards against Georgia in mop-up time but received meaningful carries against Vanderbilt. He rushed for 48 yards on seven carries against the Commodores.

"When you averaged 10 yards per carry in the last game, I'd say that's pretty good and they still had their starters in when he did that," UF running back coach Kenny Carter said. "He's a very, very good player and we're excited about him. He has adjusted now and he knows what his value is to us and what he brings to the table. And they've all established an unselfish attitude and understand that it's about the position and it's not about them as individuals."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Moody actually averaged 6.9 yards per carry against Vanderbilt. He averaged 10.1 yards per carry against Georgia.

Carter intimated on Wednesday that Moody might have expected a gift-wrapped starting position during the offseason. Moody, of course, transferred from Southern Cal in 2007 and sat out last season.

"When you transition from one organization to another, especially from Southern Cal to Florida, there's no drop off and there's a level of expectation that's different at every place and he had to adjust to what the level of expectation was for him when it came to performance, when it came to accountability and when he realized where he needed to be and what the standard was now he has taken the steps he needed to to be a better player," Carter said.

NOTE TO MOODY: Drink that Kool-Aid, Manny. We want to see you on the field more against South Carolina, Florida State and Alabama.   

After scorching the field against Arkansas, LSU and Kentucky, UF running back Jeffery Demps' production was limited considerably against Georgia and Vanderbilt. He rushed for 282 yards on 24 carries against the Hogs, Tigers and Wildcats. Against Georgia he managed just 19 yards on four carries. Vanderbilt held Demps to 19 yards on seven carries.

Chris Rainey's production was down against Georgia and Vanderbilt as well. Rainey had 27 yards on five carries against UGA and 11 yards on six carries against Vandy. Demps said on Wednesday that Georgia and Vandy focused on stopping the Gators' running backs, allowing other players to create more offense.

"I think they're keying on us a lot more than they did and that kind of opened up some of the other players," Demps said.

Against Georgia, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow led the Gators in carries (12 for 45 yards). Againt Vanderbilt, Tebow had 88 yards rushing on 11 carries, including a career-long 26-yard touchdown run. After Tebow's touchdown run, UF lineman Mike Pouncey said he knew Tebow was back.

"He has been running good for the last couple of weeks and he has just been playing like the Tim Tebow we're used to," Pouncey said.

NOTE TO DEMPS: Don't take it personally, Jeffery. Tebow wants another Heisman.

This email comes to us from Alexander of parts unknown. Alexander writes...

Hey Jo,

I was wondering if you know how I could get a pair of Nikes that the basketball team wears, they are similar to these pics that I sent you a link to. From what I've heard they will not be sold in retail stores. Any way I could contact the athletic department or something? Maybe the equipment manager? I don't know. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


I spoke with a member of UF's basketball program today and he said that the Gators' basketball shoes "are usually available shortly into the season on Gatorzone.com or at our gift shop." Hope that helps.



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"NOTE TO MOODY: Drink that Kool-Aid, Manny. We want to see you on the field more against South Carolina, Florida State and Alabama."

Manny is drinking plenty of that CANES Kool-Aid, you are right on that Jo. Have you seen his grading of the Canes after every game? You would think we were fighting for one of the two BCS spots. There is not a more overhyped team than the Hurricanes and its only going to get worse in the offseason but once the real season hits its going to be very sobering for them.

The Gators will be facing the #3 #4 and #5 defenses in the country over the next 4 weeks.

Much like dick's you can't keep the Canes out of your mouth and off your mind can you Rawpimple?

Moody is looking good and is exactly what we need with Demps slowing down a bit.

jo, thanks for posting the info about the sneakers. I'm gonna get me a pair if that's the case...though I've never seen them available before...please keep us updated!

I know as a Canes fan that I am supposed to hate you guys and I still do, but come the SEC championship, I will actually be a Gator fan for 3 hours and 3 hours ONLY!!! Please, please destroy that prick Saban... As a diehard Dolphins fan, nothing would make me happier than to see that snake slither back to Ala not knowing what hit him...

P.S. The Canes are coming and you know it, so prepare yourself, cuz the best freshman class in years is only going to get better... SCARY!!!

Thanks but no thanks JRod. The Gators already have an enormous fan base and will pack the seats in Atlanta. Gator fans don't really want a "3-hour fan." Just keep hating on us. We know you are has beens of the first order and direct your incredible frustration towards UF,Meyer,Gator fans.

We won't be pulling for you in your conference championship game....nevermind, you won't be going to your conference championship game.

It would be one matter if you expressed some respect for what UF football is doing. Not the case. You're just stifling your hate for a couple of hours



I know you guys are cocky cuz you won your 2nd championship in 100 years of football two years ago and are in the hunt this year...but... When Tebag and Harvin leave for the NFL after this season to continue your run of NFL busts, it won't be so pretty... Mark it down and remember this... You guys fear what the Canes are doing, especially since we have the best freshman clas in the country in years, so prepare yourself, cuz the verbal lashing that you will receive from us starting next year will be merciless and straight out disrespectful... You guys are the most cocky sons of biatches that I have ever seen and for what? 2 championships since the turn of the century (1900)... So get off of your high horse and take advantage of your current success, cuz as they say... "All good things must come to an end"... starting next year, unless Tebag realizes that he needs another year of seasoning to prepare himself for somebody's practice squad when he leaves that dump up in Gainesville... At least he has a career in circumcison to look forward to


You're insane. We're not cocky, we're confident. The definition of cocky comes from UM fans like yourself and posts like that.

When Tebow and Harvin leave for the NFL, we will retool and be perfectly fine. Speaking of the NFL, it is just like a UM fan to change the argument to "NFL busts" when they get dominated in every way. This is college football we're talking about, not the pros, stick to the argument.

The LAST thing we care about is what the Canes are doing. In fact, is is Randy who fears Urban and is a disrespectful POS by not even shaking the man's hand after we trounced you this season. Your rookie class is nothing special and both UM and the entire ACC have been passed by. College football is all bout the SEC and Big 12...or haven't you noticed?

Why would you be delivering a "verbal lashing" to us next year while being "mericless" and "straight out disrespectful?" THAT is cocky and uncalled for. Look at yourself and your program in the mirror and realize that EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DISS THE GATORS ABOUT IS EXACTLY WHAT UM HAS BEEN ABOUT FOR ITS ENTIRE EXISTANCE. Cocky. Disrespectful. Thuggish.

P.S. A "verbal lashing" is the only type of lashing you will be able to provide for the near future. We'll deliver our lashings out on the field, just like this season. Get a grip, loser.

A cane fan calling other fans cocky is just good comedy. UM IS THE MOST ARROGANT FAN BASE ON EARTH ! The list of things that are rotten at UM are longer than my arm yet cane fan still likes to yell, "we're coming back." Puhhhh-lease. ESPN ranked your underachieving recruits #1 and all the sudden, "WERE COMING BACK." UM has been rotten for the majority of this decade and the end IS NOT IN SIGHT. Go win your very average conference THEN get smacky. Until then, just shut your - worst red zone defense in the country- mouth. Quit using what you did decades ago as a reason to pipe off. U stink. Go Away.

This fool posted in here that he "hates the gator" but is "pulling for them for 3-/2 hours." NO ONE WANTS YOUR UNWORTHY FANDOM.

Please spare us from U coming back and carrying on with the "our recruits...blah blah blah... we are coming back...blah blah blah..."

God these cane fans are a bunch of TOOLS.

The canes class was not #1 the ranking were revised (for ESPN at least) and they ended up 2 or 3. Tebow and Harvins class was the consensus #1 class which was followed up by another #1 class and a #5 class. The canes are going to fall on their face the next couple of games. 2 more regular season loses are in their future. They may win a bowl game since it will be versus a weak opponent.


So you think Miami loses to Va. Tech tomorrow night?


Yes. I think VT wins. They have had the canes number the last several times they played and VT is getting better every game. GT on the road should be very tough as well.

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