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Spikes' dream hit involves an ambulance

GAINESVILLE -- Brandon Spikes wears No.51 for one reason. He wants to play football like NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus, who wore the same number during his playing days.

Spikes, a finalist for the Nagurski Award, started watching films of his favorite linebackers -- Butkus and Mike Singletary -- when he was in high school. He learned from the best.

"There's one thing I noticed about guys like that," Spikes said. "They're really violent, so I try to mold my game after guys like that."

How violent of a hitter does Spikes consider himself? Here's his description of what it feels like to make a perfect tackle.

"You really can't explain it," Spikes said. "It's just something a linebacker dreams about: Put a guy out and let the ambulance come and get him off the field."

Spikes has made some pretty big hits this season (see Moreno, Knowshon) but he says his biggest hit is still bottled up inside, waiting to be unleashed.

"[Moreno] was a good hit but I want to knock a guy out of the game," Spikes said. "It was a great lick. I kind of wanted to get revenge from the year before."

Spikes will get his chance to KO a few D-II players this weekend. Something tells me he'll be saving his best for FSU and Alabama. As for Saturday's game against The Citadel, Spikes said on Wednesday that he wants to play a great game for "the seniors, the guys who are never going to play here again."

But what about Spikes? Might Saturday's final home game of the season be his last game in The Swamp? Will he turn pro after this season?

"It's a decision I have to make in the future but right now I'm focused on beating The Citadel," Spikes said.

That said, Spikes did reflect on his time at Florida on Wednesday. He mentioned how "it's going fast."

"It's a great place to play -- in The Swamp," Spikes said. "I come out here ... I used to take it for granted when I was younger but now it's going fast, so I just want to come out and play hard every game."

Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong is no stranger to his name being shuffled around by the media as a possible head-coaching candidate. Perhaps there was a time earlier in his career when he might have gotten caught up in the speculation. Not anymore.

"My name has been out there for so many years," Strong said. "I have a great job here and I don't even listen to it anymore because, you know what, if you let yourself get consumed with it then it will take away from what you're doing now. And my job now is to work at the University of Florida and get this team prepared to play The Citadel and that's all I'm concerned about."



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Chuck's gone.

Where to?


By canesrule 9 'ships

November 18, 2008 9:42 PM | Link to this

Speaking of hurdles, the ACC is what the MAC was a few years ago, the entire conference already having at least 3 loses with 2 games to go in the season. In my heart of hearts, I believe the SEC is a lock for the BCS Title game every single year for the foreseeable future.

Dare I say, year in and year out the SEC is far and above the toughest conference in the nation.

Not sure why we need a playoff when the SEC Championship game already exists?

Meanwhile, the entire nation will ignore the irrelevant Canes as they compete, yet fail, to make the ACC Battle of the 10 Combined Losses Title game in Tampa. I must give Randy props for attemping to get us a minimal viewing audience by scheduling multiple Thursday night games…..PBS better not steal all of our Nielsen ratings again.

By canesrule 9'ships

November 19, 2008 5:02 PM | Link to this

Hey Fellas, real canesrule here. Just got back from yet another skiing trip with the fellas and boy is my rectum blown out. Anyhoo, in my heart of hearts I know that the ramblin wreck will hand us our ACC lunch and put us where we belong in the pecking order. Dare I say we have no business fantasizing about a championship game that no one cares about. I’m sick of those gayturds and their incredibly dominant team. It pains me to admit that no one will as much as slow down that juggernaut. We must do something to stop them from their inevitable celebration on our rental home field. That Urban Liar guy really is the real deal. Look at the incredible things he’s done with his team. I wonder if Randy will ever be able to achieve what Urban Liar has done up there. I hate those guys.

Not sure...don't know what each individual team is looking for. But if I was the Clemson AD, I'd be giving him a look. It would allow him to still recruit out of Florida and the south and his defense would flourish in the ACC.

I think the Oregon St. coach will end up at UT, just for the record.


Miami Basketball Relevant

Miami Football Irrelevant

Posted by: YellowJeeeezeeey | November 19, 2008 at 09:19 PM

Your Canes will get crushed by the Jackets. Noone has been able to stop the Triple Option, the Canes are weak up front and are completely gutless. You have played a weak schedule and have been lucky to win all of those close games. Overrated Canes better stay in Miami!

The Triple Option is the offense of the future and your unintelligent defense will not figure out how to stop it in a weak! GT will romp at home over the Canes because your players will be intimiataded in front of the our fans!!! Go Jackets.

The U where 5 loss seasons are CELEBRATED!

It is exciting to compete for national titles every single year like they do, huh?
maybe one day you will get to the ACC championship game. At least get there before you start acting like your football team is worth anything. Heck Ball State is ranked ahead of you. BALL STATE!

Enjoy another 5 loss season.

The U where 5 loss seasons are celebrated!

Oh by the way Georgia Tech is taking you guys back to reality.

As Rob Schneider says "the U sucks again"

Wow the Canes have really made progress, from ESPN to Thursday night football where they put the mid-level mediocore teams. NICE!


Maybe you guys should have a parade for making it to Thursday night scrub football?

while you are at it you can celebrate this 5 loss season!

Congrats on an impressive 5 loss season. You all should be proud!


U irrelevant in football



We all know those sorry Gators "defense sucks". We all knew that UF would suck this year because they lost to Michigan. We are The U. We all knew that Georgia would beat Florida and said so. We didn't know the refs would cheat for the Gators (CR9S) and give them the win just like they did against our Ibis'.

We are going to go up in GT deeeep tonight.

Mr. Clause, I believe the Citadel is I-AA, not D-II.

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