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SPURRIER: These Gators better than 2006 team

GAINESVILLE -- Ever wonder if college football coaches watch a game the same way you do?
Well, South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier might.

So bored with Florida's rout of Vanderbilt on Saturday night, Spurrier said he actually changed channels to watch some of the Big 12 South match-up between Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. (Funny, that's exactly what I was doing in the Vanderbilt Stadium press box after UF went up 42-0 in the third quarter.) From what he has seen, Spurrier says the 2008 Gators are better than the 2006 version, which won the BCS national championship.

"They're a stronger team, it appears right now, than two years ago," Spurrier said. "Two years ago you felt like you had a chance and a lot of teams had chances. Certainly Florida won the close ones two years ago that led them all the way through to the national championship. Now they are sort of blowing out people pretty regularly."

Florida has outscored its last five opponents by an average of 37.2 points per game. The dominant run can only be compared to Spurrier's 1996 national championship team, which had a similar five-game run through the SEC. In 1996, the Gators were undefeated and ranked No.1 in the nation going into the final regular-season game of the year. The Gators lost to No.2-ranked Florida State 24-21 in Tallahassee but avenged that loss in New Orleans, beating FSU 52-20 in the Sugar Bowl.

In 2006, the Gators beat South Carolina 17-16 in Spurrier's first game at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium as coach of the Gamecocks. Spurrier says this season's South Carolina team is better than his 2006 squad. Spurrier's defense is ranked No.1 in the SEC in total defense, allowing an average of 256.5 yards per game.

"It'll probably be two better teams than the two that played two years ago down there," Spurrier said.



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Must agree on all counts. Though I am of the opinion that this team is more talented than '06 and has the POTENTIAL to be better than '06...you can't call them better until they win the title.

I agree too, as of right now the 2006 squad is better and more talented, but they were also older. I'm tempted to say wait till next year, but then I'm reminded who our coach is. The talent in 2006 was so good we won despite that ass clown of a coach we have. Ohio State was the only game that whole year that stupid spread offense looked good. I works one game and all of a sudden big nose is a genious. He is loosening up the reins lately but he still has his predictable nooses around this team.

The second half of the Vandy game makes me nervous. Cannot play like that against FSU and Bama(Screw Saban)

Who would be a better coach to have MiamiGator? Apparently you've been in a vacuum and didn't see the last 5 games. ANY program in the country that needs a coach would sell their soul to hire Urban Meyer. You sound like an armchair QB Miami. Again, Who SHOULD be coaching UF?

Wow, MiamiGator...In defense of Meyer, the guy's offense has been run first (albeit unconvential run first) for the last five games. Can't agrue with the results since the Ole Miss loss.


MiamiGator...your comments about Urban boggle my mind. The second half of the Vandy game made you nervous? Oh you mean when we started up 42 points and took our foot off the gas, took Tebow out in the 3rd quarter and put in our ENTIRE second team to play their first team?

Give me a break. Get some knowledge.

A substantial number of UM fans (not all), are not smart enough to know they are stupid.

You guys need to read. The last sentence of my 1st paragraph said that he has been loosening up on the reins lately. So yes, I like what we are doing, finely spreading the ball around which is what I have been bitching about for 3 years! Also how many of those scores were set up by special teams and defense, which is great but you can't give it all to the offense for the past 5 games
I was not nervous over the score of the Vandy game I was nervous over the inefficiency of the offense. Why is the foot coming off the gas, these are players who we will need at crucial times this year and next, lets the dogs loose, you honestly think our 2nd team can't hang with Vandy?
Meyer is a great recruiter, I have to give him that, but he frustrates me as a coach, we are so f***ing talented! The offense is predictable, these tiny running backs are amazing and fun to watch but we have to use Moody or Moore in some of these short yardage situations. Again it does us no good to have a quarterback hold up the Heismann with a cast. We have studs at wideout but we can hardly get them the ball, because I know I'm going to get disagreement AGAIN, but Tebow can't throw. I think our offense is limited because Meyer and Mullen do not trust Tebow's arm. No one wants to admit or see this. I don't know what they did to his mechanics his freshman year but I watched some high school film of Tebow and he was throwing spiraled darts on laser beams. The guy was gunning! I have yet to see that in 3 years.
I know we are winning and I'm happy, the predictablity of the offense just frustrates me.

I think "MiamiGator" UM troll in disguise.

Dude, we read your post. The offense now is more spread than ever before..."loosening up the reigns" doesn't make any sense.

You weren't nervous about the score, but were about the inefficiency of the offense? Vandy has a pretty decent defense, and we had our second team in there against their first team. I AGREE that the foot should not have come off the gas that early. BUT IT DID. You're complaining that our second team didn't run their first team up-and-down the field.
Tebow can't throw? He completes like 65% of his passes, plenty of them relatively deep. Have you been missing the TD catches from Murphy and Harvin over the past few weeks?

I do agree that our offense is predictable AT TIMES, but don't forget that we're starting a lot of our possessions inside the opponent's territory. There is no need to get creative and show off some of these plays we are trying to save for more important games when we are scoring AT WILL. The plays will come, you watch.

Dude you need to quit complaining and pay attention. Tebow threw a beautiful pass to Murph in the Vandy game. WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING? It was a perfectly timed tight spiral. GIMME A BREAK. Florida's offense is sizzling. Do they need to score 70 to make you happy? You sound very frustrated. If you were an FSU or UM fan you would be on suicide watch.
Calling the offense predictable is flat out absurd. Every single defensive coordinator in the SEC would strongly disagree with you. It's almost silly to respond to your post as it's just way off.

Well said Adam. I have thought all along that Meyer turns off the play calling against lesser opponents. (does make you wonder what happened against Ole Miss..just a bad day, the O-line got pushed around)

It's only predictable in that we know he's not showing everything against weak sisters. That said, I would pound Moody in those situations. Maybe Meyer is planning to get Moody to peak for Bama. He certainly isn't beat up like a back with all the carries would be at the end of the season. How else do you explain him sitting on his hands most of the season? I think the high ankle sprain was a setback in Meyers season long plan for Moody.

Both passes were nice passes and I admitted that in a past blog about the Harvin toss. But come on you guys are talking about two passes in two games. Of course he completed 65% of the passes, easy to do when he throws short route passes.

Not predictable, Mullen and Meyer call the game like Tebow is their favorite player on NCAA College Footbal and injuries are turned off.

tech owns the ACC and owns miami.
Beamer Ball

Have you checked modern history? VT has won 9 of the last 13 meetings between these two schools.

Yes, OWNS YOU and the ACC
V-TECH WINS 95,96,97,98,99,03,04,06,07,
miami WINS 00,01,02,05,

Yes, OWNS YOU and the ACC

V-TECH WINS 95,96,97,98,99,03,04,06,07,
miami WINS 00,01,02,05,

ACC camps 04,07,
Coastal division camps 05,07,

no one in football has EVER OWNED um like this. tech is the team the U cant beat!

when U read the net/paper friday TECH 31 mia9 and have WON THE LAST 10 OF 14 GAMES VS MIA.


The cheerleader talent has fallen off almost as bad as the team talent.

yes, U r right from 1953-94, mia had 12-0 lead.
1995-07, V-TECH has a 9-4 lead. after thur 10-4
U kno all those FR cant beat BEAMER BALL!
31-9 (17-21 PTs OFF TURN OVERS)

2003 miami 11-2 with a 31-7 loss to V-TECH.

95,#17 mia lost 7-13 tech
96,#18 mia lost 7-21 tech
99,#19 mia lost 10-43tech
03,#2 mia lost 7-31 tech
04,#9 mia lost 10-16tech

butch was 1-5 coker was 3-3 randy 0-1
well, soon to be 0-2

Pathetic Canes fans posting again...yawn...

Photobucket is not funny. If you think it's funny, you should listen to Bob & Tom.
You guys post lame ass photos over and over.

Photobucket is as funny as saying JORTS 16,000 times.

Gatlinburg blows. It's a tourist town top to bottom. Cashiers is the edge of the earth.
HIghlands blows. Retirement for half dead rich people.

The Brevard, Hendersonville, Asheville triangle smokes all those other spots. Good restauants in the triangle. Hick diners in Cashiers.

Doesn't it really stink to have your college football team out of contention in week 2 and now have to hope that the Gators lose so they dont go to ANOTHER NC game!!!!

Meyer has a loaded class and there are no starting seniors on D.

Randy Shannon on the other hand cant coach to save his life, cant recruit on the lines and will be fired within 3 years (hopefully closer to 3 years for the Gator, FSU, USF, FIU, FAU, and FAMU fans).

Enjoy the ride and glad the Gators could add to your college football misery.

Joe, do you get tickets to the SECCG??? Will you be going? You should be able to since the Herald will be saving money on Manny's traveling and tickets for the Hurricanes Bowl.

Joe, I would like to submit to you that the Gators while playing phenomenal football have not peaked yet.
Once Moody steps in and carries the rock more (which will be coming in these next 4 games). Will Hill, Green, Jenkins, and the rest of the young defenders are getting more comfortable and making more plays (love seeing Hill on the blitz forcing the turnover). The young guys are getting more comfortable and gaining more experience--heck look at Dunlap who now seems to be playing more consistently. This team is coming together even more. They will be continuing to rise over the next 4 weeks and the play will get even better.

We have been blocking kicks recently but get ready for a James return real soon.

My take:

Florda will lose to Florda ST.
Florida will beat Alabama
OK will beat TX Tech
Missouri will beat OK

Now you have a,

USC VS Texas BCS Title Game!


I'll buy you a box of "doughnuts" if that happens.



Great post. I can't wait to see William Green line up against the team he jilted in the SEC title game. His head will be swimming for sure. Green looked pretty good against Vandy. What's interesting about him is he actually played some linebacker against the 'Dores. If you remember back to this preseason, I interviewed Green and asked him why he chose UF over Alabama. The reason: Alabama wanted him to play linebacker and Green wanted to play defensive end. Just something to keep an eye. Meyer was asked on Sunday about Green permanently switching to linebacker and Meyer didn't rule it out.



Where were the Gators under "nice" guy Ron Zook?

No where. With Urban Meyer the Gators are once again a great football team. The "stupid" spread offense, as you called it, has worked pretty well for the Gators in 2008.

Pay attention a&&hol*, when a team goes up by a score of 42-0, it is wise to rest most of your starters, to keep them from getting injured with the SEC Championship and BCS Championships pending in the future. To say that you were nervous in the second half of the game tells me that your name is undoubtedly MiamiMoron.

We know that you are not a Gator fan, you are a uM CandyCane fan, moron.

By the way, why are all of you little u fans using Gator names? Are you ashamed of the little u?

Now, now, now, calm down Beavis. Its gotta be hard, (huh, huh, - hard), watching the Gators take over as the big dog in FLA, when UM owned it, with great class, way back when. Take it easy on the fake Gator. He`s just trying to schore, dumbassh!


With opponents in South Carolina, Florida State and Alabama the Gators will be facing the

#3 #4 #5 defenses in the country. How's that for earning your way into the BCS title game?

That's a crazy stat. 4 words: Earn that Heisman, Timmy.


Guess who is dead last in the entire country in RED ZONE defense again (even after Randy Shannon devoted his attention to it)?????

You guessed it, your MIAMI HURRICANES!!!!!!

Congrats guys!!! Just dont let Vtech within your 20 and you will be fine!

Can we get Randy Shannon signed to a long term contract??????? Come on Miami what is wrong with you. Lock him up forever and give him a huge buyout if we have to fire him. He has earned it!!!!!

I quite enjoy these Cane trolls re-posting all this stuff. It's fun reading.

Thanks Cane troll. Can't wait to drub some Big 12 opponent In

YOUR (rental) HOUSE

I'm not so sure the Cane fans are "trolling" here. If our fans would stay off of their blog, I bet they would stay off of ours! Just a suggestion!

Go Gators!

"what did we get with Zook?", well we got a championship! We won in spite of Meyer, 20 of the 22 starters were Zook's recruits.
It amazes me the adoration ths man recieved for that year, when all he did was hold us back, our talent was so good that we won in spite of him. We were 14th in the nation in passing the year before he got there, next year he tries to run the spread with a pocket passer and we go down to 52nd in the nation. In case you have not noticed we are 65th in league this year in passing. As Jo pointed out we have been running the ball more which I'm happy about, but if the spread is supposed to be so good then why are we not putting better numbers, yes I know we are scoring points but AGAIN how many of those points came off special teams and the defense setting it up.
To those that think I'm a cane, I'm a Gator through and through, sorry that I'm not a blind lemming like everyone else. I dont give Meyer credit for anything other than being a great recruiter. Which is of course vital, but it does not matter if you don't use them teh right way. If I'm a cane then damn I pay alot of attention to a team that is not mine.
So we are winning and you all are right I should be happy, I just think our potential is astronomical and this offense has frustrated me for three years. So what ever happens in the USC game I will stay off the blog and be happy with the outcome, but if I see one more Tebow 1 yard run up the middle.....

One reason why the Gators' offensive numbers are down this season is because many times the offense begins its drives with great field position. That said, if you don't like the spread offense, then there is certainly nothing wrong with your opinion. You're not alone. NFL scouts, analysts and coaches detest the spread-option offense. In the case of Tebow, all he knows is the spread. He ran it in high school and he is running it in college. Many wonder if Tebow can even take a snap under center. I'm not one of those people, of course. But some NFL people are concerned that Tebow will have too much to learn once he gets drafted.


I have not like the spread since it has been here, its a gimmick offense, not needed when you have superior talent. I have no problems mixing it up but I dont like depending on it. First thing I noticed when Meyer got here was removal of a back in the back field and then we stopped using tight ends. Those are your safety valves. We started using tight ends more last year because of the emergence of Ingram. What I noticed last year and the year before with Tebow is that without the back to help block that forced Tebow to check off once to the first reciever and take off running. Of course its fun to watch him bowl over linebackers but eventually that takes its toll, plus I think that stunted his growth somewhat as a overall quarterback, because he would take off running before looking for a second or third option, this year he does have help in the backfield though, we will see, as someone else mentioned we are starting to peak at the right time and that young defense especially the secondary is sick!

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