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Take a sneak peek at 'officially licensed' UF smack talk

GAINESVILLE -- Think the Gators' rivalry against "The School Out West" doesn't mean much to UF's current coaching staff? Wrong. Earlier in the season, here's the first thing that greated people as they walked down the hall into the assistant coaches' offices.

UF coach Urban Meyer on the Gators' rivarly with Seminoles: "It's nasty. This is an ugly one."




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You say you want to go to Florida... OK... Take a good look at the Good Ole Boy mentality, where prejudicism it is alive and kicking.

Look closely at the graduation rate and as smart as they are, it goes over their heads, just as any Cave Man can do it!

Unbelievable that this is posted in any College, in today's society, that nobody has said something about it!!!

They say ignorance is bliss, but in this case, ignorance is blind!

Uh...there's no such word as 'prejudiscism' therefore it can't be alive and/or kicking!

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