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Two signs that Tebow might be gone

PROGRAMMING NOTE: No.3 Florida (10-1) at FSU (8-3) set for 3:30 p.m. on ABC.

GAINESVILLE -- I'm not going to spend much time on this topic because, well, I'm sick of writing about it, but for those conspiracy theorists among us there were a few signs that Saturday's 70-19 win against The Citadel was Tim Tebow's final home game.

1. Tebow dragged back-up quarterback John Brantley on a victory lap around the field, slapping hands with fans and snapping pictures. Tebow said he brought Brantley along for the ride because he wants to start a tradition. Did Tebow pass the torch to Brantley on Saturday?

2. Tebow quite literally threw in the proverbial towel on Saturday. After his victory lap, Tebow launched a Gatorade hand towel into the stands just before he jogged off the field. (OK, the second one is pretty lame.)

ANYWAY, we move forward quickly this week. Onward to Tallahassee! The 'Noles looked pretty good on Saturday night, beating Maryland 37-3. Will Saturday's game against Florida State be the Gators toughest test of the regular season? Considering what's at stake, I can't imagine Florida walking into The Okey Doak flat or uninspired. With a defense ranked No.7 in the country, the 'Noles will keep it close if they don't make any mistakes a la everyone else Florida has played in the last seven games.



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Why would he leave? Does he want to be an 8th round pick? And you know what the 8th round means?


My eyebrows quickly went up when I read that Tim took Brantley with him on the victory lap. That sure looks like a sign to me. Maybe Tim has already made his decision and is goofing around.

I don't know how much Tebow has improved his reads or if he's gotten significantly quicker. He's had such good protection this year that it's hard to tell if he's improved. He looks more settled this year as oppose to last years 7 yards (not 3 with Timmy) and a cloud of dust. This year he's waiting and finding the open man.

Watching the Citadel replay I was looking at Tebow's throwing motion in slo-mo. He doesn't look to have a very quick release as he rears way back to throw. That's probably not as bad as it appears as he was launching a long bomb to a streaking Percy. It takes some mustard to get the ball to Percy.

I eagerly await Florida successfully wrapping up the 08 season so that I can begin to ponder what Tim's college football could potentially be if he returned for a senior year. Hopefully UF finishes the plan and Tim will be staring at attempting to win a 3rd National Championship.

Over the summer sports experts scoffed at Meyers comment about Tim possibly being the greatest college football player ever. Ridiculous they said. If Tebow plays out his senior year he has the oppurtinity to be that guy. There is still plenty for Tim Tebow to accomplish at The University of Florida.

::rolling my eyes:;

Those aren't signs of anything. Brantley played the entire game basically. I also don't think Tebow would have made the decision this early. Reading into it too much.

I love the Gators and Tim, but he needs to stay one more year. As much as I love him, he has not proved anything this year. Tim has improved as a player, but I think he could play another year and show that he has it for the next level. As of now, Tebow could play fullback... I'm not sold on him QB'ing an NFL team. Maybe after another year I'll change my mind..

LOL love the Canes fans on here. It sucks to be Canes fans. We wont hear from them again about THEIR team until the offseason when the HYPE starts. However first few games in should end their season AGAIN.

As for Tebow he is staying. Tebow and Brantley have done the lap on AT LEAST one other occasion that I witnessed directly and a friend of mine said he saw it on another. Tebow loves the Gators and he loves college football more than anyone who has played the game.

Speaking of young the Gator team is LOADED with freshmen and sophomores and next years team will be one of the best. Keeping Harvin and Tebow would be an incredible run. Plus we dont have the Canes on our schedule ruining our SOS.

Will Hill is going to be some type of beast.

Tim took Brantley around after the South Carolina agame as well.

"and he loves college football more than anyone who has played the game."

Gators are morons. Lets go noles! Let's see tebow choke in doak.

Watch out for #99 SEC clowns.

Tebow has dragged Brantley along with him for the post-game lap more than once this season. Please stop looking into this more than it is just because you can't think of anything else to write. He's not leaving..

Jo like your column BUT Timmy T has done the victory lap with the backup QBs in EVERY single home game starting with Hawaii. (with both Johnny and Cam). But don't let facts get in the way of an "inside story".

I would bet you that Cunningham has more of a chnce of leaving than Timmy.

Anyway keep it up, I enjoy your blog more than just about any column Gator.

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