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UF quarterback Cameron Newton arrested for buglary, larceny

GAINESVILLE — University of Florida back-up quarterback Cameron Newton was arrested on Friday for allegedly stealing a laptop computer.

Newton was charged on Friday for burglary, larceny and obstructing justice. The burglary charge is a second-degree felony while the larceny and obstruction of justice charges are both third-degree felonies.

On Friday afternoon, a University of Florida spokesman said that Newton was suspended from the team. Florida hosts The Citadel on Saturday at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Newton was in custody at the Alachua County Jail on Friday.

According to an arrest report, a University of Florida student reported his Dell laptop stolen from his dorm room on Oct. 16. An investigation into the stolen laptop linked the laptop to Newton, who allegedly used the machine to access the University of Florida’s computer network.

According to the University Police Department, Newton allegedly first logged on to the UF network using the stolen laptop on Oct. 21 while inside the university’s Academic Advising building. According to an arrest report, the university’s Computer Network Services advised a UPD detective that the username used to access the network was “cnewton,” the user identification assigned to Newton.

UPD detectives went to Newton’s dorm on Friday and, according to the report, were invited into the room by Newton. Upon entering the dorm room, detectives observed the laptop on Newton’s desk and then informed Newton of his Miranda warning. According to a UPD detective, the laptop had been “painted black on the top and had ‘Cam Newton’ written on the lid in white paint.”

UPD detectives left the dorm to confirm that the laptop in Newton’s possession matched the serial number of the stolen laptop. According the report, the detectives returned to the dorm room but the laptop had been removed.

The report states that further investigating “found that Mr. Newton threw the computer out of his bedroom window.” The laptop was later found behind a dormitory dumpster, according to the arrest report. Police do not know at this time who placed the computer behind the dumpster.



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"Why isn't Newton playing the Tebow role this year?"

"Why isn't Newton the back-up instead of Brantley?"

Can anyone say Ryan Perriloux?

Looks like they made the right choice with Brantley at No. 2! (Yes, I know Newton is kind of injured.)


Don't jump to conclusions on this one. It seems totally out of character for Newton to steal a laptop.


YAWN. There is already suspicion to this on many insiders forums. Jo pay the extra money and read some of the insider gator blogs. LOL

So at what point after having his miranda rights read to him did Cam have the oppurtunity to throw the laptop out of the window? Also any word on the sneakers Jo?

Also will the game be televised in Gainesville or is that also PPV?

Thug U huh????

gaturds and criminoles should compete on the most arrests this past yr.. that coward AD Foley looks the other way!

Two arrests in November, I call that a good month!

Top 1% of the top 1%.


It is not ignorance, moron, I began this conversation by speaking honestly and openly about the Canes. I have more intelligence in my pinky than you do in your entire body.

It is not a surprise that, as a Canes fan, you feel Gators fans are arrogant a-holes. Just as I, who live in South Florida, feel the exact same way about Canes fans.

You think UF fans acted like their crap didn't stink when we were mediocre? LOOK WHO IS TALKING! Your fans are the KINGS of that. It is pathetic.

I suggest you learn something about college football before answering someone like me. Because I will win each and every argument, especially when you try to tell me the Gators are more pompous or arrogant than your fans are! Pathetic.

Posted by: Adam S. | November 21, 2008 at 06:01 PM

Adam S. Just a question for this comment in your blog above "I suggest you learn something about college football before answering someone like me"

Since you know so much about FB then how many Florida players have been arrested this year?

How stupid is Newton? He steals a computer, than logs into the university's network with his own personal login... HaHaHaHa... What a douche bag!! If that guy is the future after Tebag, than I am really excited about UF's future prospects, or lack there of.

The UF police should had made a call to get the serial number they needed, not leaving the scene and the laptop un-protected! sounds like they were intimidated...

Too bad for/about Newton.

Canes, good luck with whatever you actually attempt in the future:) hint..it should not be big league football.

I think the Cane fans should worry about more important things...like not allowing 475 rushing yards to a mediocre team ever again.

adam u sound like a typical do-bag yourself, i am not going to waste my time arguing with you pal...with all the negative press the university of miami has had for the past 20 yrs...you all are really showing us up in a classy way...and AD Foley looks the other way while Coach Urban supports it!

Dirty Candycane,

You are the perfect example why people around the country despise the little u. I guess seeing a young man get in trouble makes you happy, you f ahole.

If Cam Newton is found guilty, then he should pay the consequences; but the euphoria that some candycanes are professing about this young man’s predicament, provides evidence once again that a lot of “u” lack plenty of class.

Here is what candycane fans should worry about 41 / 475; those two numbers should concern all of you more than what happens to Cameron Newton.

That's the norm at Florida. It's like the ENERGIZER BUNNY, it keeps going and going and going and going...........................

7/2007 Two Florida Gators, a basketball player and a football player have been arrested on drug charges. Authorities arrested Brandon James and Brandon Powell during an undercover drug sting Monday night. Both face charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis.

10/2007 Starting strong safety and team captain Tony Joiner's status with the University of Florida football team is uncertain following his arrest Tuesday morning for felony burglary of a business.

04/2007 Florida offensive lineman Ronnie Matthew Wilson was arrested Thursday, accused of firing a semiautomatic rifle in the air during a dispute with another man that started in a nightclub.

One website, Every Day Should Be Saturday (EDSBS.com) even keeps a scorecard ranking on football teams with bad acting players and calls it “The Fulmer Cup.” Penn State was No. 1, but likely lost the honor when charges against the four were dropped. Ron Zook’s Illinois team was No. 2, Michigan No. 4, Florida No. 5 and LSU No. 7 at last look.

Florida Ranked #5

12/2007 Florida defensive end Jermaine Cunningham and a former teammate were arrested Wednesday on a misdemeanor battery charge because they allegedly hit a restaurant worker with a sandwich and cups, police said.

Meyer, who has had nine players arrested since January, said he spoke to his team about making better decisions.

05/2008 A University of Florida football player
is accused of using a dead girl's credit card.
Jamar Hornsby turned himself in Friday morning on charges of credit card theft and fraudulent use of a credit card.

11/2008 UF reserve cornerback Jacques Rickerson was arrested at 7:15 a.m. Tuesday morning for allegedly strangling his girlfriend.

11/2008 Ronnie Wilson is in trouble again, According to a sworn complaint filed in Gainesville, Wilson punched two people early Sunday morning after the Gators win against Arkansas. Wilson received his first playing time since 2006 against Arkansas. He faces two misdemeanor charges of assault and battery.

11/2008 GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Florida Gators backup quarterback Cameron Newton was charged with stealing another student's laptop computer after being arrested Friday.
Newton was suspended from the team, spokesman Steve McClain said, and was being held in the Alachua County jail. He has been charged with felony counts of burglary, larceny and obstructing justice.

Meyer, who has had 10 players arrested since January, said he spoke to his team about making better decisions?????????? nOW IT'S 11 AND IT LOOKS LIKE THE TALK DIDN'T WORK!!!!!!!

The U will always be THUG U baby--king of the criminals. Shannon needs to recruit more thugs to beat teams like Ga Tech! LOL!! Is Ray Lewis available? Watch that knife!

Answering a few questions:

--Today's game is PPV only.
--The sneakers will be made available on gatorzone.com soon. Calathes was wearing some pretty cool kicks against Southern Utah.
--After informing Newton of his Miranda, the cops left to call the kid whose laptop was stolen to confirm that the serial numbers matched up. Apparently, the serial number reported initially and the serial number on Newton's laptop were off by a letter. When the cops left, Newton tossed the laptop. (We're assuming he did this from the shotgun formation.)

Here's my story in today's paper. A few additions from the blog.



IF arrests are the only things you candycane fans can come back with, then it proves how truly pathetic you are. Can't argue football, so argue off-the-field issues. Don't make me bring up the DECADES of issues at Da U.

jo, don't jump to conclusions? PLEASE. There is a MOUNTAIN of evidence against this kid. Consider those conclusions jumped to!

Also, can't wait for those sneakers...please update us again when they come out.

You are no longer allowed to wear your goofy "305" area code hat (lid) cane fan.
From here forward you are required to wear the new issue "472" hat. You are also required, if you see another "U family member" wearing the same hat, U must immediately throw up a U with enough fervor to make your chain swing sway from your chest. Hollering "representin" is optional.

Are U the scrappy team that hung with Florida for three quarters? No. Are U that shockingly bad team that should have been wearing wigs against GT? No. Are U the average to below average team that threw kangaroo punches with UCF for 60 minutes? Yes.

DEFENSE: How is it possible for a one-dimensional team with absolutely no semblance of a passing game to run for 472 yards? UM’s tackling, abysmal most of the season, was at its worst against Georgia Tech. There doesn’t appear to be a single defensive back on UM’s roster with good tackling skills. Anthony Reddick, in particular, may not want to watch a replay of his performance. Ditto Romeo Davis and Glenn Cook. GRADE: F. (DAY-UMMMM Milian ripping em)

What Miami fans envision as a recruiting juggernaut could easily crash before it ever comes to fruition. Keep that pissed off indignation thing going with the media Randy. Kids and their parents see it. Continue to call out players Randy. That'll get the recruits interested. If the Dade county recruiting gravy train has a down year, Randy could end up getting smoked in that recruiting cycle. Sure Dade will have it's share of top recruits every year but It's not likely that we'll see another freight train of talent (Miami NW)like the one we saw restocking UM's still somewhat empty cupboard. His emphasis on grabbing local players could backfire on him. A thin talent year in the "472" could easily undo him. The upper echelon coaches are able to flex their muscle at minimum on a regional level, and usually on a national level. Randy does not have that ability.

Yes the cupboard is still somewhat empty. There are some good athletes spread around most of the units. Guys that have the potential to be excellent players in a few years. But the depth of the present team? There is none. And no, depth isn't unproven young guys that have a resume that is little more than tackling or throwing past high schoolers, depth is having experienced FBS players that can step in and get the job done against opponents that will soon be suiting up on Sunday. Will the underclassmen ever be developed by this coaching staff? There has been next to nothing to convince me that this will happen.

Shannon attributed his team's forgettable performance to youth, stating that, "...after the
11th game of the season, the inexperience of this football team finally showed up." -J. Milian
When you read that you should instantly have serious questions about UM's coaching staff. You should have serious questions about the leadership of the top man. Show me where there is significant player development on this team in 2008. It doesn't matter who you recruit if you don't develop your athletes. Randy you've been the head man for 23 games now and there is a growing tide of people want to see you and your assistants on the last train Clarksville. You've had ample time show that this team has at least matured to the fundamentally sound level. It hasn't. What exactly are you doing with your time at the top secret football compound Mr. Shannon?

All Miami fans should end this futile practice of blaming assistant coaches for all the teams ills. They work for the man. They all work for Randy Shannon. If you can't show some significant improvement after 23 games in a moderately competitive conference perhaps you're not cut out for the task.

I'd love to watch your bowl game but I get a headache if I stare at that blue field too long.

I'm Kehoe's Steamer and I approve this message.

lol canes fans don't have a sense of entitlement, like gator fans. there's the difference. miami always has a 'chip on its shoulder', and being able to overcome that and not affected by it is what makes canes fans come across as arrogant

gators fans, however, act like they have the most titles in the state, the most players in the NFL, etc. but the argument has always been that miami isn't a clean program.

HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED: UM is suddenly the hottest university (academically) in the state, and the football program is just as clean as a college of that caliber deserves. now gator fans, who can't say that they have anything resembling a clean and respectable program, have nothing to fall back on but "you guys suck! who cares about being clean!" despite the fact they still haven't surpassed UM (or even FSU for that matter) in terms of NCAA titles or NFL players

hypocritical? yes. surprising? no.

Is it fair to steal Florida's offensive coordinator in the midst of the season, the bowl season, and even causing a distraction going into the National Championship?

Click this link to get your point across

And why would Mullen take the job at this time? Is he to blame for the distraction as well?

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