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UF quarterback Cameron Newton arrested for buglary, larceny

GAINESVILLE — University of Florida back-up quarterback Cameron Newton was arrested on Friday for allegedly stealing a laptop computer.

Newton was charged on Friday for burglary, larceny and obstructing justice. The burglary charge is a second-degree felony while the larceny and obstruction of justice charges are both third-degree felonies.

On Friday afternoon, a University of Florida spokesman said that Newton was suspended from the team. Florida hosts The Citadel on Saturday at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Newton was in custody at the Alachua County Jail on Friday.

According to an arrest report, a University of Florida student reported his Dell laptop stolen from his dorm room on Oct. 16. An investigation into the stolen laptop linked the laptop to Newton, who allegedly used the machine to access the University of Florida’s computer network.

According to the University Police Department, Newton allegedly first logged on to the UF network using the stolen laptop on Oct. 21 while inside the university’s Academic Advising building. According to an arrest report, the university’s Computer Network Services advised a UPD detective that the username used to access the network was “cnewton,” the user identification assigned to Newton.

UPD detectives went to Newton’s dorm on Friday and, according to the report, were invited into the room by Newton. Upon entering the dorm room, detectives observed the laptop on Newton’s desk and then informed Newton of his Miranda warning. According to a UPD detective, the laptop had been “painted black on the top and had ‘Cam Newton’ written on the lid in white paint.”

UPD detectives left the dorm to confirm that the laptop in Newton’s possession matched the serial number of the stolen laptop. According the report, the detectives returned to the dorm room but the laptop had been removed.

The report states that further investigating “found that Mr. Newton threw the computer out of his bedroom window.” The laptop was later found behind a dormitory dumpster, according to the arrest report. Police do not know at this time who placed the computer behind the dumpster.



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