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Vandy's fear factor: 'Blowouts kind of encourage you'

From today's Miami Herald ...
The defensive transformation of Terron Sanders and Ahmad Black
UF quarterback Cam Newton in car accident

GAINESVILLE -- It doesn't say much for a team's chances when a coach admits that one of his motivating factors for a game is not to be blown out. But that's exactly what Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson said on Wednesday when asked about Florida's wide margin of victory in the Gators' last four games.

Since losing to Ole Miss, No.4 Florida has outscored its opponents by an average of 39.5 points per game. Florida is favored by 24 points against Vanderbilt, according to one offshore sports book. Florida beat Vanderbilt 49-22 in 2007.

"I think the blowouts kind of encourage you to get to work," Johnson said. "You don't want to be on the bad end of one like we were last year against [Florida]. I think that motivates your guys to get out and learn the game plan and get prepared to play them."

Johnson is emphasizing mistake-free football this week during practice. While Florida's last four games have been blowouts, Johnson has noticed a trend that could help his team keep the game close. 

"[Florida] does not have a lot of weakness, no," Johnson said. "But you never know what's going to happen in a football game. The thing I see when they have those blowouts is the other team helps them out a whole bunch."

Take away last season's lopsided homecoming win for UF and Vanderbilt has played well against Urban Meyer's Florida teams. In 2006, Vanderbilt never seriously threatened the Gators but the Commodores did keep the game close, losing to Florida 25-19. In 2005, Vanderbilt tied the game with a late score only to lose to UF 49-42 in double overtime.

"In those games where we had chances to win we just didn't give up a whole bunch of bad plays and made them earn everything," Johnson said. "We just sort of hung in there and we were probably a little better offensively those years and kept the ball away from them some."

There's another important SEC match-up this weekend that's probably a little edgier than Florida at Vanderbilt. Alabama at LSU will mark the first time Bama coach Nick Saban has returned to Tigers Stadium since he left to be the coach of the Dolphins.

LSU coach Les Miles says Saban's return isn't a big deal. (Yeah right, Les!)

"We've really discounted all those things, to be honest with you," Miles said. "I think it's going to be fun. I expect it will be a very loud, very passionate stadium. I wouldn't expect there would be much negativity surrounding it in any way."

What does Miles think is going to happen, that Tigers Stadium is going to give Saban a standing ovation? There's a rumor out there in Internet land that Miles has been referring to Saban as "the Devil." When asked about this, Miles denied it.

"Oh my gosh, no," Miles said. "Are you kidding me?"

Pretty sure folks in Miami have a few names for Saban.

Let's take stock of all the awards watch list that feature Gators...
Quarterback Tim Tebow is a semifinalist for the Maxwell Award (national player of the year). Tebow is also a semifinalist for the Wuerffel Award and Davey O'Brien Award.
Coach Urban Meyer is a semifinalist for the Munger Award (national coach of the year).
UF linebacker Brandon Spikes is a semifinalist for the Bednarik Award (defensive player of the year) and Lott Trophy (defensive impact). Spikes is also on the Nagurski watch list (defenseman of the year) and is a semifinalist for the Lombardi Award (best lineman or linebacker). Spikes is also on the Butkus Award (best linebacker) watch list.
Lineman Jermaine Cunningham is on the Nagurski Award watch list.
Kicker Jonathan Phillips is a semifinalist for the Lou Groza Award (best kicker).
Punter Chas Henry is a semifinalist for the Ray Guy Award (best punter).

Expect Brandon James to be a finalist for the Tatupu Award (best special teams player) and Randy Moss Award (best return specialist). Tebow will also probably be a finalist for a few more quarterback awards, including the Manning Award and the Sammy Baugh Trophy.



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Nothing is a given, especially on the road. I know our boys are PUMPED after last week, but they cannot be looking ahead to Atlanta. Vandy may not be anything special, but this is their biggest game of the year, and we need to be ready.

As far as Saban...obviously as a Gator fan I want him to win so we can face an undefeated Alabama...but as a Dolphins fan...I really want him to get blown out.

You nailed it Adam. As a Dolfan I like everyone else despise that guy. However, ROLL TIDE ! Until December 6. Then roll over and die you commie pig! Alabama finishes their season all in conference. They play LSU this weekend then Miss State, and finish with Auburn in the Iron Bowl. No guarantees that they make it through that stretch unbeaten as we see upsets every year in the SEC. How awful would it be if Bama loses one of those games and ruins our anticipated matchup with #1 in the SEC championship? I know that I am anticipating a huge BCS boost from smoking the #1 ranked team in Atlanta. I think we're all kind of assuming that Florida will meet an unbeaten Bama in Atlanta.

That brings an interesting question to mind. If UF wins out and UA loses one of their games, do they drop behind UF in the BCS (probably)? And if UF defeats a one loss Bama in the SEC championship, does that get the Gators where they need to be?

The four teams ahead of UF in the BCS have a total of 12 games remaining. What are the chances that those four schools go 12-0? Smart money says there is a loss or two in that equation. Every game does feel like a playoff game at this point. You lose, you're done.

Go Gators! Beat Vandy ( has a funny ring to it)

And I forgot to mention the 13th game which is the Big 12 Championship game. Mizzou could spoil the season for Texas or TT. As Jo and others have noted before, the big 12 will beat each other up nicely which favors Florida.

Saban is a communist now? How did you arrive at that? If anything, this guy is the coverboy for capitalism.


Must agree with jo, Saban is the capitalist of all capitalists.

To answer the rest of your points, 13-1, I say this.

No. 1 - Texas Tech loses to Oklahoma State on Saturday.

No. 2 - If TT does lose to Ok. St. or anyone, I do believe UF beating even a one-loss Alabama would be enough. Don't forget, Texas and USC's remaining schedules are void of any good opponents. Oklahoma would get to play either an undefeated or one-loss Texas Tech, but they lost to Texas so a jump over both UF and UT would be tough.

All we can really worry about is taking care of what is put in front of us. Ideally, we would like Bama to be undefeated but that is out of our control. What is under our control is making sure to stomp down Vandy just like we have our past three opponents.

Oh, and my reasoning on No. 1? I think Ok. St. has the best defense out of those top Big 12 teams of UT, TT, OU, MU and themselves and an offense that can at least keep up with TT. Also, teams usually suffer a downer after big victories. In this case, the biggest win in the history of their program. And, if I'm wrong, there's always next week...and they're not winning in Norman.

It's well documented that Satan was a complete dictator while at the helm of the Dolphins.

PFLOOOEY to both of you.

Why the mention of USC in all this Adam? Those Pac12 pansies are going nowhere. I'll just have to believe your summation of the powers of the Big 12 as I don't really watch those schools.

Well said, Lift. Haha!

Adam, you call USC a bunch of pansies but the Trojans' defense is ranked No.1 in the country. A playoff sure would be nice. Sigh...


got a new one for U...




Your 'Canes highlight video features a guy smoking weed and players getting into fights. Seriously? From the perspective of a curious onlooker, I thought this was the kind of garbage the University of Miami is trying to distance itself from. Not exactly a recruiting video to show the parents. Maybe you should have thought twice before uploading this onto YouTube.


Jo, you need to get that reading comprehension back up. 13-1 called them a bunch of pansies...I said no such thing. :) Awaiting a correction...

Also, their defense is ranked No. 1 in the country because they've played two of the WORST teams in the country. They also play a weak conference and their biggest game was against OSU, hardly an offensive juggernaut.

Thanks for the heads up Jo. I didn't even look at that junk. Isn't posting links for his personal agenda the same as spam? The name says it all. Go away.

LOL..I noticed him attributing the "pansy" comment to you too. And I also immediately thought the same thing about USC. Look who they play.

Editor's Note: A reporter for The Miami Herald attributed anonymous comments from one anonymous poster when in actuality another anonymous poster made the anonymous comments. The Miami Herald apologizes for the error and any confusion it might have caused anonymous posters who post anonymous comments. The Miami Herald is happy to set the record straight.


I'd gladly post my phone number and address for all Gator Nation. But some UM troll would certainly get it.

LOL jo!

I'm not so anonymous though, I've e-mailed you before.

13-1, if you like the Dolphins, check out my site: http://www.PhinsCENTRAL.com . Join up, we'd love yet another new member.


I stayed off this blog because the idiot coke canes canesrule 13- 1 art kehoe hasn't been on ours. But here we go again.

Randy Shannon was smart with one thing because he is tricking you Canes fans, which appears it isnt hard to do.

When playing freshman he now has allowed himself
1) Time
2) Excuses as to why the team isnt performing above a mediocore level
3) Can tell recruits he plays freshmen

There is really no negative except he isnt going to win right away (he wont later either but that is another story).

Lets break each one down:
TIME---if he played the senior and juniors you would find out that he really was a garbage head coach and he would be fired within a year or two.
EXCUSE---because that is the type of person he is. He is really the biggest baby out of all the head coaches in Divsion I. He has everyone making excuses about the team being young instead of question why they are struggling at home against one of the worst teams in college football---UCF
RECRUITING---he can tell recruits he plays young people however very few young people will see the field from here on out because all the young people are established. You think he is going to keep on playing young people??? That excuse only works for a year or two. He is going to have to start winning and getting this team on a National Level and playing a bunch of young people is not going to get you there.
Who is going to come in and replace the young people here???? NO ONE. That is why Bryce Brown probably wont come here and why some of these players will transfer. If they always played all these young people, everyone would stay.

Shannon is in deep trouble next year when everyone sees what kind of coach he really is and all the EXCUSES from COKER to YOUNG to BOBBY BOWDEN SCORED TOO MUCH ON US IN THE FIRST HALF and URBAN MEYER KICKED A FIELD GOAL and WAAAAAA WAAAAAAA WAAAAA are over!!!!

Posted by: canesrule | November 06, 2008 at 07:10 AM

you think that jacory will stay at um just cuz he connected on a hail mary against sorry virginai?????? those stupid virginia backs were falling down in the end zone. Its already out there that he cant stand shannon. dude needs to put on weight big time. hes skinny. at least marve has a d-1 body. Jaory will get crunched by a linebacker and be done. I dont want him as qb.

Posted by: canesrule | November 06, 2008 at 01:32 PM

t’s a well known FACT that Jacory will transfer in the off season. He’s just waiting to make the announcement. Pay attention canes fan.


Posted by: canesrule | November 06, 2008 at 12:19 PM

he shuld transfer cuz he sukz. it doesnt matter cuz he IZ transfering pay attention. he hates shannon hail mary matters cuz thats all hes done hell get crushed by a big linebacker anyway. dude weighs 140 pounds. he'll never ever last Marve is the man. Marve has d-1 body JH dont

none of this matters cuz hes GONE

Posted by: canesrule | November 06, 2008 at 04:26 PM



::rolling his eyes:: Two wrongs don't make a right.

who cares about a high school QB in harris. That dude is gone.

Jacory Harris and Cam Newton will transfer to some scrub 1-AA school and vanish.

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