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What do Gators and 'Noles have in common? Beating 'Canes, of course

GAINESVILLE -- There's more than just national bragging rights at stake on Saturday in Tallahassee. To a lesser degree, state bragging rights are also on the line for the Gators. UF hasn't beaten both Miami and Florida State in the same season since 1985.

Both Florida and FSU beat Miami this season, so the "Sunshine Cup" is up for grabs. Florida is a 14-point favorite but something tells me it's going to be a little closer than that. FSU defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews thinks so, too.

"It don't matter what our stats are or what there stats are," Andrews said. "It's how we go play Saturday. It ain't about what has happened in the past. What's going to happen on Saturday? That's the only thing that matters. It's going to be pretty wild and reckless around here at 3:30 Saturday."



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As stated for years: UM is done.

Pretty interesting comments from Andrews. I also remember their defense talking smack last year...and then Tebow spun out of a sack from Geno Hayes for like a 20-yard TD run on our way to beating them 45-12. LOL

Paul - Done? Nope, just rebuilding!

Look at the record, was Florida DONE when Miami won six of the last seven meetings including victories in the 2001 Sugar Bowl and the 2004 Peach Bowl. Bet you loved getting beat twice in one year!!!!! But as a Florida HOMER, you weren't done you were rebuilding?

One of the more enjoyable years for UF was pre BS BCS when UF beat Miami 28-3, and FSU 53-14

The T-shirt UF 28 National Champs 3

The year 1983! Oh my!

Paul, why don't you shut up, you know nothing.

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