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Can the Florida Gators beat Alabama without Percy Harvin?

GAINESVILLE -- Call me a pessimist, but I don't think Percy Harvin is going to play on Saturday. It's a simple question today, folks. Can Florida beat Alabama without Harvin?

The Gators will certainly have a chance. UF beat FSU 45-15 in the pouring rain and Harvin didn't catch a pass and only rushed for 13 yards on six carries. Who carries the load if Harvin can't go? UF coach Urban Meyer has talked about moving Louis Murphy inside to slot receiver and starting either David Nelson or Carl Moore on the edge. Nelson has improved dramatically in the last month and is now a viable full-time option for the Gators.

Sorry for the late post today. I had to drive back to Tallahassee this afternoon and pick up my car. (It broke down on Saturday in Tally ... in the pouring down rain.) Anyway, I crunched some numbers this weekend on the Gators' opportunistic offense and wrote about it in the newspaper on Monday. Here's the link if you missed it ... CLICK ME!



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That's nice that you don't think he's going to play. Percy and Urban both seem optimistic.

"The great news in the training room today, it's very positive, very positive, a lot of thumbs up, including from the player, a big thumbs up, a smile on his face," Meyer said. "He's as competitive a human being as I've ever been around. He's doing everything he can possibly do, and our training staff's the best in college football. That's all positive.

"The negative is it's a sprained ankle, and we know what sprained ankles mean. We're going to boot him and he will not do anything until later in the week."

"He plays well in this game," Meyer said. "He made that very clear to me a couple thousand times in the last two days. I love him."

With that being said, him not playing makes it very difficult for us...but mostly from a WR standpoint as we lose our No. 1 target and deep threat. Hopefully Deonte can fill in, because Moore isn't looking like anything special.

There he is. Like the champ you are. It is SEC Championship week! Tell the wife and kids you will see them on Monday.

Guys, this is it. No one needs a pep talk for this game. If you can't get up for this game as a player, as a coach, or as a fan, you have no business showing up or even watching.
We have had some big games this year and some exciting games. We have won the majority of them. We lost a tough one. We have been on a roll like no other Gator team before. Guess what?
None of it matters now.
We are in the SEC Conference Championship Game! Times like this don't come as often as we all would like even when we have a good run. We have struggled since the end of the Michigan bowl game last year until the kickoff against Hawaii. Think of all the days between there where we had nothing. We looked forward to anything related to Gator football. We celebrated another amazing recruiting class. We showed up to the Orange and Blue Game like it was the National Title game. We suffered thru the entire spring and summer months just fantasizing and wishing a Gator kickoff in a real game would come tomorrow. We would wake up but the realization hit that we were still 3 months away.
Guess what?
In 4 days 18 hours and 30 minutes we are about to kickoff the biggest game of the year. The biggest SEC championship game to ever be played. Winner goes to the National Title game! It is here!!!! No more dreaming, wishing, praying, fantasizing. It is here!!! One win away from a title game where we only played in three times in our history. This is what all the blood, sweat, and tears are shed for in the offseason. This is what we all live to see, watch, be a part of, and celebrate.
Take this week in and cherish every minute of it. Soak it all in. Read the local papers, blogs, national papers and analysis. Read the opponents boards and their fans take. Watch gameday and everything related to this game. Enjoy this week! Live it and love it! Before we all know it, we will be in the offseason again, dreaming and hoping for the kickoff of the new season. We dont have to dream or hope today because kickoff to the biggest game of the year is just days away. Enjoy it! Weeks like this dont come very often.

Great post.

First of all, Percy's playing. Anything short of paralysis isn't going to keep him out of this game. He'll have a full cocktail of cortisone shots if he needs to. He won't even know he has an ankle by the time he hits the field.

Second of all, just for sh*ts and giggles, assuming Percy doesn't play, Louis Murphy's role better not increase. I don't understand what it is about him that makes him our #2 receiver. I'm sure there are a lot of guys that can drop passes littered throughout the stadium -- they don't get football scholarships. Murphy is like 50/50 on balls that hit him in the hands this season.

Agreed, great post. Guess jo didn't like my Urban Meyer quotes... :)


Good post pimple. Can't wait till this weekend. I'm so excited to beat Nick Satan that I could almost pop Rawpimple

I never see positive mention of the Gators here. I find it curious that a Bama alumnus is charged with writing objectively for the Gators.

I'm calling shenanigans.

OH here we go with the conspiracy theorists. Jo attended UAB if I'm not mistaken "M." Don't you have something better to do?


Good answer..I agree w/ you.

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