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CB Joe Haden not 'talking smack,' Kid just speaks the truth

GAINESVILLE -- Thank you, Joe Haden, for keeping it real. In a sporting world filled with limp-wristed answers and politically correct coach speak, Florida's cornerback speaks the truth. The kid tells it like it is.

Asked earlier this week if Oklahoma could score 60 points on the Gators' defense, Haden didn't back down like so many college athletes are told to do by coaches and sports information directors.

"They haven't played against us," Haden said. "Our team looks like they haven't put 60 points up on us. Nobody puts 60 points up on us. So, we feel like if we come out and play at the top of our ability, nobody should be able to score that many points."

Now, a few in-state newspapers have dubbed this as "talking smack." I disagree. Calling Florida the real "U," a la Louis Murphy. Now, that's smack. Calling Tennessee a bunch of quitters. Now, that's smack. Haden was just stating the obvious. Let's break this thing down.

1. "They haven't played against us." FACT (In fact, Florida has never played Oklahoma.)
2. "Our team looks like they haven't put 60 points up on us." FACT (Obviously.)
3. "Nobody puts 60 points up on us." FACT
4. "So, we feel like if we come out and play at the top of our ability, nobody should be able to score that many points." OPINION BASED ON FACTS

Florida is ranked ninth in country in total defense (279.3 points per game) and fifth in scoring defense (12.8 points per game). UF is No.2 in turnover margin (plus-22).

"It's a challenge for [Oklahoma] to come against us, honestly, because they haven't seen a defense like us -- with the speed and the physical play and just knowing our assignments and just flying around," Haden said. "They probably played some good defenses, but our defense is definitely one of the top."

Again, let's break it down.

1. "It's a challenge for them to come against us." FACT
2. "They haven't seen a defense like us." UP FOR INTERPRETATION/DEBATABLE (Texas Christian's defense is ranked No.2 in the country and Oklahoma defeated the Horned Frogs 35-10.)
3. "They probably played some good defenses." FACT (In addition to TCU, Oklahoma played Cincinnati, which features a defense ranked No.24 in the nation.)
4. "Our defense is definitely one of the top." FACT



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FACT Robert Marve and Jacory Harris will be at the Westin Diplomat in their Tim Tebow PJs with posters in hand trying to get Tebow's autograph and a picture with a WINNER.

FACT..Gaytors get back to their four loss season normality once Tebow Christ leaves. Losses to Ole Miss (which is happening WITH Tebow in Hickville)will be easier to stomach in the coming years without your savior. Don't worry. FACT, Oklahoma, a team I hate, WILL beat the GAYtors. Oh man, it will be great. I will relish in it the whole offseason. And all your little cocky LM's and JH's and TT's will be in shock. Probably cry in the locker room. I can't wait to hear Tebows priceless, retarded speech after that one. "I just want to thank God for this blessing to keep us humble, and for letting me realize I will never amount to anything in the NFL besides maybe playing scout team fullback. Thank you Lord"

sucks that all UM fans have to look forward to this time around is PRAYING and HOPING the Gators lose. Where is UM playing? the Emerald bowl? against Cal? and whats they're record again? 7-5? "oh but UM has 5 national championships and the GAYtors have 2" ... well how many national championships are you playing for this season? UM fans need to stop living in the past and start living the NOW. RIGHT NOW the Gators will put up 60 points on UM and RIGHT NOW UM wont even get they're 3 points ... and they're cocky cuz they can be

Hey Carl,

Fact: Gators winningest team since 1990. You wish the 'canes had a 4 loss season, that's called "success" in Miami.

Charlie and SoMiami, great posts, dead-on. Back to topic, let's not concern ourselves with idiot Canes fans.

Haden said nothing wrong. Nice that OU beat TCU 35-10. What is TCU's offense ranked? If OU can only put up 35 against us, they lose. Period.

Why so angry? Oh, I know, you are a loser. Probably stuck in some dead end job with a miserable home life. That is, if you could find a women dumb enough to be with you. You're also probably a UM fan and jealous of the success of the Gators. Enjoy the Emerald Bowl.

It will be hilarious to watch OU get revenge for their BCS thumping when they play UM in the fall of 09. Bradord vs....?????? Jacory Harris?

Nut Bowl Watch Party at Cheeeburger Cheeeburger.

Can OU's offense score 35 points on UF? Probably but not likely on Jan.8. Everyone knows how these bowl games usually play out. Given a month to plan and scheme and prepare, good defenses win. Let's take a look at the last five BCS title games...

2003: LSU 21, Oklahoma 14
LSU's defense was ranked No.1 in the nation.

2004: USC 55, Oklahoma 19
Southern Cal's defense was ranked sixth nationally.

2005: Texas 41, USC 38
Vince Young vs. Reggie Bush...There's going to be some points. That said, Texas' defense was ranked 10th nationally.

2006: Florida 41, Ohio State 14
Florida's defense was ranked sixth nationally.

2007: LSU 38, Ohio State 24
The lone anomaly. LSU's defense was ranked No.3 nationally while the Buckeyes had the nation's No.1-ranked team in total defense. In every other bowl since 2003, the team with the higher-ranked defense won the game.


"because they haven't seen a defense like us -- with the speed and the physical play and just knowing our assignments and just flying around." OPINION. Speed and physical play? How does Haden gauge that? Knowing assignments and flying around? How is that fact? Has Haden studied every Oklahoma game this year. Timed the speed of each play? Counted the opponents carried off on a stretcher? Compared "flying" abilities?

Here is a FACT: Stoops would bench any starter who shot off his mouth to the media if they said anything like Haden said.

FACT: No one from the Oklahoma team has said they would score 60 points on Florida.

FACT: No one from the University of Oklahoma has said anything negative or bragged in the media about how they are superior to Florida.

FACT: People who aren't confident have to shoot their mouths off. FACT: All the smack talk will end January 8th, one way or another.


The Emerald Bowl is actually pretty fun. I covered FSU vs. UCLA a few years ago. To begin with, you're in San Francisco for a week. I stayed right near Pier 39 and met a bunch of cool people. Secondly, the game is usually pretty good. This year it's Miami vs. Cal, one of the best lower-tier bowl match-ups, in my opinion.


FACT: People who aren't confident have to shoot their mouths off.


It is the people that are confident that talk smack...either way, what are you talking about? Sorry the kid spoke his opinions when asked questions, jeesh.


Some of those aren't facts. Just your opinions. Stoops would bench his best cornerback in the national title game? Apparently, you don't know much about Bobby Stoops.

Again, Haden was just answering a reporter's hypothetical question.


FACT: Florida got its high defensive ratings playing against inferior offenses.

The University of Miami hurricanes is the most successful Division I College football program of the past QUARTER CENTURY. Winning more National Championships than any other Division I collegiate football program. During this time, the University of Miami has won five Division I national football championships (1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, and 2001); the University of Nebraska is second during this time with three.

What have you done for me lately?


While the Big 12 was clearly the best conference this season, I wouldn't exactly describe SEC offenses as inferior. That said, there's no denying the fact that Sam Bradford will be the best quarterback Florida has faced this season. I've written this a dozen times already but I'll do so again. The key to this game for Florida is pressuring Sam Bradford. Can they? UF did a pretty good job of it against Alabama, which featured two All-Americans on its offensive line.


LOL everyone is such losers. When anyone plays for the actual team you guys should take it more seriously, other than that UM and UF fans should be happy they have had successful programs past and present. No program stays on top forever it is just part of the process. UF will decline again UM will rise, then vice versa, just be happy Florida is one of the top Football place in the country.

I dont see it as smack talk at all. I think it is awsome for players to speak out. Wish it would happen more often. Good luck and see you at the NCG BOOMER!!!! SOONER!!!

The University of Oklahoma is the most sucessful Division 1 college football program of the past HALF CENTURY. What now?

Oh, wait, that doesn't actually matter. What matters is that OU's defense is as underrated as Florida's defense is overrated...

You know when OU played FSU in the National title game. We where underdogs and we won the game 13 to 2. Now it looks like we are suppose to be the underdog again. Lets see I'm not talking smack. I'm just going to state the facts here. If Florida wants to load the box to stop the run. Sam Bradford will pick there secondary apart just like he did TCU's. If they want to set back and play pass well Bradford will make the secondary pay,but OU will run the ball down all day long. All I want to know is who's going to cover are TE Gresham? There hasn't been anyone been able to cover him, to big, to tall, to fast. As for Tebow all I can say is don't sleep on our defense.

And OU's offense is overrated as Florida's offense is underrated...whoopie.

Keith brings up a very good point. OU tight end Jermaine Gresham, a second-team AP All-American, could pose problems for UF's defense. This will be Ahmad Black's toughest match-up of the season.


Don't be surprised when you see a lot of Dustin Doe on Greshem. Doe is one of the better cover linebackers I have ever seen at Florida.

I don't think that it will matter Gresham will give any of Florida's linebacker problems. Like I said to big, to fast. Yes, I know speed kills but OU has a lot of speed thereselves. So don't sleep on them. And the games that you guys posted the scores of LSU,USC games. That wasn't the offense that OU has now. I'm not saying we will put up 60 points. What OU did in those games I think was great.

You mean: too big, too fast. Nice OU edu-ma-cation. OU and the Big 12 does not have the speed that the SEC does.

We're liberal here on Gator Clause when it comes spelling and grammar. Things we cannot tolerate: Notre Dame fans, terrorists, people who work out and then tell people about it, Bobby Lowder and horses.


Hey Adam S., I don't care if you can tolerate the way I spell or not. I didn't get my education at OU. I just like the Sooners football team. Me however I have my bachelor's from a college in Alabama. My degree is in Fire Science. I spent 11 years in the Military and I'm very proud to say this as a fact. So I really don't care if you like the way I write or not. So the next time just keep your comments about my grammer to yourself. You know Florida has speed, so does OU. You saying that OU doesn't have speed, have you clocked everyone on the OU team to see how fast they are? Probably not! We probably have personnel in the Big 12 that are faster then anyone on the Florida team,but that is beside the point. You know only idiots put a - mark in between the word education. You know what else I'm going to refer back the the year we won the National Title when OU played FSU people said the same thing, that FSU players where too fast and there defense would stop OU. And you see what happen in that game. OU won and we held the FSU offense to 2 points in that game. I think it will be a good game both teams will be ready to play.

Alabama education, you say. What part?


Keith, please, spare me. I don't care what you want to hear from me or not.

Thank you for serving our country in the military, especially for 11 years. Wow. Mad respect.

Now, back to football.

In order to "keep saying" something, I would have had to say it more than once. I said it once. But, now, I will repeat it...you have speed...not as much as we do...and not in the same ways we do. You do not have personnel in the Big 12 faster than anyone on the Florida team. Do you know why? Have you heard of Jeff Demps? Saying that OU has more speedy players, even on average, than Florida is simply NOT true.

"You know only idiots put a - mark in between the word education."

LOL! You know what else idiots do? They think I was writing education when I was not. Have you never heard people say edu-ma-cation before? It is a joke about the way dumb people say education.


It will be a GREAT game, both teams will be ready, the OU/FSU comparison holds no water.

Oh, and in case you haven't heard. The best way to win an argument is to begin by being right. That is all. See ya in Miami.

Oklahoma's offense overrated? Really? Two 1,000 yard rushers, a 4000 yard Heisman winning quarterback, a future All-Pro tight end and no less than 4 NFL lineman. Sounds overrated to me. Florida fans and idiot right coast homers are way off predicting the Florida offense will roll and Florida's all world defense will prevail. Florida could win this game in a shootout but I will bet every penny I have that Oklahoma is not held under 35 points. Oklahoma's defense has a knack for stepping up for big games. e.g: Texas Tech scored 14 points in the first 59:46, and a very mobile (and accurate passer) in Chase Daniel was completely held in check by the Sooner D.

You're really comparing Missouri to Florida? You talk about people being right coast homers? That was the most biased post I've ever read.

I believe it will be a good game. Whoever wins I will be happy for them, but I will always be an OU fan. Even when they sucked before Stoops got to OU. My question is why are so many people or Florida fans so mad that Tebow didn't win the Heisman? I'm not saying he didn't deserver to win the award, but that is the thing about awards, you win some your some. If I had anything to do with it. I would have award all three Quarter backs the award but only one could win. And Sam Bradford happened to be that won. I agree with most of the experts, that it will come down to who's defense can stop whoever's offense the most.

Yes, I know I miss spelled some worlds.

I must be tired or something. I couldn't spell today for the life of me. It was suppose to read I miss spelled some words, but somehow I spelled world. So yes I know I miss spelled some words.

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