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Dan Mullen: Should he stay or go?

LAKE BUENA VISTA -- Should Dan Mullen stay or should he go? Sounds like that cheesy song by The Clash.

Anyway, to quote the song, if Mullen stays "there could be trouble." If Mullen leaves, then UF approaches this game with a heightened sense of awareness and with Billy Gonzales or Steve Addazio as the new OC. That's my take on it. Pretty sure Meyer, Addazio and Gonzales can handle things without Mullen around. Let Mullen leave.

Not having his quarterbacks coach around for the title game is a less-than-idle situation for UF quarterback Tim Tebow. That might be the biggest concern here.

Thoughts? I'm sure a few guys and gals out there have an opinion on this one...



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If Mullen wants to stay on:

(1) Immediately hire an assistant coach. Let him handle the majority of the duties over the next three weeks.

(2) Speak with Urban and the offense, letting them know your only concentration from this point forward is the bowl game.

If Mullen doesn't want to stay:

(1) Get out immediately, let us move on with Billy Hernandez as our OC.


how racist Adam S. You can't just substitute spanish sounding last names on a whim.

I would not call that racist, I'm latin I would say thats an honest mistake. Now the quarterback careers of Josh Portis, Cornelius Ingram and Cameron Newton....hmmm
Joe Haden is too short or I would throw him in there too

Oh crap, my bad...it was early.

Miami, no worries, he's a friend of mine, just messin around.

I don't think Portis or Newton had anything to do with racism...as far as CI, he's much better at TE.

How did we know about CI, yes I agree he is/was/will be again a stud at tight end. We never saw him play at QB, he is as much of a freak as Tebow is if not more. Portis was probably a head case and Newton well...I'm just saying why were'nt these guys given a chance to see what they could do. They could have been easily used as freshmen the way Tebow was.
Oh and I forgot to mention Leak getting booed during the Kentucky game.
Whatever, this is old stuff I'm bringing up, we have a National Championchip to win!

I think he meant Billy Gonzales.



As I recall, you've had this "racist UF" conspiracy theory for awhile. Can we move on?


I obviously did. But no big deal, name just got away from me.

I obviously did. But no big deal, name just got away from me.

Done! Alright I will move on from it and go have a liquid lunch and toast Dan Mullen's departure!

I don't like change when everything is moving so fluidly right now. Although, as someone posted before if he were to leave right now they still have plenty of time to get through this and focus on the task at hand.

What always makes situations like this so awkward is the long gap between the regular season and the bowl game. It's not like he can just put off his new gig for a week or two; it's a whole month instead.

Urban was in a similar situation when he took the Florida job but decided to stay at Utah through their BCS bowl game.

My initial reaction here is that Dan Mullen should just move on to Mississippi State. Mullen is a great coach and a fiery presence in the locker room, but I think the equation changes because he's off to a rival SEC school (one that we play next year, btw).

Mullen just described whether or not he would be at the BCS game as a "fluid situation."

I'm going to have a a few "fluid situations" while watching the BCS game!

That Clash song is quite good young man.....

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