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EMAILS I GET: Tebow does not deserve the Heisman


PICTURED: This week's SI cover. (Why is Tebow wearing UCLA colors on his wrist?)

GAINESVILLE -- The editorial board at Gator Clause occasionally publishes the emails that fill our inboxes. We have sole authority when it comes to this unfair abuse of power. This email comes to us from Ed McClean of Homestead, who thinks UF quarterback Tim Tebow had a great year but does not deserve the Heisman. Oklahoma and Texas played more difficult schedules, writes McLean...

Dear Joseph……

I agree, Tim Tebow did play very well against Alabama in this past Saturday’s championship game. He made some very nice throws downfield that I really hadn’t seen him make before. But honestly, I have a hard time giving him that trophy based on what Sam Bradford has done at OU this year. His offense set the NCAA scoring record and that’s pretty meaningful. He’s also guided OU to bigger wins than Tebow has this season. Those blowouts over a very good Texas Tech, a pretty good Oklahoma State team and a decent Missouri squad are bigger and better wins. I also can’t believe that Tebow didn’t put the Gators on his shoulders and carry them to victory over an UN-RANKED Ole Miss team in ‘The Swamp’. That loss was unforgivable!

And let’s not kid, Alabama wasn’t a No. 1 team. They struggled and were Life-and-Death against LSU…..at team that was gave up over 100 points in a month. Alabama drummed up serious attention when they thumped Georgia (and we later found out that the Dawgs were also fraudulent this year). From there, who did Alabama beat? Arkansas? A terrible Auburn team? A horrendous LSU team? Who did Alabama beat? Nobody. Let’s face it, the SEC wasn’t the conference everyone thought it would be (myself included!).

While we’re at it, didn’t Colt McCoy of Texas have a better year than Tebow? And don’t the UT Longhorns have a case? They beat OU by TEN POINTS. Not a late field goal. Not because of bad officiating call. They beat the Sooners by 10 POINTS!!

I have immense respect for Tim Tebow. He’s an amazing player. A once in a lifetime kind of guy. A lot of fun to watch. But the fact is that Bradford and McCoy had better seasons.


Ed McLean, Homestead 


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"I also can’t believe that Tebow didn’t put the Gators on his shoulders and carry them to victory over an UN-RANKED Ole Miss team in ‘The Swamp’."


OMG AWESOME magazine cover. Is that out today? I have a problem finding Sports Illustrateds at any of my local drug stores or Publix's. Anyone got a suggestion?

Yeah it's really amazing how bradford and mccoy were able to put up those large numbers on the stout Big 12 defenses.

Miami, I just ignored the rest of letter after I read the first paragraph. A missed XP, broken coverage and horrible play calling lost us that game, not Tebow.

"That loss was unforgivable!"


Guys this is the ONLY Web site that matters in regards to Heisman voting, projections, etc. They always get it right and are usually right on the money. LOOK HOW CLOSE IT IS!!!


Books-A-Million or Barnes & Noble would be your best bet.


Duh--didn't even think of that. Great call. Now are there any in the area...?

at the mall in the food court...

I meant by work...gonna have to search Google maps.

Please, enough with unranked Mississippi.
They finished ranked in the top 25 in all the polls and are going to the Cotton Bowl.
Find something else to diminish Florida and Tebow, or give it a rest.

Mississippi State will hire Florida offensive coordinator Dan Mullen to be its next head football coach, ESPN.com has learned from sources close to the search.

Please hire Nix to replace him!!!!! Please?

We will throw in Marve if you hire Nix!!!!!

Eww, no Nix or Marve.

Heard Nix is in the running for Auburn though.

Ed McLean is a UM homer, of course, he doesn't think Tebow should win, bringing up an "UN-RANKED Ole Miss" team is the giveaway.

I don't know what I'm more upset about:

1) That I thought the date on this issue was 12/10.


2) That none of you stopped me from going to a bookstore and getting the magazine today.

@$$holes! :-)

Is it fair to steal Florida's offensive coordinator in the midst of the season, the bowl season, and even causing a distraction going into the National Championship?

Click this link to get your point across

And why would Mullen take the job at this time? Is he to blame for the distraction as well?


That sucks. Sorry.


I thought that Ed's letter was off too, but just because he does not think Tebow should win the trophy does not mean he is a Cane, I'm a Gator and I think Tim deserves a nomination, but I don't think he should win either

and, use another name, that's too close to mine, lol!


Personally, I think Colt McCoy deserves a vote ahead of Bradford. It's close, though. My Heisman ballot would be Tebow, McCoy, Bradford.


Agreed, jo. Tebow - McCoy - Bradford in that order.

McCoy-Bradford tie, Tebow second

Agreed, MiamiGator. Jo Goodman is way off on this one.

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