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Mullen to coach in title game; Tebow and Spikes yet to file with NFL

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer said on Tuesday that former UF offensive coordinator Dan Mullen will help coach the Gators' offense during the BCS national championship game on Jan. 8.

Mullen was hired as Mississippi State's head coach last week. Meyer said on Tuesday that Mullen will rejoin the Gators after Christmas.

"We've talked about it and the goal is to win the game and right now, unless something changes, it looks like that's going to happen," Meyer said.

Gotta assume that this move is more for Tim Tebow's comfort level than anything. Meyer said "all of the above" when asked if Tebow's relationship with Mullen had anything to do with the decision to keep Mullen around for a few more weeks. Tebow said on Saturday that he is comfortable communicating with Mullen during games. Mullen was also UF's quarterbacks coach.

While Meyer believes having Mullen around gives the Gators the best chance to beat Oklahoma, Florida's coach realizes his former offensive coordinator will be limited.

"Is he going to give 100 percent? I hear that comment and I laugh inside because of course he's not. He's got a job to do," Meyer said. "But is the best chance of us winning that game with the mechanics of the game we way we do them? Probably yes. So, right now I'd say the plan is he's going to be up in the press box and we're going to go."

Meyer said on Tuesday that he's going to take his time replacing Mullen. That said, Meyer's lists of possible recruiting coordinates might be a short one.

"The next coordinator is probably going to be someone I know," Meyer said. "When I hire a coach I'm not interested in a guy that's going to sit there and nod his head yes. I want a guy that has input. So, more I'm looking for great chemistry and a great recruiter and someone who represents this university well."

Meyer said he will consider in-house candidates and coaches outside the program. Keep this name in the back of your mind, Gregg Brandon. He was Meyer's offensive coordinator at Bowling Green. Brandon was recently fired as Bowling Green's head coach.

It's no shock that junior receiver Percy Harvin has already filed paperwork with the NFL Draft Advisory Committee for a formal evaluation of his projected draft status. What is a little surprising is that Brandon Spikes and Tim Tebow have not, according to UF strength coach Mickey Marotti, who coordinates the paperwork for UF's underclassmen. The deadline is Friday.

Florida worked out in shorts inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Harvin ran with the team, according to coaches. The receiver injured his ankle against Florida State and did not play in the SEC championship game. Meyer said he expects Harvin to be "100 percent" for the national championship game.

Meyer disclosed on Tuesday that offensive lineman Carl Johnson and receiver Louis Murphy are nursing knee injuries. Meyer called the injuries "cartilage issues." Both players should be ready for the championship game, according to Meyer.



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Gregg Brandon is doubtful in my mind...when Urban was hired at Florida, Florida St. brought him down to Tallahassee to learn about Urban's spread offense.

Good point, but don't coaches share information all the time?


Yes, but would he take kindly to one of his former coaches helping out a hated rival like Florida State? I could understand if he was helping out a school like Virginia Tech or something, but Florida State? I've also read that Urban and his old coaches from Utah and UNLV gather yearly to discuss offenses...Gregg Brandon being the only exclusion. I wonder if that could be the reason. I would like to see Mick McCall be offered the OC job.

I would look for Gonzo or Add. to get promoted and/or a possible Kerwin Bell hire.

I guess Mullen at 90% is better than others at 100%...but...this guy isn't going to get started until AFTER Christmas...

Adam S.,

Obviously, it's a less than ideal situation but I'm sure Florida would rather be going into this game with its predicament compared to Oklahoma, which is without running back DeMarco Murray.



Maybe Gregg Brandon gave FSU some bad information. What's the Seminoles' record against Urban Meyer again?


Haha...hadn't thought about that...guess thats possible too!!!

This is true. But Murray is just one of two great RBs they have, and they have a freshman who they can spring on us if we're not prepared.

As long as our game plan is tight and in sync, I have no problem. But if we start the game not putting up points, it is going to be a bad reminder of Richt and FSU.

How many ex-Florida players made the pro bowl? Looks like Miami had 7, the most of any school again. How do they do it?

Who gives a $hit?

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