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RECRUITING: UF needs one more QB commitment

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Merry Christmas Eve. In an ongoing pattern of self-inflicted torture, I'll be heading to the mall in a few minutes to donate the remaining morsels of my sanity to the Gap.

I have only observed one thing that compares to the suffering and angst of Christmas Eve at the mall and that's when I had to report on a FEMA distribution site in Oakland Park during Hurricane Wilma.

Imagine if the alien invasion happened on Christmas Eve at Aventura Mall (North Miami)? Here's what our zoo exhibit on the planet Tralfamadore would read: Humans from the planet Earth. Live birth. Social creatures. Seen here in its natural environment, a collection of artificial caves. Extinct.

From one mind-numbing creation to another, let's talk recruiting. The Florida Gators currently have one committed quarterback but could use two -- especially if Cam Newton leaves UF after being accused of stealing a laptop computer. Here's the worst -case scenario: Tim Tebow turns pro and Newton leaves. What then? Florida certainly doesn't want to begin the 2009 season with only two scholarship quarterbacks.

QUARTERBACK COMMITMENT: Jordan Reed (6-3, 245) of New London, Conn. A dual-threat quarterback, Reed was injured for a large portion of his senior season. I'm sure you're tempted to draw comparisons between Reed and Tebow because of Reed's size. Bad idea.


A few announcements before I check out...
--Don't forget to buy a Christmas Day copy of The Herald. You'll be impressed with the two-page layout of the All-Florida team.
--Got an email from the Desert Gator Club in Scottsdale, Ariz. They're collecting toys for Christmas donations. I told our friends at the Desert Gator Club that I'd mention their cause on the blog. Don't really know why people would ship toys to Arizona, now that I think about it. ANYWAY, do the right thing and donate toys this Holiday season.



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Why not recruit Seminole's Ray Ray Armstrong to play quarterback? He would be a better comparison to Tebow's style than Reed.

Jo, is it for certain that Ray Ray will be recruited to play defense with whatever school gets him?


I'm sure there's a school out there that would tell Armstrong he could play quarterback and if it didn't work out he could switch positions. I don't know UF's sales pitch for Armstrong but I do know that historically UF's coaches have worked the NFL angle when recruiting high school quarterbacks to play defense. Joe Haden was a brilliant high school quarterback but had no doubt in his mind when he arrived at UF that he wanted to play cornerback. The reason? He knows cornerback is the best chance for him to make it in the NFL. The same goes for C.I. and Will Hill.


Jo - I dig the blog. I read it all the time, but the Vonnegut reference motivates me to leave my first comment.

I agree with you on the QB situation. Reed looks like a solid player, however, UF needs to add someone with a little "flash." While Brantley is likely Vitamin T's successor (either in 2009 or 2010), he is not going to scare anyone with his running ability. It would be nice to have a "change up" to compliment what Brantley does best.

Happy Festivus!

Oh, and one more thing - FSU football is dead . . . so it goes.

So sorry to see the sour grapes by FSU fans as in "Go Sooners (without all the obnoxious...s).
I used to hope for FSU's footbal revival, not anymore. The program can stay on life support for all I care.

What I think UF needs is a power tailback, say one of those 290 pound, Finnish powerlifters as seen on ESPN pulling firetrucks. Give Tebow a break on running. If a fullback playing quarterback runs well how about getting a smashmouth running back. Even my sports car has Drive 2 and Drive 3!!

Go Gators and shame on "Nole" fans. An eternal inferiority complex will nto help FSU sports!!

+1 Excellent post MDWest


Nice one.


Robert Marve and all his bagage

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