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REPORT: Mullen to be named Miss. State coach

GAINESVILLE -- Florida offensive coordinator Dan Mullen will be introduced as the new coach at Mississippi State on Wednesday, according to ESPN's Pat Forde, who cited unnamed sources in his report. CLICK ME! The Jackson Clarion-Ledger first broke the story.

Attempts to reach Mullen on Wednesday afternoon were unsuccessful. On Sunday, Mullen said that rumors linking him to the head coaching vacancy at Mississippi State were not true. UF coach Dan Mullen also side-stepped a question about Mullen being a finalist for the head coaching position at Mississippi State.

A flight from Gainesville to Starkville, Miss., is schedule to land in the small Mississippi town at 3:54 p.m., according to flightaware.com



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Sad to see Mullen go, but Billy Gonzalez will do just fine as a replacement.

I hope Mullen is able to stay on through the bowl game though, it would be really sh*tty of him and bad for us if he didn't.

I assume he'll stay to coach in a national championship game.


I can't see him bailing before the BCS Championship game. Isn't their some in these guy's contracts that require them to fulfill at least a complete season including bowls?


Then again its Meyer's philophy that Mullen was carrying out and maybe he was just doing what the boss wanted.


I hope this is not a distraction to the team's focus

I don't think he will be the only assistant to leave.

Just make sure we keep Strong

Keeping Strong is a must! He's African-American, so none of these stupid presidents or ADs will offer him a job anyway. It is absurd how these guys get overlooked because of their race.

jo, please find out if he's planing on staying through the bowl game or not.

Gator fans, are you excited about Billy Gonzalez becoming OC? We had the most efficient red zone offense in the country (I believe) and that was his responsibility.

Well Mississippi State is lucky Mullen has only one appendix.

MSU is a garbage job and good luck to him there. He can have Saban, Miles, and Houston Nutt $itch slap him every year and on occassional years have Meyer hang 70 on him. Sounds like an ideal job.

Also, hate to see him go, enjoyed watching him in his tight pants on TV.

Raw, I have to admit that I'm surprised to hear all this hate for a guy taking a head coaching job. He's done nothing but bust his ass for us and we'll actually be better off in the end.

Is it fair to steal Florida's offensive coordinator in the midst of the season, the bowl season, and even causing a distraction going into the National Championship?

Click this link to get your point across

And why would Mullen take the job at this time? Is he to blame for the distraction as well?


I'm no anatomy major, but I'm pretty sure a human body only contains one appendix. That means Mullen is without.


Jo you never know he could have an accessory appendix.

I dont have hate for Mullen at all. Most of the time he was very good here at Florida. I think his success here was mostly due to Tebow and Harvin. He wont get those athletes at MSU.
I am just perplexed that he would take a job in the SEC especially MSU. Sure he has low expectations and I am sure he isnt going to disappoint too much. He sure as heck isnt winning the West or even coming in second. Not with Saban there and Miles and Houston Nutt and having to play an SEC schedule.

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