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Robert Marve to UF?; Not so fast...

GAINESVILLE -- As expected, redshirt freshman quarterback Robert Marve requested and was granted his release to transfer today from the University of Miami. Marve would like to transfer to Florida, Tennessee or LSU, according to sources.

Here's the $1 million question: What needs to happen for Marve to wind up at Florida next season? 1. Marve must win an appeal with the University of Miami regarding his transfer, which states he cannot play for an in-state team or a team in the ACC or SEC. Seems a touch personal on UM's part.

2. The return of Tim Tebow. Marve will be ineligible next season. If Tebow returns to UF, then that will give Marve a year to prepare for competition with current UF back-up quarterback John Brantley and incoming freshman Jordan Reed of Connecticut. Reed is verbally committed to UF. Of course, that could change if Marve transfers to UF.

My opinion: Assuming the SEC ban is lifted from UM's transfer stipulations, Tennessee seems like the best fit for Marve, who was suspended twice this season by UM coach Randy Shannon for breaking team rules. Tennessee's offense was awful this season.

Something else to think about: Why would UF welcome one quarterback with a checkered past after the incident involving Cam Newton, who was arrested recently for allegedly stealing a laptop computer from another UF student? Seems a bit hypocritical. The same goes for LSU, which parted ways with former quarterback Ryan Perrilloux before the 2008 season.



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Marve would fit in good with the Gators, Marve loves to run and so do the Gators. Maybe Tebow can show him how to bulk up to 245 and run up the middle.

Florida doesn't need the drama that seems to follow Marve. Brantley has earned his spot, and if Tebow comes back Brantley will have had 3 years to learn the offense behind Tebow. I don't think Marve would have much of a shot at winning the starting job.

Please keep this bum out of UF. If he couldn't handle being in Miami, what makes you think he'll be able to handle a college-party town like G-ville? No thanks. I'd much rather let Brantley take the reins.

Are you serious GatorAid? Or are you just looking to throw a wrench in the high-powered machiene that is UF? Marve is a cancer and I DO NOT want him anywhere near this team.

Besides, something Goody didn't point out and that is VERY important, is that as conditions of his transfer, he is not allowed to go to:

(a) Any school in-state.
(b) Any school in the ACC.
(c) Any school in the SEC.

Therefore, no chance he comes here. Which is great!!!

No thanks...I don't want that Miami retread anywhere near UF. If he couldn't handle the competition for a starting QB position at the U, then how will he ever handle the pressure of being an SEC QB?


Randy Shannon's stipulations in Robert Marve's request to transfer are subject to an appeal.


Who will and how can it be appealed?

Nevertheless, that is how they are set forth right now, correct?

Randy Shannon is honestly the biggest baby I have ever seen as head coach. First, he isnt a head coach and second he is a garbage leader and person.
Why shouldn't Marve be allowed to transfer to any school that does not play UM? The stipulations on his release are an obvious attempt at Shannon to sick it to Marve and his family.

Marve is a decent player and IMO has a far better upside than Jacory Harris. Neither played well this year but at least I see potential in Marve.

I will add that I liked Marve much better than Harris.

Harris is already needing surgery on his shoulder and he barely played this year. Wait until he has to play a whole season.

Plus the dude weighs about 150 soaking wet.

Harris is garbage and Shannon is done.

Burning bridges is never a good thing to do no matter if it's in football or life. Choosing Harris over Marve could be a decision by Shannon that comes back to haunt him. Then again, Harris might lead the Canes to an ACC title next season and no one will even remember Marve's name. It's a gamble. Marve is definitely a talented player. Anyway, stipulating what school a player can or can't transfer to is just one of the many sleazy sides of college football.



Marve can appeal to the University of Miami. It's not exactly an unbiased situation.


Yeah, that's what I figured. Probably meaningless.

How is this future speculation for poetic justice. Marve does transfer here, sits out a year, stays out of trouble, loses the starting job to Brantley the year after, but plays in spot duty, Brantley gets hurt at the end of the season, the Canes and the Gators both have great years and meet in a major bowl, we beat UM, led by Marve, Brock Berlin style to avenge our loss in the Orange Bowl!

We don't need problem children at UF. Send him on up to Knoxville

We don't need problem children at UF. Send him on up to Knoxville

We don't need problem children at UF. Send him on up to Knoxville

I read that the charges against Cam were dropped. Is this true?

The University Of Miami has proof that Marve's dad and high school coach were talking with SEC schools while Marve was still under scholarship with Miami. That is a problem that Florida doesn't want! But take him if you want.

yo! WTF!! SoMiamigator and miamigator need to find other names!

GatorAid, he was talking to Auburn and UT. This kid sucks. Don't want him anywhere near our program.

After Shannon blew the last 2 mins of the Emerald Bowl, one would think the boneheaded moves would end. Randy doesn't disappoint though. He takes a simple transfer and turns it into a clusterf*@k. When does da U figure out this clown can't coach?

Waandy is a small brained person. Have Marve go somewhere where quitter are welcomed.

I applaud Shannon for suspending a player for breaking team rules. He was also wise to stipulate no SEC or ACC team, especially Florida. A few years back Brock left Florida and signed with Miami, then beat us two years later.

Marve needs to grow up and learn to be a responsible adult.

The latest from the Marve Situation: Randy lifted the SEC ban but still won't let Marve transfer to UF, UT or LSU. I say the kid should transfer to Michigan.


Big Slap Shot Bob,

UF maybe be seen as a college party town, but it doesn't compare to Miami. I don't mean in terms of the so-called "college atmosphere", but Miami is more or less considered the number 1 party location in the Western Hemisphere, if not the world. When the ultra-famous, ulta-wealthy want to go somewhere to party, do you think they even consider stopping in Gainesville? Better yet, do you think they've even heard of Gainesville?

Marve would be a good fit at UF. Not only does he fit their offense, but he gets into trouble a lot. UF is far ahead of Miami in arrests and incidents this decade, and somewhat below in APR. Seems perfect for Marve.

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