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Tebow takes in NYC; Mullen now attempting to steal recruits from UF, apparently

NEW YORK -- Things are winding down here in the city. Well, for me anyway. The Quarterbacks Three -- Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy -- went to the "Top of the Rock" tonight. I went to Grand Central for dinner and ate oysters.

Tebow was his usual Crocs-wearing self today during the pre-Heisman press conference. Bradford was a little nervous and McCoy sounded like he's ready to begin next season tomorrow. The Longhorns return 10 offensive starters next season.

Mullen is telling people in Mississippi that he will help coach the Gators through the Bulldogs. Don't know if that's good news or not. For what it's worth -- probably a lot -- Tebow wants Mullen in the booth for the title game. On Friday, Tebow made it pretty clear that he didn't want to communicate with anyone except Mullen on the headsets during the game.

There are already signs that Mullen's new gig at Mississippi State might affect the Gators' upcoming recruiting class. One Mississippi high school receiver, Chad Bumphis of Tupelo, Miss., told Rivals.com that Florida fell in his list of prospective schools shortly after Mullen was hired at Mississippi State.

Bumphis is being recruited by Alabama, Florida and now Mississippi State. Mullen was the point man with Bumphis while at UF but now that Mullen is at Mississippi State, UF's former/current offensive coordinator is telling Bumphis that he's going to play in Starkville, Miss.

"He said I'd be playing for him at Mississippi State now instead of Florida," Bumphis told Rivals.com. "I like it. I like him and that move makes it closer to home. So, yeah, that helps Mississippi State. I wouldn't say they're leading, but they're up pretty high."

This is an interesting development, to say the least. Don't know how long UF is going to want Mullen around if he's going to steal recruits from the Gators.

Coincidentally, this weekend is a big one for the Gators' recruiting efforts. According to Rivals, 11 football recruits are visiting UF this weekend. That list includes nine four-star recruits and two five stars, according to Rivals. Five of the recruits are committed to Florida but six are not, including Deerfield Beach quarterback Denard Robinson (who will likely play defensive back in college) and Pompano Beach Ely cornerback Michael Carter.

The biggest names this weekend are William Campbell, a five-star defensive tackle from Detroit, and five-star outside linebacker Jelani Jenkins of Olney, Md. Campbell is the No.4-rated defensive tackle in the nation, according to Rivals.com, and the No.1 overall recruit in Michigan. Rivals.com ranks Jenkins as the No.1-rated outside linebacker in the nation and the No.3 overall recruit in the nation.



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Listen, the kid is from Mississippi...I'd say the exact same thing to him if I was Mullen. That doesn't mean he's calling our recruiting list one-by-one and telling them to join him.

At the same time, that really does suck.

Unless Mullen is going to be 100% committed to this team by mid next week, I don't want him there. Tebow will need to grow up and let Gonzo or Urban send him the calls and realize this is bigger then his relationship with Danny.

I fully agree Adam. Bumphis probably realizes too that he will be higher on the depth chart at Miss. St than he would at UF.

As for the guys in G-Ville for the weekend, I just don't see how they would allow Mullen to recruit those guys at all. I am certain any conversation with ALL prospects has been terminated by Meyer.

Well if Bumphis wants to be bottom of the barrel material good luck at Miss St. But if he wants to win and be heard he'll come to UF. Mullen likes to set up his offense for one or two guys only and if Bumphis isn't that guy early then he'll be lost in the depth chart for years to come. Remember the fans nearly have to riot and scream for Mullen's Head before he figures out spreading the ball around works better than letting one or two guys move the offense.

Though Miss St has always been more of a run first team so I can't wait to see the spread with 1-2 star players plus the every now and then 3-4 star compared to seeing it run with 4-5 star players.

Bumphis was already being recruited by Mississippi State. This isn't a huge scandal.

How many recruits come to UF from Mississippi anyway? How committed is Bumphis to UF if Mullins is the deciding factor? This kid wants to stay close to home, and he should. We can find bettr wide receivers in central Florida!

It's not a "huge" scandel, but it is certainly interesting and worth mentioning. In addition to recruiting, Mullen must also build his staff. He currently has five positions to fill and that number is expected to grow.


When exactly is he expecting to come back and prepare for this game he wants to coach?

Well, were 0-1 against OU! But dang, at least Tebow lost to a better looking guy.

Going to law school paid of for the sole reason that I'm able to go to this game for 175 bucks. Go gators!

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow said Saturday night that it is unlikely offensive coordinator Dan Mullen, who has been named head coach at Mississippi State, will call plays at the national championship game.

Mullen has said he would try to balance his new job and his job at Florida. Tebow, who had just spoken with Mullen, said Florida might go to a play-calling-by-committee scenario.

Among those who would likely to be involved -- coach Urban Meyer, wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales and offensive line coach Steve Addazio.

Quick question, your title says 'Recruits', why if there is only 1 player...JACKOSS, like a stupid cop probably trying to meat a traffic quota huh?

It's also like an poster writing "meat" instead of "meet" and/or not having the balls/spelling capabilities to write "jackass" instead of "jackoss."

His use of "recruits" was predicated on the assumption that if Mullen steals this one, he is going to continue to do so. This is exemplified in the following sentence: "Don't know how long UF is going to want Mullen around if he's going to steal recruits from the Gators."

I think it is time for Meyer to step in, bid farewell to Mullen, wish him the best of luck in front of a bank of cameras and close this chapter. It's becoming a distraction. If Meyer packs Mullen's bags now, it'll be old news come game time.

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