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Two visit UF on final day of recruiting

Did anyone see David Hasselhoff sing the National Anthem before the Las Vegas Bowl? Could there have been a better metaphor for the first weekend of the bowl season? Yes, actually. Dustin Diamond could sing before the Emerald Nuts Bowl...

GAINESVILLE -- Now that we've wedged that wonderful mental image into your head, let's move on to recruiting -- an equally dirty business. (It appears Tennessee's Lane Kiffin is adjusting well to the whole recruiting thing: "What are kids really looking at? I'd like to tell you that the No.1 thing kids look at is academics. That's not the case," Kiffin said. "We need to be realistic with that. Kids want to play in the NFL."

This the final day coaches can lie to players about the NFL before the dead period. (The recruiting dead period begins tomorrow. Recruiting resumes in January. Sorry, Urban. No dressing up in Santa Claus (or Gator Claus) costums and frightening the family of Jelani Jenkins (nation's top outside linebacker) on Christmas Day.) UF welcomed nearly a dozen recruits last week to its campus for official visits last weekend. This weekend only two recruits are scheduled to visit Gainesville: defensive end Ryne Giddins of Seffner Armwood and JUCO defensive end Pernell McPhee, Janoris Jenkins' cousin.

With about two months of recruiting remaining before National Signing Day (Feb. 4), Florida has 14 oral commitments and one signee (JUCO defensive tackle Edwin Herbert). Junior college guys began signing last week. High school kids must wait until February.

By my count, Florida has between 17-20 scholarships available for next season depending on who leaves for the NFL and who is allowed back on the team after allegedly stealing a laptop. With only a few more scholarships to fill, the Gators will be selective in the final two months.

Recruiting report card coming tomorrow.



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Me thinks Cam gets a 2nd chance, if he wants it. He could transfer anyhow knowing Brantley is next in line.

Jo, are we looking for a super High School QB recruit in case Cam's done? While I'm making my Christmas list, I'd like a BIG tailback (about 6' 1", 220 pounds that runs a 4.4). Any of those on the radar?

That big quarterback is Jordan Reed. A bit raw, but a big boy with a cannon for an arm. A good project to develop behind brantley.

Come on Cam coe to the U and oin the Brock Berlin club. LOL

J. Reed is the REAL DEAL. I am nervous, though, because your paper reported today that Marve is definitely transferring and looking at UF and LSU. I DO NOT want Marve on this team.

I am a closet canes fan who can't stand the gators because they own the canes in every sport. I am not funny and have no friends. I am a loser.


Wow. Thanks Jo. Nice of you to drop by in the a.m. and let us know the truth.

I haven't seen any story or blog in The Herald linking Marve and UF. Maybe you can link it. As for Adam M.'s assesstment of Jordan Reed ... sounds a lot like Cam. Deerfield Beach's Denard Robinson is still on the board, by the way. I realize he's projected as a defensive back in college but he did lead the Bucks to wins against STA and MNW during his prep career.


I keep seeing UF getting mentioned with Marve too. Gimme a break. I seriously don't think UF would want any part of Robert Marve as Urban is developing that position. The only people who mention UF as a Marve transfer option are cane fans who have an overly inflated opinion of Marve and think he's better than he really is.

UF doesn't want you Robert Marve. U are more USF material. Good luck.

Happy holidays

UF recruited Marve two years ago. He's a good player, by the way.


That, jo, is because you are not looking hard enough! Don't you read your own paper cover-to-cover? At least the sports section? Haha...

Mr. Barry Jackson: http://www.miamiherald.com/1262/story/821168-p2.html

"In the wake of Robert Marve's suspension, sources said he is continuing to weigh his options between returning to UM or transferring, with UF and LSU among the top options."

Marve sucks.

I apologize that I used the word "definitley," though, must've just assumed that.

Unsubstantiated rumor. Don't forget, he would have to sit out a year.


Jo, I knew UF recruited him but that was then and this is now. Urban appears to have the QB depth chart on track.

Marve had his chance. He missed the bus.

The bus stops in Miami on Jan.2. Marve could just hop on board.


The guys over at Canesport.com (rivals site) are spreading that same "unsubstantiated" rumor. Again, not saying it is going to happen. Just saying that it is being discussed and that I DON'T want it to happen.

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