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UF safety Ahmad Black got shafted

GAINESVILLE -- Ahmad Black was robbed.

What an absolute oversight by Southeastern Conference sportswriters to relegate Florida strong safety Ahmad Black to honorable mention all-SEC. Black had six interceptions and played his position next to perfect. He should have been first team.

Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin, Phil Trautwein and Brandon Spikes did make the AP all-SEC first team. Tebow was also voted the league's offensive player of the year.  Harvin showed up again on the second team offense, this time as a wide receiver. Harvin was the first-team all-purpose player.

Jermaine Cunningham, Carlos Dunlap and Joe Haden made second team all-SEC defense. Black was honorable mention and these guys made second team? The only safety better than Black this season in the SEC was Tennessee's Eric Berry, who was named the SEC's defensive player of the year.

Brandon James, Mike and Maurkice Pouncey, Jason Watkins and Jonathan Phillips also made the honorable mention list.

The entire team is right here. CLICK ME! Thoughts, anyone? I'm sure there are a few people out there with an opinion on this one.

Oh, by the way, I checked with Stubhub.com today. There was over 8,000 tickets available for the BCS national championship game on Monday. Average price as of Monday afternoon ... $770. Tickets were going for as low as $450 each, so some of you guys better jump on that. Probably not going to find it for much cheaper. The Gator Club of Miami is auctioning off two tickets. You can bid for that right here.

Anyone out there with tickets, I would love to hear how you got yours and how much you paid. Leave a comment. Anyone out there planning on buying tickets from a scalper at Dolphin Stadium?



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Got 'em ready to go.

Black got screwed. Complete B.S. Oh well, he'll get it next year.

How about this name.......JANORIS JENKINS

Did a WR score a TD on him all year? He was a shutdown corner. He may not have had the INTs but I didnt see him give up many, if any, big plays. Why is he not on the list somewhere?

Ill be trying to get tickets. I am staying at the Westin Diplomat home to the ACC champion which is Virigina Tech. I hope they have a safe so I can hide all my valuables.

Where are the Gators staying?

What are the laws regarding scalping outside Dolphins stadium?

How can they select Julio Jones as Freshman of the Year when he wasn't even first team? AJ Green, a freshman at Grorgia, plays the same position and was first team. Seems as if they don't know what they are doing.

I think Emmanuel Cook had a very good year at strong safety and he was the preseason all SEC. From what I can tell Black is a star, he is always in position, plays very low to the ground and makes big hits. He will make first team in the next three years... Jo what happened to Rainey & Thompson in the SEC Championship game? Rainey had 1 carry (he leads the team in rushing) and Thompson nothing? I love Meyer, but I don't understand his rotations.

What an absolute oversight by Southeastern Conference sportswriters to relegate Florida strong safety Ahmad Black to honorable mention all-SEC. Black had six interceptions and played his position next to perfect. He should have been first team. Posted by: Jo

True. I won't worry too much about the slight as Florida's secondary will own the All Conference team in 09. They'll get theirs.


Great point. It's as if the only football game these guys watched all year was the SEC championship game. By that measure, Riley Cooper should have been first team. And what about the other UGA receiver, Mohamed Massaquoi? I didn't think he was anything special.

The first-team linebackers, however, could start on my NFL team any week. Brandon Spikes to the Dolphins, anybody?


I'd love Spikes on the Dolphins, but I'd also like Harvin if he can get over his tendency to be injured. Only problem with Spikes is that Crowder would then go bye-bye.

I'm sure some politics go into this. You can't just vote half Gators.

In reality, Black and Jenkins were both more deserving of All-SEC honors than Joe Haden was. No knock on Haden, he's played very well, too -- it's just a testament to our secondary.

I also think the Pounceys deserved better than honorable mention.

I also think the Pounceys deserved better than honorable mention.

Posted by: josh

The Gators had a plan for Cody. The Pounceys were pushing Cody around in the 4th. He was toast. He's tough but the Pounceys are tougher. Bama executes their game plan by being physical. The Gators turned around Bama's own plan on them by being more physical. Excellent work from a "finesse" team.

The big plays aside, this game was decided early in the 4th quarter when Bama ran out of gas on both sides of the ball. It set the stage for the Gators to execute all those beautiful plays down the stretch. They were worn down by a tougher team.

Tougher, faster, smarter, better.

That that don't kill us, only makes us stronger.

Jo, what happened to Rainey & Thompson last weekend? They were a no show, why?


FYI: Tebow wins the Wuerffel Award. Spikes shut out of the Butkus Award. Also, Spikes' NFL draft stock is slipping, according to Scouts Inc. Toddy McShay's latest Top 32 features but one Gator, Percy Harvin at No.29.

McShay lists three Oklahoma players: QB Sam Bradford (No.2), DT Gerald McCoy (No.13) and TE Jermaine Greshman (No.15).



Good observations, Bryon. Rainey, UF's leading rusher entering the SEC championship game, carried the ball one time for one yard. Rainey is suffering from a pulled groin and is scheduled to have surgery once the season is over. Thompson played on Saturday against Alabama but didn't catch a pass. I remembering him being wide open in the end zone on one play but Tebow didn't see him. It's clear that Tebow's preferred receivers right now are Murphy, Nelson, Cooper and Hernandez.


That's insane, Spikes is easily a first round selection.

Wow! Imagine if Spikes were to return with Tim. Florida has one of the top defenses right now. With Spikes they could have THE top defense in 09.

" Tougher, faster, smarter, better." -Adam S.

I like that. I think I'll adopt that as the pre Championship game slogan. It fits. That slogan could spread like wildfire. I can see it on t-shirts on University Av.

From Peter King.
YES I DO. From Ed Traz, of Medford, N.J.: "Do you really think Tim Tebow can play QB in the NFL? His arm isn't that strong, he isn't that accurate. Have you seen some of the wounded ducks he's thrown up this year?

Not to mention the pounding he'll take if he tries to run inside against NFL linemen and linebackers. Maybe he makes a team as a wide receiver, safety or, if he bulks up, a tight end, but I don't see how he makes it as a QB. Do you?

Too early for me to tell for sure, but I believe he'll be a first-round pick, and a high one, because of his multiple tools at the position. He's very smart, he's very big, and when he's had to, I've seen him throw a good deep ball. Yes, I've seen the ducks too. But let me tell you: There are NFL offensive coaches who have raved about him to me. He'll be a quarterback in the big league

As I said, NFL QB and first round pick.

So Florida could potentially have three first rounders in the NFL draft?

Potentially, but Tebow won't come out.

Looks like Miami is going to get shut out this year, incidentally.

What? No Jason Fox?


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