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Who has better fans: Florida or Oklahoma?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Here's a column from OKNews.com about Gators fans. Good column but a few things need pointing out.

1. Of course Mark Bradley of the AJC is going to write that Florida has the most obnoxious fans. He writes for Atlanta and he loves UGA. Here's what writers who cover football don't understand: The more obnoxious the fan the better the fan. When Bradley named Gators the most obnoxious fans in the SEC, he was unwittingly handing the Gators the best-fan award. Well, maybe that was his point.

2. The columnist's first instinct was correct. LSU has the most obnoxious and slovenly fans in the SEC. Baton Rouge breeds the perfect Deep South hooligan. Cultural isolationism? Check. Prone to violence or shows of brutish masculinity? Check. Blind loyalty? Check. Wild Turkey sour mash whiskey? Check. Teeth? Optional. Inferiority complex? Check. Most people stop drooling around the time they learn to balance themselves upright. These two skills performed simultaneously are too complicated for the average LSU fan on game day. They regress. Evolution stumbles backwards, drunken, confused and marking its territory on every building and tree. LSU fans either walk around leaking at the mouth or crawl around on all fours like the primitive beasts they are. "Tiger Bait!"

3. Is Miami really UF's backyard? From the perspective of someone in Oklahoma, yes. From my vantage point, not exactly. Miami is one of the most fertile recruiting grounds in the country but the Gators have failed to pull a recruit from Miami-Dade County since Dorian Munroe almost four years ago. Sheesh, that's pathetic.

4. I've been to every Florida home and away game for two straight seasons. I also grew up going to Auburn and Alabama games and later covered Auburn and Alabama games. Florida fans are not that rowdy. Gators might take this as a compliment or an indictment, I don't know, but since I've been in Gainesville, the most obnoxious fans were the Miami Hurricanes fans who celebrated their fandom with a giant mosh pit outside The Swamp before Florida 26, Miami 3. Does anyone remember this? Guess they figured celebrating before the game was the best idea.

So, who has more obnoxious fans: Florida or Oklahoma? If Billy Sims is any indication, then the award should go to the Sooners.



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Maybe not M-D county...but we get plenty of guys from Broward, some on the border. Hammond is from Hallandale. Jenkins is from Lauderdale. Bo Williams was from Oakland Park. Wright from FTL. James Wilson from Ponte Vedra. Etc. We represent well down here.

LSU pulls more recruits from Miami-Dade than UF. Got to admit that it's a little puzzling.


I don't think so. Miami and LSU run similar programs, IMO. Florida is a different breed. Also, people are bred not to like Florida when they're from M-D, they feel indifferent about LSU.

i'll sacrifice all the miami talent b/c the Gators pretty much own the rest of the state all the way up to the panhandle. Yes ur right, M-D County is one of the places with the richest talent but i think the gators have done just fine w/out m-d prospects. gators also proved that they can get speed w/out recruiting in m-d county. (ph1, jd2, cr3, dt6) ... in conclusion, ill gladly sacrifice m-d county and own the rest of the state.

P.S. jo, where do you think Andre Debose is going to commit??? and i know he denied it, but was that a gator chomp he did during the state championship?????!!!!!!!

I've been hearing about this Gator chomp by Andre Debose from different sources. I haven't seen the game but I do know that Gator chomps during state title games are somewhat of a tradition. Chris Rainey chomped St. Thomas in 2006.


Great job smacking around LSU fans and Miami fans in the same post Jo.

You are going to be very popular in Baton Rouge.

Irrelevant U? They were sentenced to the Nut Bowl. When U are playing your bowl game in San Francisco U should just shut up. Cane fans think their glory days of the past qualify them to declare that everyone else sucks. They are certain that past success guarantees future success.

By far the worst fans I have encountered have been drunken UGA fans in Jax. That said, they have been largely quiet for many years now. Funny how getting your doors blown off kinda quiets you. Does anything rub Dawg fans worse than hearing UF fans jingle their car keys late in a blowout. Drive safe Dawgs.

On UF/FSU gameday in Gainesville FSU always has these wrestling club types hanging out on University with their chests puffed out. What a bunch of clods. FSU fans are usually just more dumb than anything else.

And let's not forget that wretched UAB. What a bunch of odious miscreants. But props to Goody's Blazers for goin deep up in FAU monday. Respect.

Adam, Janoris Jenkins is from Pahokee not Ft. Lauderdale and Ponte Vedra is just south of Jacksonville beach. Not exactly south Florida.

"3. Is Miami really UF's backyard?...From my vantage point, not exactly. Miami is one of the most fertile recruiting grounds in the country but the Gators have failed to pull a recruit from Miami-Dade County since Dorian Munroe almost four years ago."

OU has not got a recruit from Guthrie,Ok in years. I wonder if Florida would like to play OU for a NC there?

UAB's basketball team is basically Exhibit A for what's wrong with collegiate athletics.



I see your point, but that really wasn't my point.


Joseph....you're a funny man. Ignorant of OU football and fans, but funny, nevertheless.

Thank God for Billy Sims. He may be a tad over the top, but a more loyal Sooner...you will never find.


Merry Christmas. I never said anything about OU fans, so how did I show my ignorance? The only thing I know about OU fans is, by all accounts, they were very friendly in 2007 when Miami visited. As for Sims, I love the guy. He's a true fan. Like I said, the more obnoxious, the better the fan.


As a loyal OU Alum, I have lived in Florida, and it is not different from the support football has in Texas and Oklahoma. OU has contributed greatly to the economy of South Florida in the past. OU has come to the Orange Bowl many times and we have not been obnoxious fans. Jo might want to note that we who live in Oklahoma have no respect for the columnist (Jenny Carlson) in the Oklahoman. Her football knowledge is minimal at best. She is the one who enraged OSU Coach Mike Gundy last yeAR BY WRITING an incorrect report on a former Cowboy QB. Jenny Carlson has been chided by the local media as well as many of us on-line.

OU fans are passionate, and after living in Florida, UF, FSU, and Miami fans are as well.
I look forward to OU returning to Miami next fall to Play the Hurricanes.

As for Billy Sims, he means no harm, and his outburst at the Heisman award was a little over the top. Billy has made an apology and said he was extrememmly proud of Sam Bradford since Kent Bradford, Sam's father was a starter on the OU offensive line blocking for Billy when he won his Heisman in 1978.

I can promide you a great game from two great programs who have never met in the past.

Boomer Sooner!

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