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Will Tebow go pro? He'll consider it

GAINESVILLE -- Florida junior quarterback Tim Tebow said on Tuesday that he will probably request a formal evaluation of his NFL draft projection at the end of the season. UF linebacker Brandon Spikes and receiver Percy Harvin are expected to do the same.

Barring injuries, Spikes and Harvin are likely gone. Tebow's decision might be a little more complicated. If Florida wins the national championship, will Tebow return?



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Harvin is injured.

High ankle sprain.

He wont be effective if he plays on Saturday. He is done. These are tough injuries to get over and may take 6 weeks to fully recover.

Harvin may or may not play this Saturday but he is hardly done. The guy has played most of his college career with ankle sprains and other injuries and has played some of his best ball with injuries.
Tebow stays whether FL wins the championship or not. He wont be a high draft pick and the NFL is no fun.

I believe Tim's upbringing, family wishes for him to get his degree and his love for Florida will cause him to stay and graduate.I just don't see him leaving early-anybody else yes, but not Timmy.

JC Trent
Atlanta, GA

As far as I know Tebow will graduate at the end of this semester.

1) Sarasota, I despise you. Not because you're a Canes fan, that I don't care about. You simply have no football knowledge.

If you did, you'd know Percy played on almost the exact same injury during the 2006 SEC Championship against Arkansas. Florida won the game and, oh yeah, Percy WON THE MVP!

2) Really...ANOTHER thread about Tebow and the NFL?

3) The ONLY way Tebow *seriously* considers going is if we win the National Championship. If, heaven forbid, we don't get there or don't win, he's back next year without a doubt in my mind.

4) OF COURSE he is going to get his NFL evaluation. Why wouldn't he? It doesn't hurt.

Tim Tebow - He's a great guy who might want to go pro but doesn't have the skills to start in the NFL nor would he be drafted in the top 3 rounds. He should stay in school.

Percy Harvin - Great player but know NFL coach is going to take a chance on him in the 1st two rounds because of his ongoing injury issues. He should go pro before a major injury.

Brandon Spikes - Great player who will be a 1st round pick, maybe my Fins will draft him?

As I stated before, I will consider Florida a good team when they beat Fl ST and Alabama. Well, they beat Fl ST and now it's time for Bama.

Score: Bama 31 Florida 30

I think Bama will take advantage of the clock due to Florida's D line injuries and their D line is the best in the country. And.... I dislike Satan but he is a great college coach.

WRONG! Its not a high ankle sprain.

Its a regular ankle sprain which he has played
on before.

Get the facts straight befroe you make
such a statement.

GatorAid, you are absolutely hysterical.

It is one thing to say Tebow doesn't have the skills to start in the NFL, that is debatable and wrong, IMO. But to say he won't be drafted in the top 3 rounds? You must be joking. That is asinine. What a hater you are.

As for the Harvin comment, maybe it is time to go back to school and learn grammar. "Great player but know NFL coach..." LOL.

No one cares whether or not you consider Florida a good team. Get a life and go post on your favorite team's blogs instead of clogging ours up with your hate.

This must be the 5th or 6th consecutive thread that I've utterly dominated you on. Goodnight.

Tebow is probably not going to be a successful pro QB. His arm is below average and has not exactly overwhelmed defenses by reading pass coverages.

Do I have to name the countless QB's from the University of Florida that have not become good pro QB's after some productivity in college?

Break is over Sarasota. Back to your spatula. Adam OWNS you.

Sarasota Cane is actually the foamy mouth troll known as canerule 9'ship whose favorite thing is to make up stuff and post it. He is obsessed with everything UF.

Eugene, your opinions are perfectly fair on Tebow. No one is arguing those points. The guy is still going to be a first-round draft pick.

If Spikes listens to his peers, we may get lucky. I just read an article speaking on how Spikes has been talking with Jarvis Moss about his decision to go pro. Spikes says that Moss tells him going pro was a big mistake and if he could do it all over again he would have come back for his senior season. He said he doesn't nearly enjoy the NFL as much and would give anything for another college season. I wonder how much influence Moss might have on Spikes.

Draft Guru Scouting Report

Overall: Overall Tebow doesn’t project as a pro typical quarterback prospect that any NFL team would use a top draft pick on. If he translates his current game to the NFL he will spend more time on the injured list than on the field. While his speed is deceptive even quarterbacks with elite speed have struggled to be consistent as running quarterbacks in the NFL, remember Michael Vick. His leadership skills and overall athleticism warrants him to be drafted at some point but he will be a large project wherever he goes. Its possible he could switch positions or be brought in the game as a red zone QB in a “Wildcat” type formation which should increase his value. A lot depends on his willingness to be moved around, if he wants to be a straight quarterback that could hurt his stock. His Resume suggests 1st round but his tools represent a late round pick. He probably goes mid draft as early as 3rd but as late as 5th.

Link? Source? Written in 2007 or 2008? Irrelevant, he's a first round pick.

LOL just heard "the savior" Robert Marve is going to transfer!!!

Details Adam. Link?

GatorAid is not a gator fan, he's a troll. Just like I've always said. He says he not a blind homer, but statistically speaking the Gators are better in nearly every category, which is why they are favored to win. Every "top" defense the Gators have faced, i.e. USCe and FSU, we rolled them up. Bama has not faced a team like ours. We strike fast and when we do Bama will have to abandon the run and have JPW try and beat us (he has only thrown 9td to 5 ints). Our offensive line will allow our offense to continue to dominate. Defensively Spikes is going to play his best game and stop the run.

Marve to USF! Another poor man's Tim Tebow. They are discussing this on canesports.com.

Marve to USF or LSU is what I hear. Just search on google. This would be the ultimate if he leaves!!!

I don't really care if he stays or if he goes. UM is pinning their hopes on those two guys and neither one looks that great to me. Marve isn't a guy who thinks too quick and his favorite receiver is the linebacker. Jacory Harris while he may be a baller is an injury liability. I'd be extremely nervous at the prospect of trying to survive an entire season without Jacory Harris getting hurt. He got a shoulder injury in the end of their NCState loss last week. Both of those guys threw for a gazillion yards in HS so cane fan thinks they have a better QB future than we have enjoyed with Tim.

It's funny to listen to cane fan put down Tebow when they are lining up those guys.

Yeah I am making it up about Harvin


I doubt any of you watched the Gator game. He was in a lot of pain and couldnt put any weight on it. Now he is limping around and still wearing a boot and cant practice.

That's nice that you don't think he's going to play. Percy and Urban both seem optimistic.

"The great news in the training room today, it's very positive, very positive, a lot of thumbs up, including from the player, a big thumbs up, a smile on his face," Meyer said. "He's as competitive a human being as I've ever been around. He's doing everything he can possibly do, and our training staff's the best in college football. That's all positive.

"The negative is it's a sprained ankle, and we know what sprained ankles mean. We're going to boot him and he will not do anything until later in the week."

"He plays well in this game," Meyer said. "He made that very clear to me a couple thousand times in the last two days. I love him."

Adam S. - Do you think Urban would want to tip Saban off on the status of Percy?

Even if he plays it's not going to help the team, but he might be a good decoy.

Marve to USF or LSU is what I hear. Just search on google. This would be the ultimate if he leaves!!!

Posted by: Adam S. | December 03, 2008 at 01:26 PM

Great news!!!!! Harris will then become the starter. FYI - My source tells me that he is looking at transfering to Florida, he feels like he could become the starting RB.

This must be the 5th or 6th consecutive thread that I've utterly dominated you on. Goodnight.

Posted by: Adam S. | December 03, 2008 at 10:58 AM

Are you 8? Maybe I can be 8, "I Burnt U"

Your source? Laughable.

Of course Urban wants to keep Saban on his heels...he's a great coach...but Percy's playing in the game.

Am I 8? No. Are you? Try forming a full argument without holes when you come on here to talk trash. That's why you need to say inane things like you just did in the bottom two comments rather than try to disprove me.

Or...here's a novel idea...concentrate on your team on their blogs rather than filling ours with your trash...

Try forming a full argument without holes when you come on here to talk trash?

Adam, S

My 1st post was attacked by you even though there was no trash talk involved. What did I say that was negative and not proven?

I uploaded a link from scouts about Tebow not being drafted high and M Kipper just stated that NFL scouts are concerned about drafting Percy in the 1st two rounds. I also stated that Spikes is a 1st round pick who is great player.

Where is the trash talk in that?

I don't hate Florida, I actually think they have a great team but when you have only played two teams that BCS rank 16th & 24th and lost to a team that is not ranked then that's not playing a tough schedule. That's a proven fact and there are many other's who feel the same way. OK beat BCS ranked 14th, 13th, 11th, 7th and lost to 3rd.

So Adam, who do you think played the tougher schedule and where in my 1st post did I talk trash?


Tebow has certainly been a difference maker in college and I can see a team drafting him at some point. However, I do not see first round.

A team is usually looking for a QB who is a polished passer (Stafford) or comes from a pro style offense (Brodie Croyle).

Tebow is good leader and very productive... but it's not production that translates into NFL success or a first round pick.

I dont see the first round either, if he does its on hype. I have a very reliable source who attends the combines and sign players for what I can't say (not illegal), but he says word around the scouts is that Tebow will last at least to the third round maybe fourth. This friend makes money on knowing where players are drafted, he has signed the last two number 1's and he says its not in his best interest to sign Tebow, why because the guaranteed money will not be there if he drafted in the later rounds, my friend is also a Gator

Aid, tougher schedule compared to what other team? I'm not sure who you were comparing our schedule to...

And I didn't say you ALWAYS trash talked...just in that instance. I don't see any scout links in this thread...and I believe in whatever thread that was in, I asked for a link and asked if that was an 07 or 08 assessment and did not receive an answer.

Eugene, that is a fair to have that opinion. But I think you're overlooking the desire of NFL teams to take great athletes and great men and mold them into solid NFL players. Matt Jones was selected No. 21 as a WR and he's NOT EVEN CLOSE to as talented of a football player as Tebow is.

Miami, I know a guy too who says Tebow will go No. 1 overall because teams love his combination of strength, size and speed. (Obviously I'm being sarcastic.) You can say anything putting an anonymous source behind it.

I agree, you don't me, so you dont have to believe me, but I'm just relaying what this friend told me

Fair enough...


We are getting closer to kickoff so I think a "keys to the game" post is appropriate. I'll give it a try. Eventhough I have numbers, they are in no particular order.

1) Alabama's first offensive drive. This drive will set the tone of the game. Can we get them to go three and out and gain momentum or will they go on a 8, 10, 12, 16 play drive and eat up half of the first quarter and go up 7-0 before we even touch the ball? We need to come out defensively and stuff them and not allow them to run the ball down our throats. I think we are going to put 7-8 in the box and force Wilson to make plays in the passing game.

2) Our DL vs Alabama's OL. This to me is the key of the game. If our DL can win the battle of the trenches and give our offense enough touches, our O will score. Can we limit Alabama's ability to keep the ball away from our offense?

3) Score early, score first. Alabama is not built for playing catchup. They are built to play tough, physical, ball control offense and wear you down. If Florida can force Bama to abandon the running game and force them to throw, it could be a long day for Alabama. Scoring early, especially two scores may force Bama into panic mode especially with the high scoring capability of our offense.

4) Special Teams. Special teams is something not many are talking about and is a big part of any game, but I feel this game in particular. Punt blocks, punt returns, fake punt--something big is going to happen in special teams play and a big play for a score can be a game changer and momentum shifter.

Marve is looking at transferring right now. He has USF and LSU at the top of his list. Would be another big blow to the Shannon coaching era. He is trying to do damage control now. Shannon definitely does not want Marve to transfer.

Posted by: Rawpimple | December 04, 2008 at 06:42 PM

Who cares???? Why do you keep posting this crap on the U board, must be worried!

Tebow would be an absolute lock for the first day of the draft, if not the first round. Ted Ginn is a f*cking kick return specialist and #3 wide-out and he went top 10. Tebow would be, at the very least, the best red zone weapon in the NFL. But I'm not willing to concede that he can't be a solid every-down QB in the NFL. I don't care about skill projections -- some guys just get it done. Tebow is one of those guys. He's big, he's strong, he's fast, and he can make any throw on the field. And he's an extraordinarily hard worker. I most certainly wouldn't bet against him. He might not have the quickest release or the tightest spiral or the most developed read ability, but you don't get extra points for style.

As for Percy, he's a first round draft pick. Guaranteed, not a chance he isn't unless he tears an ACL between now and the draft.

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