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Will Tebow return for senior year? We try and connect the dots...

GAINESVILLE -- In our ongoing pursuit to fuel speculation and debate, Gator Clause will now attempt to piece together observations, opinions and interviews to determine if UF quarterback Tim Tebow will leave for the NFL after the championship game or return for his senior season.

Tebow hasn't said one way or the other but some evidence suggests Tebow will return. The junior quarterback has said that he will likely return to Gainesville if he is not projected as a top 15 pick in upcoming draft. Gator Clause caught up with NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. last week and Kiper believes Tebow is a second-round pick and will be used primarily as a tight end/H-back/fullback in the pros.

While Kiper says second round, some NFL scouts project Tebow being drafted on the second day (rounds three to six).

On Saturday, Tebow said a chance at a second Heisman his senior year will have nothing to do with his decision to return or stay.

"I don't think that will make any difference in my decision to go or stay, winning a second Heisman," Tebow said. "It would be more to win a third national championship."

In case anyone was wondering, Heisman winner Leon Hart (1949), an end, won three national championships in his four-year career with Notre Dame.

So, was UF quarterback Tim Tebow robbed of his second Heisman by the voters?

I don't think so but some were convinced on Saturday night when it was announced that Sam Bradford of Oklahoma won the Heisman while Tebow had the most first-place votes. Tebow appeared on 83 percent of the ballots, meaning about 153 voters left him off their ballots. (Ballots consist of three spots. A individual first-place vote receives three point, second place votes are worth two points and third place votes are worth one point.)

Not surprisingly, Bradford beat Tebow by 151 points. Ouch, that hurts. In the Southwest region, Tebow only received 184 points from voters while Bradford and McCoy received 360 and 313 points, respectively. On the other hand, Tebow received 382 points from the South region (the highest point total by region for any player.)

Defensive tackle Edwin Herbert (6-3, 295 pounds) of San Francisco City College committed to the Gators this weekend. Herbert, who was orginally committed to Tennessee, is expected to enroll at UF in January. Herbert is the second defensive tackle of the 2009 recruiting cycle to commit to Florida. Gary Brown (6-3, 275 pounds) of Quincy, Fla., was the first.

Herbert is the Gators' 14th commitment of 2009 signing class and the second junior college commitment.



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Let's put aside the fact that Tebow had the most first-place votes. Isn't it strange that the guy who had the most first place votes did not even have the second-most second-place votes and was 50% behind Bradford in that category?

The fact of the matter is this: the Southwest voters either put Tebow at No. 3 or left him off the ballot all together. Why? Because they could put Bradford-McCoy 1-2 in either combination and throw Harrell in the third slot if they really wanted to guarantee a Big 12 player the victory.

On the other hand, voters in the rest of the country did not have this luxury. If they thought Tebow was the best, they'd pretty much HAVE TO put Bradford-McCoy 2-3 in either combination. Therefore, Bradford benefited from the bias of his region in addition to the inability for the rest of the country to hold that an opposite bias based on who was up for the award.

If you simply asked these same people to name the single most outstanding college football player for this award without having to rank them 1-3, Tebow wins hands-down.

Take away "that" in my last sentence in the third paragraph.

Many voters in the Southwest left Tebow off their ballots. In my opinion, you can't really fault them for that. In addition to Harrell, many thought Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree deserved a vote.


You can't fault them for only taking into consideration guys they can watch on local television? I can certainly fault them for that. That would be like a Southeast voter going Tebow - Harvin - Stafford

Of all the regions, the South is probably the most biased.


Yet that wasn't the case this year, now was it?

Who cares about the Heisman; shut OU's and the Big 12's pie hole when it matters in the NCG and that will be just fine.

Yes. That was the case this year. Tebow had more first-place votes in the South (382) than any player in any region. Bradford received 360 first-place votes from southwest voters.


Right, but how many second and third place votes did Tebow get in the SW compared with the number Bradford or McCoy got in the SE?


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