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Florida recruiting Deerfield Beach's Robinson as quarterback

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer is recruiting Deerfield Beach star athlete Denard Robinson as a quarterback, according to former Deerfield Beach coach Art Taylor.

Denard Robinson [PICTURED], the Bucks' starting quarterback for three seasons, received an in-home visit from Meyer on Wednesday. Known as 'Shoelace' by his friends and coaches, Robinson is a gifted athlete who could also play receiver or defensive back in college. He wants to play quarterback at the next level, according to Taylor.

"Shoelace runs a 4.3, has a canon for an arm and is very smart," Taylor said. "He can play quarterback anywhere in college."

As a three-year starter for Deerfield Beach, Robinson was at his best against some of the toughest competition in the nation. Led by Robinson, Deerfield Beach defeated both Miami Northwestern (preseason) and Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas in 2007.

Robinson is also being recruited by Kansas State, Michigan, Central Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Robinson's high school teammate, Adrian Witty, a cornerback, is also a top prep prospect and is being recruited by Kansas State, Central Florida and Michigan.

Florida is not recruiting Witty, which could hurt the Gators' chances of landing Robinson next Wednesday on National Signing Day. According to Taylor, the two high school friends would like to remain teammates in college.

"They would like to have an opportunity to play in college together," Taylor said. "They're going to have that opportunity."



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You know who else wanted to stay together? Percy Harvin and C.J. Spiller. And look how that turned out.

(BTW, if Spiller had come to UF like he originally committed to do, Harvin could've spent more time at WR and Spiller would've been an every-down back. Would have been AMAZING!)

INcorrect. CJ spiller did not go to school together. THe other stud who went to school with Percy was Damon McDaniel. He strongly consider us, but signed elsewhere when Jarrod Fayson committed.

Deerfield Beach's former coach Art Taylor told me that UF didn't have a scholarship available for Witty. Taylor also said that Tebow's return might have an affect on Denard Robinson's decision. As in, Tebow's back so Robinson is going to Michigan or K.State.


Yes, Percy was out of VA and Spiller out of FL, so its kinda hard for them to go to the same school.

As for Robinson, would probably flourish as a QB with Urban Meyer's system. Then again, probably could flourish at Ga Tech, Utah, Michigan or anyone else that runs a gimmick O.

Gimmick offenses at Utah and Florida? Wonder what the defensive coordinator at Alabama would say about that?


I did not say they went to school together. How about you read what I wrote? I said they were friends.

Though I did say "stay" when I meant "play."

"Wanted to stay together" - that intimates they were together in the first place

jo, just Tebow's return? What about Jordan Reed?

Jordan Reed is an unknown quantity at this point. He played QB in Connecticut (not exactly a prep football Mecca) and was injured most of his senior season.


What I'm saying is that he's a four-star QB coming in to a team that will already have two returning next year...which could be another reason he isn't interested in the long-run.

Agreed. If Robinson goes to Michigan, then he could potentially see the field next season. Coach Rich Rod, who has already told Robinson he could be the next Pat White, visited the quarterback earlier this week. Rich Rod returned to Deerfield Beach today to recruit Adrian Witty.


I'd assume that's a done deal, if that's the case. Though RR also has that kid Tate Forcier coming in.

This thread has discussed Robinson and Jordan Reed. I didn't see John Brantley mentioned.

He's a key player in this as he would not be just handing the job over. This could affect Robinson.

Robinson is 6 ft. tall. He weighs 180. Brantley is 6 ft 3 in and 215. Maybe I'm just Tebow spoiled but give me a bigger guy to run the show. Robinson looks too small to me.

13-1, I said:

"coming in to a team that will already have two returning next year."

Not forgetting Brantley, just talking about recruits rather than players currently on the roster.

The player with harvin was dameion McDaniel...he went to FSU and has since transferred(i think).

gaytors are going backwards, you all are as fake as they come, teblow will go nowhere in the pros, UF will be on probation

yo olemessyman, one thing is for certain, the gators can't go any further forward now can they? heehee

welcome to the top 15 for the first time in how long?

your right emmit smith went no where, the freak went no where, how many friggin recievers played for years, smultiple dbs playing now, mlb for dolphins, yeah very valid point. how much you want to bet that way way way way did imention way more UF players got drafted then ole mess players?

In the imortal words of south park - Respect your elders.....

I hope to see Robinson in Ann Arbor next fall, but if he has to go anyplace else I hope it is Florida. At least Florida is fun to watch and has a great coach. Rich Rod is going to make us fun to watch and exciting again.

More deceitful recruiting by Urban Meyer. Robinson will never play QB at Florida behind Tebow this season and John Brantley in the future. Jordan Reed has better size and in the same class. Robinson would absolutely BLOW UP in Ann Arbor under Rodriguez and could do it with his good friend Adrian Witty. Seems like a no-brainer...

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