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FSU's Preston Parker arrested for DUI

GAINESVILLE -- The turnaround up at Florida State took a turn for the worse on Saturday when receiver Preston Parker was arrested for DUI. The guy passed out in his car while in line at a McDonald's drivethrough. CLICK ME!

Jeez! This raises concerns about the Seminoles' football program. Seriously, their players eat McDonald's at 4:42 a.m. Is that the breakfast menu or the regular menu?



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Right, nothing says turn-around like stolen laptops. I guess everyone can't be as upstanding as UF!

Nothing says turnaround like, just won a national championship. idiot.

Not that I'm defending Newton, but he purchased a stolen laptop. He did not steal the laptop.

DUI puts people's lives in danger. No comparison.

jo, "turn for the worst" you mean "turn for the worse"

Should have checked my idioms dictionary.


DUI, and tested positive for marijuana, after he was just busted recently for possession. Talk about learning your lesson. It's okay though, he has nothing to worry about. Bobby will just punish him by holding him out of the first play of the game in the season opener.

Aww come on guys, everyone at some point in there life has passed out in the Micky D's drive thru lol. Cut the guy some slack. Haha I kid I kid. Really though, passed out in the drive thru of a McDonald's. Maybe he had some inside info that they were bringing back the McRib.

Alum, nah, he'll be harsh. First quarter.

One play? First quarter? I think even Urban Meyer would have to part ways with a kid given this many chances. Sad, really. I remember covering Preston Parker (Delray Beach Atlantic) in a high school playoff game against St. Thomas Aquinas. St. Thomas won but the Raiders couldn't stop Parker when he had the ball in his hands. Hopefully FSU will enroll Parker in some kind of rehab and, if successful, give the guy another chance.


We were being sarcastic.

Why is this here? He isn't a gator, so really shouldn't be on an alleged gator blog.

Nice, backhanded dig at UF with the comment even Urban Meyer would have to part ways with the kid.

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