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Looking ahead to 2010 season, schedule released

Brought to our attention by loyal Gator Clausonian, Adam S...

GAINESVILLE -- The football team's 2010 schedule is online at GatorZone.com. In its first season without quarterback Tim Tebow, the Gators play at Alabama (Oct.2) followed by a home game against LSU (Oct.9). That's a tough two weeks. 

Highlighting the nonconference schedule are games against Miami (Ohio), South Florida and Appalachian State.

Thoughts, anyone?

2010 Schedule
Current Standings:
Sat Sep 4 Miami (OH)   Gainesville, FL TBA      
Sat Sep 11 USF   Gainesville, FL TBA      
Sat Sep 18 at Tennessee Knoxville, TN TBA      
Sat Sep 25 Kentucky Gainesville, FL TBA      
Sat Oct 2 at Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL TBA      
Sat Oct 9 LSU Gainesville, FL TBA      
Sat Oct 16 Mississippi State Gainesville, FL TBA      
Sat Oct 30 Georgia Jacksonville, FL TBA      
Sat Nov 6 at Vanderbilt Nashville, TN TBA      
Sat Nov 13 South Carolina Gainesville, FL TBA      
Sat Nov 20 Appalachian State   Gainesville, FL TBA      
Sat Nov 27 at Florida State   Tallahassee, FL TBA      
All home games in bold.



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Two thoughts:

1) Soon enough a Canes fan will say that we're weak because we scheduled Miami (of Ohio) instead of them. Not fully understanding that it was UM who declined the most recent request for more frequent match-ups.

2) Mississippi State should not be overlooked in 2009 or 2010. We always struggle playing them both home and away. Now that they've added Mullen, they will have the extra element of him being intimately familiar with us on both sides of the ball. He'll also have two recruiting classes and we will be without most of our starting defense and, of course, Tebow.

After Alabama and LSU, State will be a trap game.



2010 will definitely be a tougher road than 2009. Away games at Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida State. LSU always gives us fits. A positive I do see is the bye week before the UGA game. We'll just have to see. Things change. Who would of predicted that Alabama would make a run at #1? And that UT and Auburn would have struggled this year.

Congratulations are in order for Urban Meyer and Jeremy Foley for scheduling South Florida. Just my opinion. This is a non-conference game fans will enjoy.


I agree. Up-and-coming program that should have plenty of talent and be perfectly good competition at that spot in the year.

Gator Clausonian? Man, that's big stuff. I guess I'm just a Gator elfian.

Agreed, Miss St. regardless of year gives UF fits. We visit them in 09. We owe them a 50 point game. Urban tends to tack on a few extra points in these situations.

I have a tough time trying to make heads or tails of the 2010 matchups as teams change too much over that length of time. UF will still have a bunch of big names on the team in 2010 and I'm sure some new kids will develop by then too.

Damnit, 14-0 in 09 or I'll be disappointed. The whole defense returns, Tim returns, and the schedule looks very manageable. (I said 14-0 in 08 too and looked right past Ole Miss, but who didn't. I looked at UGA, LSU and UT as our biggies)

@LSU Oct 10

@Miss St. Oct 24

Those are the only two that worry me in 09, maybe Spurrier will give us problems in Columbia at Brice Stadium, probably not.

None of the 09 games truly worry me. Will we have a rematch with UA in Atlanta? JPW is gone and I don't know who they have at QB now. Who will be favored in the SEC west? I think we know who will be favored in the SEC east........

Despite disliking the Noles I would like to see them improve in the next couple of years to increase the credibility of our out of conference schedule (specifically next year).

Having the Noles win the ACC and us clobber them, a top 10-15 team, will look real good for all the voters that seem to determine who plays in the BCS title game every year, especially if there are 3 undefeated teams.

Watch out for Ole Miss and LSU.


Spurrier give us problems? We beat him by the largest margin he's ever been beaten by this past year...and we're returning almost the whole team...

Noles we'll beat for the 6th (should be 7th) year in a row. No offense, RM.

Spurrier give us problems?

Posted by: Adam S

I was looking at the entire season from the perspective of a team that has never gone undefeated. I was attempting to be objective and find places where UF could trip up.

Do I think Spurrier can had us a loss? Nooooo !

Was I just trying to play devils advocate? Yes.

Where do you see possible bumps in the road Adam?

Adam S.,

Got to respectfully disagree with your assessment of the UF-FSU match-up in 2010. It should be a very good game, in my opinion. Don't forget, that will probably be the first year of the Jimbo Fisher Era at FSU.


Adam S,

UF declined miami. jeremy foley doesnt like playing miami, never has and chances are he nevr will. but i will give u guy credit for adding USF. i think the 4 major lorida schools should play every year.

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