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Man returns to work moments after alligator attack

Per Gator Clause tradition, when a Gator makes the news, we blog about it...

GAINESVILLE -- Florida's first alligator attack of 2009 occured on Tuesday along the shores of Lake Osbourne in Lake Worth. CLICK ME! 

There's something quite bizarre about this story. A man was picking up trash along the lake when he was pulled into the water by an alligator. According to an eyewitness acount, the worker freed himself from the alligators jaws, climbed out of the water, wrapped his arm and then resumed his work. He was later airlifted to the Delray Beach Medical Center and underwent emergency surgery. Gotta feel for that guy.



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Dude was probably more worried about getting paid than he was about his hand. Peculiar but sad.

I have it on good source that Mr. Velasquez was actually wearing a UGA hat. Dude had it coming.

Shouldn't it be...

LAKE WORTH - Florida's first alligator attack of 2009 occured on Tuesday along the shores of Lake Osbourne in Lake Worth.

Hard to argue with Adam there. Maybe Mr. Velasquez was in such pain that he ran all the way to Gainesville yelling, "OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH !"

I dunno.

Or maybe Mr. Goodman never ever ever proofs his content.

No. I'm writing this blog in Gainesville, therefore a GAINESVILLE dateline. If I was reporting the story for the paper (and not the blog), then there would be a LAKE WORTH or DELRAY BEACH dateline, depending on where I did most of the reporting.

This much is certain, I would not be blogging moments after being attacked by an alligator.


I was not telling, I was asking, just wanted to be clear...

Though I did think it should be LAKE WORTH because I am thinking of it from a newspaper perspective.

Maybe that was some sort of freshman hazing/initiation. Does he have any eligibility left? The dude is tough!

I cannot believe how strong that man is. What did he wrap his arm with? It would be interesting to get the details. Do you know how big the alligator was? If the alligator was small, maybe the injury was not severe. I cannot imagine that the alligator was fully grown. It seems impossible that a man could physically free himself from the jaws of such a large creature. I hope that you can include more details because it will change my perspective of the story.

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