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PREGAME: UF receiver Carl Moore in street street clothes and sneakers

Here at Dolphin Stadium watching pregame warm-ups. No sign of Percy Harvin yet although Miami Gators fans will be happy to know that Dorian Munroe is out on the field in his uniform and running around.

Munroe tore his anterior-cruciate ligament over the offseason. Munroe will dress out tonight along with tight end Cornelius Ingram, who also tore an ACL this offseason.

--UF offensive coordinator Dan Mullen on the field now talking over the play sheet with Tebow and backup quarterback John Brantley.

--UF coach Urban Meyer walked out of the Gators' tunnel briefly, took a look around and then retreated back to the locker room.

--Louis Murphy, who had surgery to repair a cartilage problem in his knee, is out on the field running routes. He looks injury free.

--Chris Rainey (groin injury) is on the field catching punts with fellow freshman Jeffery Demps.

--UF cornerback Joe Haden signing pre-game autographs for fans in the front row ... a bit odd.

--Still no sign of Harvin...72 minutes to kickoff.

--Harvin emerged with 68 minutes until kickoff and ran through his stretches. He was out for a total four minutes and didn't run a single route. He only jogged and stretched.

--OU middle linebacker Austin Box, questionable with a knee injury, is wearing large braces on his left elbow and knee.

--UF Justin Williams is back with receivers, apparently.

--Harvin lining up with the first-team offense and playing catch with Tebow. Good sign for the Gators.

--Nice orange stockings on UF middle linebacker Brandon Spikes.

--Receiver Carl Moore in street clothes on the sidelines. Looks like he's either suspended or injured.

--James Wilson on the sidelines in crutches.



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I am in a bad mood.

If OU only scores 17 points tonight, then I'll eat Tebow's orange and blue Crocs...during the post-game press conference.


mmmmmmmm...yummmmmmmy. Delicious Crocs. Given Tim's divinity, I would think that would some holy toe Jam Goody.

In the spirit of good sportmanship, I think it would only be appropriate to allow you to slather some David's Barbecue sauce all over those chewy Crocs.

Make sure you have someone film the meal Goody. This will be a YouTube instant classic.

I'm thinkin that next season my TypeKey name should be:

14-0Lift ANOTHER F'in Trophy !

Four of them in four years. Do I hear five in five Gator Nation?

Good idea for a name. Toughest game of the year is @ LSU on October 10th.

UF travels to Starkville two weeks later Adam. We'll win that one but that team has given us big problems.


Adam, I'll link you the YouTube video of Goody eating Tim's Crocs.

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