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OU Franks has little respect for Tebow

Oklahoma cornerback Dominque Franks isn't impressed with Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. He has seen better.

On Sunday, the redshirt sophomore from Tulsa -- an All-Big 12 first teamer -- said that OU quarterback Sam Bradford, Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell and Texas quarterback Colt McCoy were all better than Florida's quarterback. And that's not all he said...

"If you look at it, the three best quarterbacks in the country came from the Big 12," Franks said. "You look at, the three best receivers came from the Big 12, the best three tight ends came from the Big 12. So, we've played some great offenses and a lot of people don't understand that other conferences don't have what we faced.

"I think our quarterbacks are better. Just the way they conduct themselves -- how they play on the field. playing against those guys, it's a lot harder to prepare for the those guys than it is Tebow.

"From my position, the way they throw the ball, going into a game, you know the quarterback is going to throw the ball 40 times a game verses going into a game, knowing he's only going to throw it 15 or 20. It makes it a lot harder to prepare for those guys.

"We can't be intimidated. [Tebow] is a great player, but intimidated? Not at all."



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Actually, Franks is correct. Tebow is not hard to prepare for, but you still have to stop him. He might not have all the talent but he has the "IT" factor, and I'll take the "IT" factor and D over a OU team any day. Plus, Stoops has a problem coaching in BCS games.

wow, talk about a misleading title to this post. all he said was that he thought those guys were better than tebow. those guys all are great college players, and is a valid opinion. that's not to say that he's right or wrong, just that he didn't say it in an insulting or disrespectful manner.

Not the best thing to do to Aron Andrews of ESPN.


Well, what he doesn't understand is--if Tebow only throws 15-20 times he will be doing alot more tackeling and he won't like it.

i wonder if franks was intimidated by pat white last year who went 10/17 with 2 TDs.

It thrills me that the OU secondary thinks they are well prepared for #15

Haha, Tebow's not as difficult to prepare for? Alright. The only problem is that, prepared or not, he's going to rip your defense apart. That's kind of what makes Tebow so great. He's not tricking anyone. Everyone knows exactly what he's gonna do. Stopping him is the trick.

I'm done with the speculation and hype. Both of these teams are great. Here's to hoping the Gators are greater. Let's play this game!

Ben Volin posted on his blog today that OU will be using their 3rd string middle linebacker. UF will attack the middle of the field all night.

Franks is whistling in the graveyard, trying to give himself some courage. Graham Harrell and Texas Tech were embarrassed by Ole Miss; Colt McCoy and Texas just squeaked by Ohio State. The Big 12 offenses are not doing so well playing outside their conference. The Gator D will be a big surprise for the OU offense while Tebow and Co. will be a bigger surprise for Mr. Franks and the rest of the OU defense.

Texas looked bad! The Big 12 looks great on paper, but when you go out of conferences you have to be able to run the ball and play D, the Big 12 does neither. And, OU has bad special teams, they gave up 4 TD's this year.

Yeah, yesterday's game said a lot. But OU is a different animal and have more talent as a whole on offense than either of those two teams.

Tebow not difficult to prepare for? Really? That's interesting.

What part is easy to prepare for? Tebow's ability to throw down-field, or roll out to one direction and throw easily back across the field, or run for 1st downs and bowl down defenders, or be a great blocker?

I don't expect Franks to say anything else of course, but the guy really has no idea what he's talking about.

Actually Franks does not have first hand knowledge, but he is right in saying that Tebow is easy to plan for. He is easy to plan for because you know what he is going to do, its just that we are hard to stop and no one has been able to do it all year. Planning and execution are two totally different things.
IK, I have to call you out though: I would have a heart attack if I saw Tebow rolling out one direction and throwing back across the field. Damn, you guys drink good Koolaid!

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