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UF's national title not helping secure recruits

GAINESVILLE -- UF won a national title on Jan. 8. Why, then, are committed football recruits possibly turning their backs on the Gators?

Since the week leading up to Florida 24, Oklahoma 14, the Gators' coaching staff has been scrambling to not only add a few more talented players to its 2009 recruiting class but also keep the prospects who are already committed. 

  • Days before the national championship game in Miami, one of the Gators' top oral commitments, Georgia cornerback Greg Reid, figuratively punched the Gators' coaching staff in the gut by wavering on his word. He is now believed to be headed to either Georgia, Florida State or Alabama.
  • Last week, defensive end Nick Kasa of Colorado did the same thing. It seems the pass rusher wants to stay close to home.
  • This week, another cornerback, this time Marsalis Teague of Tennessee, is also having second thoughts.

If you're counting, that's three headaches the Gators' coaching staff are having to deal with in the final weeks of the recruiting cycle. When UF could be focusing its energy on securing one, two or three more recruits, coach Urban Meyer and his staff are now having to shore up relationships with players already committed. The Reid situation is one of particular frustration for Meyer. After all, Reid was the Gators' first prospect of the 2009 recruiting cycle to commit. He did so last February. That's almost an entire year of work (more than that, really) down the drain when you consider that UF could not not only now lose Reid but also lose the cornerbacks they could have recruited if Reid wasn't committed for an entire year.
So, what's the problem? You'd think recruits would be flocking to UF after the Gators won the national championship and seem to be favorites to repeat. If you think like a normal person, then that's a good reason to go to Florida. If you think like a recruit...God help you if you think like a recruit.

Here are a couple explanations for the recent rash of turncoats:

  1. Blame opposing coaches and their dirty, dirty recruiting tactics. All is fair in love and recruiting, right? Coaches are filling players' heads with ideas of inactivity. Just look at Florida's depth chart, Nick Saban is saying. When are you ever going to play with all these underclassmen starters and reserves? We all know little Nicky Kasa and wee Gregory Reid don't want to ever sit the bench.
  2. Once again, blame opposing coaches for their dirty, dirty recruiting tactics. Sure, UF is going to be great next year, Lane Kiffin is saying. But that's when you're not playing. What happens when you're the starter and Tim Tebow and his merry men are gone? UF won't be on top anymore. (And, yes, when clarifying recruiting tactics it is absolutely necessary to modify the word with the double dirty.)
  3. Recruits make change about as often as Toll Booth Willie. 

In recruiting news ...
On Tuesday evening, Flavarsity.com released its final list of the top 100 football prospects in the state. CLICK ME!The Gators landed three current oral commitments in the top 10, including the No.1 prospect, Seminole receiver Andre Debose. Miami Northwestern fans should be plenty familiar with Debose. He's the player who caught that remarkable touchdown pass in the final minutes of the Class 6A state championship game.

UF's other Top 10 state commitments, according to Flavarsity.com, are defensive tackle Gary Brown of West Gadsden and offensive lineman Nick Alalajajian of Naples. (A good lineman is a lot harder to find than a great receiver, just my opinion.)

According to an Internet report, Deerfield Beach quarterback Denard Robinson and cornerback Adrian Witty have narrowed their offers down to two schools and Florida isn't one of them. CLICK ME! 

A website covering Kansas State recruiting reported on Tuesday that Robinson and Witty visited Kansas State over the weekend and Deerfield Beach coach Art Taylor listed Michigan, Georgia, Kansas State and perhaps Tennessee as the schools vying to sign the players.



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Hmm...I dunno...maybe the fact that we're returning 100% of our starting defense and most of our back-ups?!?!?!?! Kids want to play right away. They don't need coaches telling them that, every media outlet was reporting how deep we're already going to be next season!

If these kids, like Reid, are scared of competition and trying to make something of themselves in the SEC, let them run on over to FSU, no big deal.

Reid is a POS. First he tries to indicate that Urban pushed him into declaring, then he says that Urban was nothing but supportive and told him to take as much time as he needed.

Teague did not say he is having second thoughts, just that he was going to go on his official visits. He said he remains committed to UF.

10-4 on this. These are young guys. If they are young and smart...red shirting a year on such a good team can only help them "beef" up.

If they need to play, and lose right away, let them do it.

Poochie... woochie... woo-woo.

If you think those are dirty recruiting tactics then you'd have to say UM is dirty, dirty, dirty.

Since when is pointing out the truth "dirty"? You sound like the mainstream (leftist) media (aka propaganda machine) reacting to criticisms of our new President.

Scott T. perhaps you missed the [/sarcasm] command after the "dirty dirty" comments in the article?

Greg Reid would be the best Cane player, and we're stuck with a coach who will be mixing the Gatorade and coaching defense because the U is broke. Bagging on the Gators here is pointless given how bad off we are.

Joe Goodman, you're a POS for calling kids names and making fun of them for wanting to make a comfortable decision that THEY have to live with. Calling a kid "Nicky" instead of Nick and calling Reid "wee". How old are you, seriously?

Oh yeah and Urban Meyer's recruiting tactics are clean and honest. Please stop crying about a few decommits. It happens to every team and you just sound like a baby.

Wow Joe. Ever heard of objectiveness? Nice "reporting". You should be ashamed of yourself for calling these kids names. A lot of good this will do your team's recruiting efforts, kids know that if they have second thoughts, reporters will be crucifying them on-line.

But I'm a UM fan, so by all means, keep it up.

Guys like Goodman and Israel G that write for the Herald are the reasons why the newspaper continues to be awful. They continue to carry the torch that was passed to them but seem to even do a better job of being awful which is an amazing feat in itself. Kudos I guess to these two clowns. It's one reason why people aren't buying the Herald, don't read their articles, and don't want anything to do with it. They call it a rag for reasons just like this. This guy obviously doesn't know much about recruiting. He is the type that does his investigative reporting by camping out on Gator sites and regurgitating info that's not even original and requires no investigation on his part.

LOL. The funny thing is that these two guys will likely always just suck in obscurity at the Herald. What a life.

Objectiveness? What is that? I object!

Name calling? Ahhh, did I hurt your wee, little feelings? Chump.


I apologize for my insults against 18 year old kids. I am just trying to make up for what is lacking in my pants.

Even 18-year-old "kids" should be held accountable. You might not like it, but I'm going to call them out. People call me out all the time on this blog. That's the way it should be. We can argue all day long about the ridiculous process of recruiting, but they call them "commitments" for a reason.

Commitment: a pledge or promise; obligation.


Well, since you can't stop the name calling, and are now directing at me (chump), a Miami Herald reader, I guess I can fire back.

Maybe these kids decided not to attend UF because they suddenly realized the fan base is composed of a bunch of loser jerk-offs like yourself...?

Instead of clamming to be a journalist, why don't you cover something you're probably a lot more fit more, such as water-polo or bull riding (sure you know a couple of things about riding don't you, Jo-Jo?). Oh wait, you do cover those sports. That's ssssuper guy.

Thanks for the fan mail.


LOL at a writer that can't carry his own argument. Massive fail. Jo got owned in his own blog. That's got to hurt.

At any rate, the Herald and some of its sports writers are equivalent to JV sports. This blog could easily set journalism back a generation. Nonetheless, for comedic purposes, I think it has some residual value.

His entire thought process is so flawed and his bias so transparent.

A. I don't want to waste any time or brainpower on this ridiculous sword fighting. As my grandfather used to say..."Not worth two squirts of my..."

B. You guys are attacking me with anonymous "handles." Therefore, by default, I win.

C. It's my blog. I can write what I want.

D. When were we arguing? Some punk writes "you don't know anything about journalism" and "the death of the newspaper industry is your fault" every week on this blog. It's so stale.

E. If you call most of the posts on this blog examples of journalism, including the one that has you so bothered, then you have no idea what you're talking about.

F. The point of this blog is for people to click on it and return to it and click on it again and post inane comments and hate the writer and call him bias and yada, yada, yada. Therefore, I win. Checkmate.

G. Really, all I had to write was one word, "Chump." If you had any sense, then you got the original joke.

H. If you know anything about a proper argument, then you know you automatically lose when you make it personal.

I. Thanks for the reading the blog. Have a good day.


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