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Who is the Gators' most valuable player?

Before we get cranked up here on Saturday morning, I just wanted to offer this poll to Gators fans. Who is the Gators' most valuable player?

UF quarterback Tim Tebow is the obvious answer, so we're going to leave him out of this poll. Taking Tebow out of the equation, is middle linebacker Brandon Spikes the Gators' most valuable player?

And what about safety Ahmad Black, who seemingly inherited his starting position only to rise to national prominence?

And don't forget about receiver/running back Percy Harvin, who did it all for the Gators.

Maybe the vote should go to defensive tackle Lawrence Marsh, who turned a position of weakness into a strength.

Perhaps running back Jeffery Demps is the Gators' MVP after invigorated the Gators' running game.



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Whose the MVP besides the MVP? Common...


We've got a lot of great back-ups for Spikes, even though he obviously can't be replaced. Between AJ Jones, Dustin Doe, Stamper, Hicks, and Lorenzo Edwards, we could still make due defensively without Spikes.

But without Percy, our receiving corps is fairly ordinary. We lack an entire dimension to our offense. Tebow can obviously still carry us through that, as evidenced by the Bama game, but if we're not including Tebow, then Percy is the next most valuable player on the team.

I think if you take Tebow out of the equation, then my vote is Charlie Strong, the defense was amazing, almost all will be back next year, but as for a player my vote the captain of the defense: Brandon Spikes, probably the one guy that will not be back next year
A close second has to be Ahmad Black, its scary sick how good that secondary will be next year

Fairly ordinary receivers? Really? You know how many of those guys run a 4.4 or better? You also don't see them drop the ball. So their catch numbers may be ordinary (leading receivers: Murphy 36 catches, Harvin 35 catches), you can't really blame them (both with 17 yard per catch avergages), obviously the common demonominator is the guy throwing them the ball

oops, meant denominator, but limiting factor would have been more appropriate

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