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Carl Johnson case to be continued ...

GAINESVILLE -- The mysterious saga involving Florida football player Carl Johnson, his ex-girlfriend and a temporary restraining order will last at least until spring.

The attorney representing the ex-girlfriend requested and was granted a continuance on the case today at the Alachua County Courthouse. The lawyer wouldn't say why he needed more time. No criminal charges have been filed against Johnson but the ex-girlfriend has successfully humiliated her former boyfriend with some rather detailed accusations. You can go to another blog for those details. We're not going to drag this guy through the mud anymore until we hear from Johnson or his lawyer and they're not commenting.

The ex-girlfriend filed for a temporary injunction on Feb.9. Today's court hearing was to determine if the restraining order should be made permanent. The new court date is set for April 7. Oh, joy! More nonsense to cover during spring football.

Johnson violated the terms of the temporary injunction on Feb.10 when he rode on the same campus bus as his ex-girlfriend, sitting about three-feet away from her and speaking to an acquaintance, 18-year-old Nia Phillips, of his ex-girlfriend. Phillips and the ex-girlfriend filed sworn statements of the incident and Johnson was arrested for a misdemeanor. He spent the night in jail and was released the next morning on his own recognizance.

Johnson, a talented offensive lineman, is expected to compete for a starting tackle position this spring. Practice begins on March 25. The University of Florida is not commenting on Johnson's status with the team.



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I'm seeing a report elsewhere that states that Johnson's attorney requested the continuance and not the girls attorney. Which is it?

Either way a continuance is a good thing for Johnson. If he can exhibit maturity during this time it will only help him.

The ex-girlfriend's attorney requested it. Johnson and his attorney were not in court today.


He played well last year and we need him again this year. Have Urban kick his butt, put him in an "anger management" course and let's move on.

Am I missing something here? How does a girl get "date-raped" three times? You would think that after the first date-rape, she would not go out with him any more.


You've never read anything about that on this blog for a reason.


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