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Florida responds quickly to Kiffin's recruiting accusation; NCAA says no rules were violated

GAINESVILLE -- Florida moved quickly on Thursday after Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin accused Florida coach Urban Meyer of a recruiting infraction. UF athletics director Jeremy Foley fired back at Knoxville with this terse statement:

“There was no rule violation and we have confirmed this with Southeastern Conference. It is obvious that Coach Kiffin doesn’t know that there is not a rule precluding phone contact with a prospect during an official visit on another campus during a contact period. His allegations are inappropriate, out of line and, most importantly, totally false.

"It is completely unfair to Urban Meyer, our coaching staff, our football program and our institution. The appropriate action at this time in my opinion is for Coach Kiffin to make a public apology. His comments not only slandered our coach, but he violated SEC rules by publicly criticizing another coach and institution.

Just to double check, I emailed the NCAA about the possible recruiting violation. Here's the response from Christopher Radford, the NCAA assistant director of public and media relations:

"It is not a violation of NCAA rules for a coach to contact a student-athlete while they are on an official visit to another school."

Kiffin's bizarre comments are, however, a violation of my sanity. Think nothing good can come out of this for Tennessee and Lane Kiffin? Think again. It's the day after National Signing Day and guess who we're talking about? Tennessee and Lane Kiffin. In a related story, Kiffin's belligerence has apparently landed him an endorsement deal with Kellogg's newest cereal, Ritalin-O's. Kiffin eats them with bananas.




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Wow, way to blast the rookie. I can't wait for them to come into the Swamp this fall...welcome to the SEC, cry-baby Kiffin.

Urban Buyer, Nick Satan, and Les Miles aren't the only sleezballs in the SEC I guess...

Lane Kiffin will continue the legacy of the big budget, low entrance requirement (2.0 GPA, 700 SAT), win at all cost $EC

Nice slam on Kiffin, but the best will be when he walks into the Swamp for his 1st Gator beat down.

Ritalin-O's ? That's just good comedy.

" Think nothing good can come out of this for Tennessee and Lane Kiffin? Think again. It's the day after National Signing Day and guess who we're talking about?"

No way anything good comes out of this for UT Goody. They now have the same target on their back that UGA and FSU can tell you all about. Don't mess with the Urban. What an enormous buffoon you are Kiffin.

Dear Lane, the humiliation you feel on the night of Sept 19. will be as bad as any you've felt in your football career. Does Urban hang 60 on you?

Can you say 90,000 fans and a FIFTY spot Lane? It will be grotesque.
Just keep yappin away big guy. Get together with Rich and Bowden and talk shyt.

Lane Fibbin.

I hope Florida puts 80 on 'em. ut's new coach has a new name:


Will be fun watching Lame and Crier match wits this fall, both are full of themselves!

So are you, little-boy-that-has-to-talk-gay-smack.

Take the sock out of your shorts and grow a real pair.

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