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Gators' season beginning to tailspin

GAINESVILLE -- Grab the parachutes, girls and boys. The Gators' men's basketball season is beginning to spin out of control.

Florida lost to Georgia 88-86 on Saturday at Stegeman Colisuem. It was the Bulldogs' first conference win of the season and first win of any kind since Dec. 31. Ouch. Even more disturbing, the Gators lost despite another epic performance from sophomore guard Nick Calathes. He had a triple-double, the third of his career. Calathes finished with 16 points, 10 rebounds and 13 assists.

The loss to Georgia (10-15, 1-9) comes four days after Florida (19-6, 6-4) lost to Kentucky despite a 33-point effort from Calathes.

Georgia guard Terrance Woodbury, who had seemingly been in a shooting slump all season, torched the Gators for 32 point. He made 7 of 10 three-point attempts.

What makes this loss so confounding is that the Gators actually played one of their best games in some time ... at least until the final five minutes of the game. In addition to Calathes' effort, four other Gators scored in double figures. UF guard Walter Hodge had 22 points in the loss and made 6 of 8 three-point attempts. UF forward Chandler Parsons scored 11 points. Alex Tyus and Erving Walker scored 10 apiece. Dan Werner had eight points.

Georgia led by nine points with 18 minutes left in the second half when Florida began chipping away at the Bulldogs' lead. UF took the lead (79-76) with 7:27 to play but, similar to their effort against Kentucky, the Gators went cold in the final minutes of the contest and only scored two points in the final five minutes.  



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The real disappointment is...not being able to taunt anyone. Dang it all to heck! We Gator fans take great pride in our taunting. Without it, well, there's no sun, moon or stars.

::rolling my eyes:: to the post above.

Dan Werner is, honestly, terrible. How many big shots is this guy going to miss? And Erving Walker at the end of the game...WTF are you doing, man?! Calathes was standing there alone with eight seconds to go...instead you try to drive it to the hoop and draw the foul? Garbage.

It's true. Dan Werner is a little cold these days. Give that man an electric blanket.


If somehow the Time Travel physics used in the TV show LOST can somehow become a reality, I'd use it to go back in time to see how Dan Werner was Mr. Basketball New Jersey. Most of the best players come out of the New York / New Jersey area. I'm baffled.

I guess you could say Dan Werner is one of the Others ...


I think Dan Werner should be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail. How dare he not hit a big shot! This is about winning. If you can't win a basketball game you should be thrown out of school and forced to work at McDs for the rest of your life!

Played one of their best games? Dude, Jo...seriously?! They gave up half a hundy in the FIRST HALF! I love the Gators as much as anyone but this team is hard to watch. How do 2 guys that are 6'7" and 6'9" get blocked so frequently?! Yeah, I mean you Werner and Parsons. This team just doesn't have it. No wonder Speights said see ya later. Can't blame Calathes if he bolts after this year either.

I wonder what Billy D thinks deep down about this team. He has to be soooooo disappointed.

Werner is worthless. Let's all be honest. He is not big/tough enough to play down low. He is terrible as a guard. The guy doesn't fit in at all.

And Parsons isn't much better...

Where are all of our big guys?!

Maybe we should castrate Werner. So he can't have any weakling kids.

Judgestarr, give it a rest, it's getting old already. You're obviously not a Gators fan, and if you were, you'd understand the frustration with Werner.

It's not that he can't hit one big shot - it's that he can't hit ANY big shot. He fouls, turns the ball over, hell, the guy single-handedly LOST us a game by not playing correct prevent defense against SC. He is garbage and is taking the spot on the floor of a player that could possibly contribute.

Again, WTF was Walker doing not giving the ball to Calathes? Uck.

Werner's a student-athlete. Who cares if he can't hit a big shot? Besides if you had something better I think old Billy D. would probably have him on the floor.

Hmm...so...let me get this straight...we can't criticize NCAA players because they're student-athletes? If he was on your team, you'd care...

The only reason he's a student-athlete at this university is because he received a SCHOLARSHIP to go to school based on his athletic prowess. Those are given so you can achieve things on the athletic level like, you know, hitting baskets and not making bone-head plays.

No it was given on the chance that he might contribute. Most student-athletes go pro in something other than their given sports. You can criticize all you want, but he's there and if someone could take his place Billy boy would sit him. There is life outside of sports.

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