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Kiffin calls Pahokee coach and apologizes

GAINESVILLE -- Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin called Pahokee coach Blaze Thompson on Saturday and apologized for the statement's made about the Palm Beach County high school during a Tennessee booster function on Thursday. Pahokee is still awaiting a public apology by Kiffin.

"He said he wasn't making excuses and that what he said was wrong," Thompson said. "He apologized and said he would make a public apology to the town and the school and also call the principal as well. I said thank you and that we appreciate that and the town and schools needs for you to make a public apology."

Thompson said that Pahokee's formal letter of complaint will still be sent to the Southeastern Conference and the University of Tennessee.

"I'm so glad he called so we can get past this," Thompson said. "I'm glad I didn't have to call. I told him I was glad he was doing what is right and being a man about it."



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This guy Kiffin is turning out to be a joke. What the hell is the problem with him?


Great job of reporting on this story, you are really getting some good inside info.

Great work Joe.. Great stuff, forward this to your boss. I'm serious, you deserve a lot of credit. It's Saturday in the off season but you're still finding great stuff and getting the scoop..
You get my full praise and credit, i think it's worth a ride on the subway, if you already have a token. :-)

This is why I keep returning to this blog.

One last thing Joe.
Remember the FLA/Miami game? A few of your fellow Miami press friends said that FLA would lose 3 or 4 games last season? Not sure why I bring this up now but I guess it's nice to see they didn't really have a clue, just upset that FLA beat Miami.. LOL
No point here, just remembering the FLA/Miami game.

Funny you should bring that up, Rich. Anyone out there remember what I wrote after UF lost to Ole Miss?


Yeah, good job man. Kiffin is an absolute joke. He shouldn't have needed to have been told to apologize.

Before you bash people at the Herald for predicting UF would lose three to four games this season, check out this link. Scroll down to the subhead that reads, "Florida still the best?"



I didn't mean you Joe, I meant that you heard of few other reporters say that FLA wasn't that good and they would lose 3-4 games. I know you thought FLA was the best team, probably before me.. I just remembered you mentioned that when Miami played FLA..

I was praising you Joe.!!! You 6star recruit... I was bashing the guys in the pressbox of the Miami/FLA game

Wait, did I miss something? People said we'd lose 3-4 NEXT season or 3-4 this PAST season?

Ah, yes. The guys and gals who cover the Canes didn't think too much of UF that night. Guess that means they didn't think too much of the Canes.


The sad thing is even though he apologized , the spoiled little POC doesn't sound like he means it and actually thinks its ok to treat people like crap. I really hate this guy and cannot wait until Florida just monkey~stomps them in The Swamp ! ! ! !

Kiffin can take this so-called "apology" as well as the one from Thursday and stick them straight up his arse.

Nice post. What is a monkey stomp?


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