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Lane the Pain making his presence known around SEC

GAINESVILLE -- Hide the youngins, SEC football coaches, new Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin is coming to steal your children. If it doesn't happen in 2009, you can bet on it happening in 2010.

Contrary to what you might read in the Mobile Press-Register CLICK ME!, Kiffin is showing early signs that he has the smarts and salesmanship to succeed in at least one discipline required to win in the SEC: recruiting. First, Kiffin stole assistant coaches. Next up, the recruits.

Alabama coach Nick Saban is taking notice. After losing one of his top recruiters, assistant Lance Thompson, Saban recently told his current crop of recruits not to take official recruiting visits to Knoxville. CLICK ME! Seems like a good idea after news today that Pahokee receiver Nu'Keese Richardson had a fabulous time this weekend on a recruiting trip to the University of Tennessee. According to a Rivals.com report, Richardson is rethinking his oral commitment to Florida.

"I don't know it's going to be really difficult now because Tennessee certainly showed me somethings I didn't see at Florida and that impressed me tremendously," Richardson said. "I don't want to rush and making a decision yet so I'm going to let things settle down in my head, talk it over with the family and come to a conclusion about which school I will sign with just before signing day."

According to a few people up in Tennessee, Nu'Keese actually didn't want to take the trip but did so on the order of his parents. Smart parents. Recruits should have every opportunity to make an educated decision on their collegiate destination. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either a coach or a fan.

Richardson isn't the only UF recruit Tennessee's new coaching staff is hoping to sign on Wednesday. Paris (Tenn.) Henry County cornerback Marsalis Teague is also considering the Vols. Teague committed to UF last month but now appears to be waffling on that decision. His high school coach has told a few people in Knoxville that his star player is headed to UT.

For those keeping score, that's two UF commitments that Kiffin and his all-star cast of recruiters have been able to influence in a very short amount of time. Kiffin didn't finalize his coaching staff until AFTER the national championship. That's quick work. Given a full year, Kiffin and his staff should have Tennessee on the road to recovery in the world of recruiting.

In addition to hiring Thompson away from Alabama, Kiffin stole South Carolina recruiting coordinator David Reaves from the Gamecocks. Reaves, Kiffin's brother-in-law, is the son of UF legend John Reaves. Kiffin also pilfered running backs coach Frank Wilson from Mississippi State. Wilson is a well-known recruiter in Louisiana.

That leads us to former Ole Miss coach Ed Orgeron, who coached with Kiffin at USC. Orgeron might not have been much of a head coach at Ole Miss but he is one heck of a recruiter. Tennessee also picked up former Auburn assistant Eddie Gran. Gran is an excellent recruiter as well. In his time with the Tigers, he signed more kids out of South Florida than perhaps any team not named Miami.

Kiffin's staff of talented recruiters appears to be salvaging the Vols' 2009 recruiting class and, more importantly, laying the necessary groundwork for the future. Beware.



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No surprise there with Teague, I'm sure he's gone. I still don't think Nu'Keese leaves in the end. Everything I hear says he loves the Gators and he could make an impact right away next year with our depleated receiving corps.

The SEC is full of the dirtiest coaches in the business... Les Miles, Urban Buyer, Nick Satan, etc... Lane Kiffin and Dan Mullen are the next in line to implement these borderline illegal tactics... Get used to it Gators, because Miles, Satan, and Kiffin are going nowhere anytime soon.

All conferences have dirty coaches canesrule in drag. The SEC coaches just do a better job of being dirty. U can't do anything right fool.

Let's dirty our way to another championship in 09 .

Your coaches would wear dirty diapers on their noses if it meant they could actually win.

Kiffin does seem to be a decent recruiter. Too bad he stinks as a head coach.

So Tennessee has an amazing staff of recruiters. Who is going to actually coach these kids once they get on campus? None of the coaches are thought of as great coaches, just great recruiters.

Don't these kids know they will have to listen to that stupid "Rockytop" song? Who would torture themselves with that for 4 years?

The one that made drew brees and kyle orton (chaney), the one that made duce mcalister, brandon jacobs, cadillac williams, and ronnie brown (gran), Wilson is a solid position coach, Kiffin can mold a quarterback (watch out for coleman or crompton to have a break out year like ainge did when I was a freshman last year and we could be in the sec championship again).of course there is monte kiffin. Need I say more? Orgeron is a work horse that is more intense and will motivate like a crazy man...then you have smith the strength and conditioning coach that has all of our current players struggling to walk to class on the hill because of 6 am workouts...I guess you had to go through what we went through with fulmer and the lack of discipline we had to tell that Kiffin and Co. are completely revamping UT and putting us back on the map like it's the late 90's...Nick Saban and Urban Meyer both know this too....are you related to carl albert high Oku?

I guess Monte Kiffin doensn't know much about coaching.

Funny, great recruiters, not great coaches. Aside from the running backs and QB's already mentioned, you forgot names likes LenDale White, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, and Warren Sapp just to name a few more. Oh, and I suppose Oku forgot about Monte. Seems like people are starting to worry down in the Swamp lol!

Besides all those names already mentioned, the Vols have Mitch Browning as a Grad Assistant and you can contribute Laurence Maroney and Marion Barber to him. Yep, they can't coach at all. They can recruit and coach and I feel sorry for any coach that gets in their way because they will just run them over.

Great recruitors getting great players, giving the right motivation and discipline that i know these UT coaches are capable of. Plus you guys.... come on do you even know who Monte Kiffin is? he is a legend. Lane called all the offensive plays when he was OC at USC. come on guys

I'm sure the Saints hired Orgeron for his recruiting abilities

people saying they can only recruit need to do their homework,cheney, lane, o, thompson, and gran have a very impressive coaching record. and of course monte, nah noone considered an nfl legend can coach

UT might steal a recruit or two, they've come in with a lot of flash and dash.

However, the idea that 5-7 UT can win the SEC East over the defending champs with the entire team back is just plain silly. UT has little talent, and will have to learn all new schemes on offense and defense. The Vols will be lucky to qualify for a bowl, much less challenge the Gators next year. Look for UF to abuse UT by a minimum of 40 points in September.

As for Kiffen, we heard a lot of this kind of talk from the Notre Dame crowd after they hired Weis. Look where they are now. Not saying Kiffen is doomed to failure, but he equally is not guaranteed success.

Oh, and as for Monte, lets see how he does teaching the "Tampa 2" to a bunch of 18 year olds he can only work with for 20 hours a week. Derrick Brooks isn't out there for the Vols. The Tampa 2 is a very complicated defense. There is no way those kids can learn it in time for the season. They will be lost and confused. I REALLY expect the Vol defense to be abused next year on multiple occasions.

There should be a pool on what week of the season Monte comes out and says "The kids are thinking too much out there. We are going to simplify the scheme to allow them to be more aggressive", which is coachspeak for "They don't know what they are doing. We are going to set a base defense and tell them to run to the ball. We don't know what else to do.".

Haha David Oku my butt. Don't have any great coaches? Dream on homie...you must be another one of those delusional fools listening to your local media spew mindless dribble that doesn't make any sense. Try formulating a rational opinion and we'll talk.

I just wanted to thank you for a nice OBJECTIVE piece. With all of the mudslingers out there, mostly all you get is a bunch of retarded opinions with some full blown lies thrown in. At least you were able to keep it truthful and neutral. I appreciate that.


I think you might be forgetting who the captain of Tennessee's secondary is. Anything is possible with that guy. The kid is sick.


Laney will be everyone's midnight girlfriend. Do not worry about this boy winning squat next year..We will c after that.

As sick as Jason Allen?

Listen, UT has put together a nice staff of some great and some good coaches. Monte is a defensive genius. But, as pointed out, how will that translate to 18-year-olds? Quite complicated. Maybe when this freshman class is there two years, things will begin to develop.

Right now, UT will continue to be Gator Bait as they have been in recent memory. But they're certainly on the upswing and we need to be cautious of them in 2010 and beyond.

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