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Robert Marve still considering Florida Gators

GAINESVILLE -- A quick blog post today before we fire up the grill for a little Super Bowl cookout.

I spoke with Eugene Marve, father of former Miami Hurricanes quarterback Robert Marve, on Sunday while working on a recruiting story about the University of South Florida. According to Eugene, "there is an outside chance" that his son could pay his own way to Florida next semester and walk on the Gators' football team in the fall.

As you all probably know, Robert Marve cannot transfer to Florida and receive and atheltic scholarship next season due to transfer restrictions handed down by the University of Miami. Robert Marve is not enrolled in school this semester. According to Eugene, Robert is considering offers from South Florida, Oklahoma State, Purdue and Oklahoma.

Florida's high academic standards could prevent Robert Marve from transferring to UF as a general-population student, according to Eugene Marve. Universities generally lower their entrance standards for students on athletic scholarships. Of course, if Florida coach Urban Meyer really wants Robert Marve, I'm sure he could work it out with UF's admissions office.



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I don't think Florida wouldn't even want him. Not a big talent, lost his starting job, and seems to be an off-the-field distraction

I agree we don't need that kind of distraction in our team.

No thanks Mr. Marve, You're a nice kid but I don't really want your inconsistent character on our championship team. You had an entire injured season to prepare to be the everyday starter. I guess I should give you a break and note that you had NO blocking.

Still, I don't like your downside sir. Have a nice day.

Marve sucks both as a player and person. I do not want him anywhere near our program. See ya later, POS. Maybe he can go to USF and lose to us again in 2010.

Another ig at Urban Meyer and academics. Interesting enough other newspapers and blogs mention UF is one of the few FCS doing well athletically and academically. Where is the blog about the UF athletes and SEC academic honor roll?


Give it a rest and lighten up. Universities pull strings for football players. That's the way it goes.

Adam S.,

You sound as if you were personally wronged by Robert Marve. There are different grades of damaged goods, you know. I'm sure there are two sides to this story and that neither side (Marve or Miami coach Randy Shannon) is perfect.


Yeah, I agree with jo, don't think there was anything wrong with the comment. This is a blog, not a news story...so some opinion is perfectly fine.

jo, I hated him before the situation with Shannon and have plenty of good reasons that I do not want him anywhere near my team or program. The LEAST of which is the most recent issue with Randy.

He probably needs a fresh start in the Big 10 or Big 12.


Does Coach Meyer even have any interest in the guy? I think that's the question and I'd bet that he doesn't. Marve does not have the kind of character of the young men that we recruit. He's been "on the edge" for 3 years now.

Big 10, Big 12 or Big East with USF (where I think he ends up).

It's interesting that Marve, who was roundly criticized by UM homers for not wanting to compete for a job, would go to Florida where he would face intense competition.

The kid is 19 and seems to be looking for a place to flourish. He can't do it in Coral Gables but Florida could work for him.

He should be given a chance.

I was trying to take the high road and be courteous to Marve until I saw your comments Adam S.

He just isn't smart. In other words, he's a doofus. Gator Bud asks if Meyer would have any interest in him. Goody pointed out earlier that Meyer recruited Marve. There are different definitions of "recruit" though. We have outstanding depth at QB and I don't want Robert Marve anywhere near UF. At this time I would highly doubt Urban Meyer would want any part of him.

"Should be given a chance" ...why?

No reason to take the high road on this kid, 13-1.

Adam S.: As has been said before, you only know one side of this story, same as me. Is it your view that if we delved into your first year of college, we wouldn't find any mistakes or bad judgment calls?

He should be given a chance just like any other walk-on.

13-1: Fortunately, you don't get to decide if a kid gets "anywhere near UF." By the way, are you channeling Urban Meyer? I haven't heard a word from Meyer regarding Marve.

FinsFan, as I said before, my opinion of Marve was NOT forged based on his recent issues with Shannon and leaving the Canes. Therefore, it has no relevance.

I've seen plenty of footage on him, seen how he acts, the type of person he is, and the type of family he has. And I do not want that kid anywhere near my program. I am perfectly entitled to that opinion. I simply didn't understand why you felt he should be given a chance.

If Marve wants to walk-on, then I say give him the chance. He's done nothing, again my view based on following the stories, that justifies a ban on walking-on. Should Meyer offer a scholarship? At this point, no. Do you or I know enough about the kid to ban him from the Gators? At this point, no.

It is totally unfair to ban someone based on rumors from Coral Gables or because his father is outspoken or because you can somehow read "the type of person he is" by watching "footage." In fact, banning Marve based on these reasons is a UM-type act, not the way the Gators operate.

First of all, I'm not UF's administration, so it is my opinion that they shouldn't even look his way. I'm not a decision-maker. I can't "ban" a kid, as you put it.

Your reading comprehension also needs a little work. I did not say I know the type of person he is BY watching footage. I know the type of player he is by watching footage. I know the type of person he is by hearing it directly from people that know him.

Just because all you do is read newspapers and listen to rumors does not mean that is the same for everyone. So while your entitled to your opinion, I completely disagree. We do not need kids like Marve near our program and, honestly, I don't even think he's good enough to waste time on. I'd rather not see him in a Gators uniform.

You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to question it.

Let's see if my reading comprehension is improving. You know the type of person he is based on second-hand conversations, commonly known in polite society as gossip.

You also said you "hated before the situation with Shannon..." Interesting language for someone who you admit you never met.

Here's a different angle: UF offers a couple of walk-on opportunities every year. I would guess that of the walk-ons, Marve would be one of the better players. Since you don't know him personally, wouldn't you at least offer him an opportunity to prove you wrong since it costs you nothing? Do you think the Gator program is so weak that it can't stand to take one chance? I say, take the chance and see what happens.

The point is that I'm not going off of just what I read in the paper. You made that assumption, and you were incorrect. You can try to discredit my opinions all you want, it does not makes yours any stronger.

I'm not so sure what's interesting about that language. There are plenty of people I hate that I've never met: Pat Riley, the entire Boston Red Sox team, Bill Belichick, you (just kidding bud), etc. You don't hate anyone you've never met before? Your "holier than thou" attitude is pretty annoying, to be honest.

For your different angle...

If I was Coach Meyer, I probably wouldn't accept him as a walk on because after my 2009 recruiting class I will probably have 3 (or 4) scholarship QBs. But if you want to throw out the fact that my team doesn't need a QB and talk about it from a completely hypothetical level, of course, the kid has football talent and experience so he would be one of the better players to walk-on. But there are plenty of players that have talent that I wouldn't want anywhere near my team because of attitude, character, etc. Talent is not everything.

"Do you think the Gator program is so weak that it can't stand to take one chance?" I don't understand what you're going for here... I think our program is extremely STRONG, especially at the QB position. THAT'S WHY I wouldn't want us to take a chance on a kid like Marve. He's not worth it in any regard whatsoever.


I think if he's in a different enviornment (Florida vs scUM) thats probably all he needs, a fresh start. Why somebody would just wash their hands of this kid is beyond me, it's not like he's Willie Williams or something. We're not perfect, as a Gator fan, I hope we do give him a shot. Some people throwing him under the bus just doesn't sound like real Gator fans to me. Go Gators!

Marve should go to USF. They have some good talent coming in and he can stay close to home and has a good chance to start. He can put up some numbers against inferior competition for a ranked team and start quickly while staying close to home and be Mr. Big Shot again, really a dream scenario for him.

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