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SEC reprimands UT coach Lane Kiffin

GAINESVILLE -- The Southeastern Conference wasted little time in dealing with Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin and his public comments about UF coach Urban Meyer. League officials issued a public reprimand on Thursday afternoon, stating that Kiffin violated the SEC's code of ethics.

"Coach Kiffin has violated the Southeastern Conference Code of Ethics," SEC commissioner Mike Slive said. "SEC Bylaw 10.5.1 states that coaches and administrators shall refrain from directed public criticism of other member institutions, their staff or players.

"The phone call to which Coach Kiffin referred to in his public comments is not a violation of SEC or NCAA rules. We expect our coaches to have an understanding and knowledge of conference and NCAA rules."



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I <3 Mike Silve. What was the penalty?

Public humiliation.


Oh, blah.

Fibbin already apologized...put his tail between his legs. Loser.


TEBOW 4 JESUZ!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how much UT is going to have to curb its dog over the next few years...

Thank you Kiffin for the great bulletin board material. It should be worth 3 or 4 touchdowns in September.

OK, Adam. Punishable by DEATH or CASTRATION! Sources close to the situation tell me the SEC will leave the decision up to Kiffin. Since Kiffin obviously has huge balls, I'm assuming he'll choose to end his life.


LAME KIFFIN Man what an idiot he's just proven himself to be. He is out there recruiting and he doesn't even know the rules. He also proved himself to be the unethical cheater by FALSELY accusing other coaches of violations. After the September 19th game, I hope we'll be calling him LAME COFFIN.

No death, everybody should be allowed to live as long as possible. Castration...sure...how about divorce? he doesn't deserve that wife...

New name: LAME FIBBIN - I didn't invent the Lame part, but I did the Fibbin part.

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