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Tim Tebow and Terrell Owens together in Gainesville?

GAINESVILLE -- Got something a bit odd to pass along this afternoon.

UF quarterback Tim Tebow and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens were in the Outback Steakhouse in Gainesville at the same time on Tuesday night, according to the restaurant's manager.

"There's not really much to it," said Adam, the manager who for some reason didn't want me to print his last name. "One of them came in right when we opened and the other one came in about an hour later. Terrell Owens was with a lady and another man and Tebow came in with one of his buddies."

Owens and Tebow did not eat together and, according to the restaurant's manager, the two football players did not speak to one another.

Weird, huh? Wonder if Tebow is a Bloomin' Onion guy? Doubt it.



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While the fact that they were both at the Outback could not be any less interesting, the fact that Owens was in Gainesville is interesting. Why?

Maybe he's doing stuff at the UF Sports Medicine thing across the street from campus on 34th? He's still there...two of my friends saw him today, one played basketball with him.

I work at Outback and yes Terrell Owens did come in with a female UF volleyball player and another gentleman who I asumme was his bodyguard. 30 minutes later Tebow walked in as well. On his way out Owens actually did stop by Tebow's table to talk to him and they chatted briefly for about 20 seconds. And he's actually dating one of the UF volleball players SO THATS WHY HE'S IN TOWN (this coming from Tim Tebow himself).

Oh come on Joe... Who ISN'T a Bloomin' Onion guy?

Is Owens a good tipper?


OK, Terrell Owens is apparently in Gainesville visiting a friend, a former UF volleyball player named Kari Klinkenborg. Klinkenborg is apparently a model.


I just played Basketball with him at Gainesville Health and Fitness. got pictures too.

He got game?


Saw T.O. just chillin at the Set earlier today

T.O. was going to try playing in the NBA if he couldn't play football...he played college basketball at UT-Chat. He played in the 1995 March Madness. He also played on the summer league team for the Sacramento Kings? Oh, and he dunks well. He got game? Yeah.

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