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TIM TEBOW: 'Come watch us beat Georgia again'

GAINESVILLE -- When it comes to the Georgia-Florida rivalry these days, it's never too early to start talking a little smack. Not even for UF quarterback Tim Tebow.

Tebow was up in the Panhandle this weekend accepting yet another postseason award. This time it was the Wuerffel Award, presented by the good folks of Fort Walton Beach. After accepting his award, Tebow helped raise money for local charities by auctioning off a package of four tickets to the UF-UGA game in Jacksonville. Tebow got $5,500 for the tickets, sealing the deal with this zinger: "Four tickets to come watch us beat Georgia again."

We know spring football doesn't start for about three more weeks, but it's never too early to toss a few ideas around. Who replaces Percy Harvin? Who plays right tackle? Who plays left tackle? The Herald asked five questions regarding the Gators as spring football nears in Monday's paper. CLICK ME! 



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...still missing one important trophy from this season...the one he got screwed out of by Big 12 voters...

Those dirty cowboys. How dare they vote for their own!


That's not it. The rest of the country was almost unanimous in giving Tebow votes at No. 1 and No. 2. Most of the Big 12 region didn't vote for him at all, not even putting him in the top 3. That caused him to lose points and the Heisman. If that region was equal to the rest of the country, he would've blown Bradford out of the water.

Let that read: "No. 1 OR No. 2"

Let that read: "No. 1 OR No. 2"

Tebow had the most first-place votes and still finished third. Out of the 154 voters who left Tebow off their ballot altogether -- which is baffling -- about 80 of those voters could have won Tebow a Heisman with a second-place ballot, which wouldn't exactly be a stretch. Most of the Southwest ballots read 1. Bradford, 2. McCoy and 3. Graham Harrell.

Again, they voted for their own. If there were four spots on the ballot, then Crabree would have gotten more Southwest votes than Teebs.


Fear not kind Gator fan. 09 awaits. There is yet another Heisman Trophy to be had for Tim.

I would definitely agree that the Big-12 hype affected the vote.

Plus, I constantly heard Heisman experts/voters point to Tim not putting up numbers that he put up in 07. It's absurd. Why does Tim "have" to duplicate what he already accomplished to be considered? I think its more impressive to do something else the following year.

The non-stop sukjob that ESPiN does on Tim probably soured some voters as well.

I think Tim definitely deserved to win it again but it's water under the bridge now. He still can win again and go down as the "Greatest College Football Quarterback Ever."

I can picture the team being focused on a list of 09 goals.

1) SEC Championship
2) National Championshiip
3) Undefeated season 14-0
4) Another Heisman?? (not really a team goal but the "team" knows Tim got jobbed)

I'm greatly looking forward to the 09 season which will be the greatest season in UF Football history. The table is set.

Also, the 2010 BCS Championship game will be played in the Rose Bowl.

It would be sweet if UF could go put a beatdown on USC in the title game in the Trojans backyard. That would have UF winning a National Championship against the Big-10, the Big-12, and the Pac-10.

Does USC have the horses next year too? Anyone?

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the ACC BEATDOWN that UF handed to the 'noles.

Its been tough in years past to see the ACC as a top conference. There isn't much at the top in the ACC now.

Doesn't make it right, jo.

Well, thanks for sharing this blog with us,this is good story.

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