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UF lineman Carl Johnson arrested

GAINESVILLE -- Florida offensive lineman Carl Johnson was arrested on Monday for allegedly violating the terms of a temporary restraining order, according to the Alachua County jail record. The charge is listed as a first-degree misdemeanor.

Johnson was booked into the Alachua County jail at 1:21 p.m. on Monday by the University Police Department after allegedly following a woman off a bus. Johnson had been ordered to stay away from the woman. Johnson was issued a restraining order last week.

Johnson, a sophomore, worked his way up the depth chart to first-string guard last season and started the Gators' final nine games of the season. He is expected to compete for a starting position this spring.

University Athletic Association spokesman Steve McClain said in a statement on Monday night that the university is aware of the report and gathering details about the incident. Florida coach Urban Meyer is out of the country, according to McClain.



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suprise, suprise another gator arrested thanks alot for all the disipline and class uve brought apon UF urban...

I suggest a spelling and grammar check, "Gator Fan." Honestly this is nothing to get up in arms about.

How many times will Urban make him roll the length of the field for this one Goody?

Sweet.. I was worried the Fulmer Cup would get away from us.. but we're on the board!

The Fulmer Cup! What a brilliant idea! As for rolling the field, I don't know. Probably one time for every woman who has been stalked in Alachua County in the last year. By the way, I just checked the Alachua County inmate list and apparently Johnson spent the night in jail...Oh, wait. No, that's wrong. He was bonded out.


How in the world does this guy think he can be sneaky and follow this girl around??? He's 6'-6" 330lbs, you don't exactly just blend in. What an idiot!

I heard he hide to hide behind a stop sign, but she saw him anyway. Damit Carl, thats why you always came in last in hide-and-go-seek.

It is a problem and not something you just push under the rug. What this kid is doing will lead to future issues with the team and himself. But, we are short OL men so I'm sure nothing will happen.

OK, so I'm looking at the arrest report, and apparently Big Carl wasn't trying to be too sneaky about all this. He entered an RTS bus at the Springs Complex (the dorms where most of the football players live) and sat across the aisle from a woman who had filed a restraining order against him. The report says "approximately three feet." Not smart.

An eyewitness, according to the report an 18-year-old female student (who we're not going to name on this blog), gave police sworn statements of the "accounts that took place on the bus."

OK, folks. It seems what we have here is another case of young love gone bad, a classic guy-got-dumped-and-can't-get-over-it scenario. Since Johnson has never been arrested for domestic violence, I'm guessing that this temporary restraining order was issued after some kind of oral threat.

This sounds like a job for football team staff member Terry Jackson. Jackson's official title is "director of player and community relations." We're just going to refer to Jackson as the football team's life coach. As acting life coach, Jackson needs to explain to Johnson and every other football player on the team that "treating woman with respect is probably a smart move now that you live in Gainesville, are in the public eye and are a football player for the University of Florida."

Women are making UF football players crazy. First Hornsby then Rickerson and now Johnson. Guys, if you're going to lose your mind over a girl, why not do it with respect? What happened to our chivalrous Gators? What happened to sticking your neck out for a girl and stealing a car for her (Tony Joiner)?


There is NO comparison between Johnson and Hornsy and Rickerson...not yet at least. This guy did something wrong, yes. But he's a kid and its the first time he's ever had a temporary restraining order on him...and it was a week old. This is more of a social issue than anything else, and it will be handled appropriately.

They all involve women, Adam.


Thank you, jo. I mean based on the information I had available at the time, as contained in this post, the degrees of Johnson's case compared with the other two were not even close.

HOWEVER, after reading this http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/sports_college_uf/2009/02/gators-ol-carl-johnson-accused-of-date-rape.html I have changed my mind.

You, these arrests aren't limited to just the Gators (see the Canes, the Noles, and the list goes on and on). What the hell is wrong with these kids?!? Their egos are so inflated they think they are above the law that they can't stay out of trouble when the season is over. It really is irritating knowing they have an education handed to them on a silver platter (among other things), yet they can't seem to avoid the 5-0.

A perfect example of this was when I was at UF sitting at the bus stop by the '95 residence (where most of the athletes lived), and some dude in a brand new car pulls up onto the sidewalk next to the stop. A bunch of guys get out and start drinking 40s while the car is parked ON THE SIDEWALK. I recognized the driver as "Big Money" G-Warren. Another car pulled up right behind him on the sidewalk and they put their hoods up as if the cars were broken down.
I was like man, don't get arrested - we need you!!! He was so chill and was like "don't worry about it - no one is gonna touch us."

There you go. Kings among men. Untouchable.

Looks like fake Goody.

CRAP! Brandon James broke his foot!!!

Hey a Gator player arrested. Must be tuesday.

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