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UF's Carl Johnson accused of abusive relationship

GAINESVILLE -- Florida offensive lineman Carl Johnson was allegedly involved in an abusive relationship in 2008, according to a petition for injunction for protection against sexual violence filed in Alachua County on Feb. 9.

According to the petitioner, Johnson's former girlfriend, she was in a "violent dating relationship" with Johnson from July 2008 to Dec. 2008. During that time, Johnson's former girlfriend claimed that "physical and emotional abuse were regular."

Carl Johnson, 21, was arrested on Monday for violating the terms of his restraining order when he sat approximately three feet away from his former girlfriend on a public bus, according to an arrest report. The report also states that Johnson followed his former girlfriend once she exited the bus. He was booked into the Alachua County jail at 1:21 p.m. on Monday. Johnson had been ordered by the court to remain 500 feet away from his former girlfriend.

According to arrest records, Johnson’s former girlfriend and an eyewitness gave sworn statements on Monday of “the accounts that took place on the bus.”

Johnson spent the night in jail on Monday and appeared in court on Tuesday morning. He was then released under the condition that he remain at least 500 feet away from his former girlfriend at all times. Terms of the original restraining order indicate that Johnson and his former girlfriend are scheduled to appear in Alachua County court at 9:30 a.m. on Feb. 24.

Johnson's former girlfriend included a lengthy and detailed description of her relationship with the football player in her petition for a restraining order. She also indicated in the petition that she reported sexual violence to law enforcement and is cooperating in any criminal proceeding. No criminal charges against Johnson have been filed "as of this time" with the State Attorney's Office, according to State Attorney's Office spokesperson Spencer Mann.

Johnson, a sophomore offensive guard, started nine games last season and is expected to compete for a starting position on the offensive line this spring. Florida’s spring practice begins on March 25 and the Gators’ spring football scrimmage is scheduled for April 18. Johnson, a native of Durham, N.C., was rated one of the top offensive line prospects in the nation as a high school senior.



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uh oh

He gone.

He hasn't even been able to defend himself yet Adam. Slow down. We need for it to shake out further before making any assumptions. This can go in a bunch of different directions.

Unfortunately this will probably get messy and could easily get him tossed from the team.

If he displays a high level of maturity (doubtful) and isn't convicted of a felony, I would say he has a good chance of staying with the team.

It appears at this point that he is looking at a contempt of court charge which is a misdemeanor. That can be managed. What remains to be seen is if he is issued a permanent restraining order. That would rankle Meyer and very possibly get him the boot.

We need to hold judgement until he makes a court appearance and the request for a permanent restraining order is resolved.

Let us see how this shakes out. These kinds of guys do not need to be in society let alone on the Gator team. Maybe he is not guilty. Either way, this boy needs his leash shortened to the collar.


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