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FINAL: Florida Gators 83, Alabama (Georgia of the West) 74

GAINESVILLE -- Florida snapped its two-game losing skid with an 83-74 victory against Alabama on Wednesday night.

UF guard Nick Calathes led the Gators with 22 pionts, six assists and three rebounds. Florida held Alabama star Alonzo Gee of Palm Beach County to 17 points. Gee scored over 30 against the Gators last season.

Florida sophomore forward Alex Tyus had 16 points and seven rebounds. Freshman point guard Erving Walker had 13 points. Walter Hodge had nine points and six assists.

Blogging live tonight from the O'Connell Center, Alabama-Florida. Once again, no sellout. The public-address announcer just called the O'Dome the 'House of Horrors.' The Alabama Crimson Tide has lost 17-straight road conference games. Florida just lost to last-place Georgia. House of horrors, indeed. Should be a great game...

15:32 Florida Gators 16, Alabama Crimson Tide 7
--What's this? The Florida Gators' basketball actually DOES have a pulse after all. Back-to-back dunks by Parsons in the game's first four minutes! A three ball from Dan Werner! A three ball by Erving Walker! All of sudden, this Florida team doesn't seem so bad. Am I dreaming on press row again?

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Alabama's unis are hideous...but not nearly as bad as the guys in the unis.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Bama sorely misses guard Ronald Steele, who quit the team awhile back. The Tide has five turnovers in the first eight minutes of the game.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Former Gator Andrew Declercq in the house or horrors!

10:59 Florida Gators 27, Alabama Crimson Tide 12
Florida currently on an 8-0 run. Nick Calathes makes Chandler Parsons look good. Alabama makes Kenny Kadji look halfway decent.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Why does Walter Hodge have stars shaved into the back of his head?

RANDOM THOUGHTS: With 6:20 left in the first half, Alabama guard Senario Hillman made the best ugly shot I have ever seen. Under the basket, reverse lay-up, flailing arms, vomit everywhere.

2:29 Florida Gators 45, Alabama Crimson Tide 29
Hodge and Walker with back-to-back three-pointers. UF is 6-of-12 from three-point range. Walker is the only Gator wearing Jordans. Three Gators have blue Nikes. Everyone else is wearing orange high-tops. I prefer New Balance. Made in America.

First half highlight: A Rowdy Reptile got a laugh out of Alabama guard Alonzo Gee. "Hey, Sweaty Gee! Anyway, if Gee makes it big in the NBA, he's a perfect fit for Gatorade's new marketing campaign. Gee drinks G.

Florida Gators 47

Scoring: Calathes 10, Hodge 7, Tyus 7, Parsons 7, Walker 6, Werner 6, Kadji 4

Alabama 35
Scoring: Hillman 12, Gee 10, Torrance 6, Brock 4, Coleman 3

15:29 Florida Gators 55, Alabama Crimson Tide 46

Nick Calathes with two three-pointers to begin the second half.
14:22 Florida Gators 55, Alabama Crimson Tide 50
Closest the Tide has been since early in the first half. Alabama forward Justin Knox (6-9, 240) is dominating inside right now. He has six points in the second half.

12:02 Florida Gators 64, Alabama Crimson Tide 53
Florida regained control when Calathes made his third three-pointer of the second half and Alex Tyus scored six straight points.

7:17 Florida Gators 71, Alabama Crimson Tide 57
The highlight of this game for the Gators has been the team's ability to hold Alabama guard Alonzo Gee to just 10 points. Gee is 4 of 9 from the field and 0 of 3 from three-point range.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Nick Calathes is growing a beard, I think. Oh, and I'm happy to report that Alabama's Alonzo Gee has sweaty shorts.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: The Dazzlers are wearing black tights!

2:42 Florida Gators 75, Crimson Tide 67
Alex Tyus is working harder than anyone on the floor. He has 16 points and seven rebounds and is giving the Alabama forwards fits on the defensive glass. Tyus is going to be pretty good next season when he has a consistent big man next to him.

RANDOM THOUGHT: Alonzo Gee has a really cool tattoo on his right shoulder. It's like a rising sun or something only the sun is, of course, a basketball.



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