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Brass knuckles are Jamar Hornsby's weapon of choice, allegedly; Ole Miss still gathering facts

Former Florida safety Jamar Hornsby allegedly attacked a man with brass knuckles in a McDonald's drive through.

GAINESVILLE -- So you're sitting at a Starkville, Miss., McDonald's drive through at 2:15 a.m. just minding your own and waiting for your Happy Meal. Then, out of nowhere, some clown rear-ends your car. At this point, you have four logical options:

800px-Brass_knuckles_dsc04623 Option A: Exchange insurance information if there's any damage. Collect your Happy Meal and be on your way.

Option B: Ignore the bump all together. Collect your Happy Meal and be on your way.

Option C: Call the cops to report the damage and eat your Happy Meal while the fuzz sorts out the mess.

Option D: Grab your brass knuckles and assault the clown. 

It seems former Florida safety Jamar Hornsby -- the thug that he is -- chose Option D on March 1 and jacked up some guy while in line at a McDonald's drive through. Here's a link to the Associated Press story.

But wasn't Jamar Hornsby already on probation in Alachua County for that whole credit card thing? Why, yes he was. Breaking his probation in Mississippi could trigger a four-year prison sentence back here in Gainesville. Then again, assaulting someone with brass knuckles (yes, brass knuckles are illegal) in Starkville, Miss., calls for a 20-year prison sentence all by itself.

If all this is true, then Hornsby is in some serious trouble. Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said on Monday that he is still "looking into the matter and trying to gather all the facts."



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I'll say this...I had no problem with the first article posting of Hornsby...but I do with this one. This has nothing to do with us anymore. Good to inform us that it happened, but no need to go into details and dwell on this scumbag.

However if you do want to post about UF / possible trouble...I'd update the Carl Johnson story which, as I suspected, has resulted in him being totally cleared of all charges.


Florida offensive lineman Carl Johnson still has to deal with a temporary injunction placed on him by an ex-girlfriend, but Johnson will not be charged with rape and will not be charged for violating the injunction last month, Johnson’s lawyer said Monday.

“There will be no charges filed against him, period, by the state of Florida,” attorney Huntley Johnson told the Post. “There will be no charges pressed against him for any sort of date rape. There will be no charges pressed against him for violating the restraining order.”

“I’m hereby withdrawing my complaint of sexual battery requested on Feb. 4. I understand the suspect in this case is Carl A. Johnson and I do not wish to prosecute,” the affidavit states.

State attorney Bill Cervone told Florida Today that there is “insufficient evidence” to charge Johnson.

Huntley Johnson, no relation to the player, said Johnson’s name has been “dragged through the mud.”

“I don’t think Carl Johnson has ever done anything wrong in this case at all,” he said. “We think it’s absolutely inappropriate for there to be a restraining order.”

He is going to jail. You don't need to be convicted of this new charge to violate your probation, just getting arrested can be enough of a violation. I'm glad this punk was booted off the team. Hope he enjoys the joint...

Exactly why I refrained from dragging Carl Johnson's name "through the mud" on this blog. As for Hornsby, well, that's fair game at this point as far as I'm concerned.


Reading about Hornsby always makes me think of Teddy Dupay. This is why no UF fan should dog the Canes for its thug U rep. Sometimes, you get some bad kids that overshadow everything else.

Exactly Ricky, because UF is the new Thug U... Double digit arrests in the last year, not including Hornsby for his 2nd stay at the "Gray Bar Hotel".

There is a difference between breeding thuggery through your program (UM) and having a program that may recruit kids that do thuggish actions(UF).

Adam S you really are in some sort of dream world. UM's past speaks for itself, but living in Gainesville, as I do, I have seen the culture your Gators are breeding here. Tebow, model citizen that he is, is in stark contrast to the guys you have surrounding him. Urban Meyer is not some warm and cuddly guy who runs a clean program and just wants some good kids around him. He is a ruthless, win at all cost taskmaster who is damned good at what he does. Now he does not rank up there with the Pete Carrolls or the Les Miles as far as dirty recruiting, but he is no choir boy either. Just check out the arrest log the past several years. Plenty of Gators and few Canes on that list. You referring to our thuggery is like us harping on our five titles. It's in the past.

Adam, the difference is one of those comments is opinion, and the other is fact. Think before you speak.


Great post CAPS LOCK GUY. You can fantasize about Urban going to ND all you like. He's not going anywhere. He has more Championships to win right here in Florida. If you think UM has a shot at being in the national picture in the next two years you really know NOTHING about what it means to be an elite football program. Nice job canesrule.

Juice - I'm living in reality. I don't think I ever said Urban is "warm and cuddly"...he certainly isn't. He's a tough SOB and, as you said, is a "win at all costs" type guy. But that does not mean he runs a dirty program. You seem to think that just because players get in trouble means the program is unclean. Far from the case. Players get in trouble - they get thrown off the team. During the real Thug U days of UM, players got in trouble and got free passes. People looked the other way. Unlike Miles and Carroll, you have no proof of him "dirty recruitng." You have the stuff rumored about on Canes message boards that are perpetrated to make you guys feel better. Again, arrests do not equal dirty program. I will agree with you that "Thug U" is in the past for UM...no doubt...BIG TIME turnaround. But trying to throw that label onto us just because kids get arrested is not fair. There is no real comparison between some arrests at UF (and kids getting disciplined for them) and what was really going on at UM during the "Thug U" times.

Jason - get educated. Both of those comments are fact as described in my most recent post to Juice. I'm sorry I hurt your little Cane feelings.

UM=NC, you're just pathetic. Juice brought some legit opinions to this thing and we're having a nice conversation. You're a moron. First of all, when using the "can't spell" line, the letters actually have to be, you know, IN THE WORD. Genius use of "rural" instead of "urban." Not only is it creative, it is insulting to him too. LOL!

There really is nothing to add to Adam's 9:17 AM post. He is laser beam accurate in his assessment of the subject.

I'm still waiting for anyone to produce any evidence of Urban's misdeeds.
People, please, ANYTHING that is factual. It's so tired.

This Gator fan gives credit where credit is due. UM's athletic program has removed everything connected with that era. Great job on that UM. But let's be honest here folks, UM invented the "thug" image. USC perfected it but UM invented it. UM had enormous exposure and success during that goneby era. UM also aligned itself with the thug image during that same time. Players and fans celebrated it. UM staff tolerated it. It went unchecked for a long time.

Fair or not people will forever associate UM with the thug moniker.

Who do you associate the phrase "playoffs??... PLAYOFFS??.. PLAYoffs??"
with? In the same way sports fans instantly connect that to Jim Mora, sports fans will always associate "thug" with UM. Sorry.

It's the off-season, I have no problem with Jo reporting on this. By the way, where's Willie Williams these days?

He's at a JUCO, I believe...and I think he just graduated. I read that the Dolphins were interested in bringing him in for a workout, but I really don't see him catching on anywhere. Maybe a stint in the UFL or CFL for a year or two would be best for him.

Adam, I have to give it to you. You presented a good argument. Urban has been ACCUSED a few times of recruiting violations, but none has stuck. I do not accuse him of being dirty per se, but I do think that in his win at all cost mentality he does take chances on recruits that are sketchy. Big chances. I think he is someone who would say or do anything to get a recruit he wants up to flagrantly violating the rules. You are right though when you say that the Gators are not nearly what the Canes were during their peak run. The thuggery over the course of 20+ years will never be matched again due to NCAA rules. But the Gators are on a slippery slope when it comes to the culture they are creating here. It will never be what it was in Miami, but when you have a player firing an AK47 outside of the Venue, I mean that's just crazy. Then he suddenly found himself back on the team until he beat up a fan. I do have to say I have a lot more respect for you and your opinions after your reply to my post.

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