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Calathes 'definitely coming back'; Plus official Gator Clause NCAA Tourney bracket pool

Friends of Gator Clause: Everyone is invited to join this blog's official NCAA Tournament bracket pool. Win BCS championship game swag!

GAINESVILLE -- Once again, the Gators missed the Field of 65 and instead are headed to the NIT. So, how did it come to this? We addressed that question in today's paper. CLICK ME! If anyone hasn't read the game story from Saturday's loss, here's that link as well. CLICK ME!

Calathes The best thing for Gators fans to come out of Saturday's loss was news that guard Nick Calathes is probably coming back for his junior season.

[PICTURED, Calathes has never played in the NCAA Tournament.]

I asked him after the loss -- hey, someone had to do it -- and here's what he said:

"For right now, I'm definitely coming back," Calathes said. "But I'll have to wait until the season is over."

So, I guess he left himself a little room to wiggle out of Gainesville. But, seriously, after watching the Gators' late-season collapse, does anyone think Calathes is going to get drafted this year? He should return to school for another season and, as UF coach Billy Donovan likes to put it, "learn how to win."

OK, just because the Gators didn't make the NCAA Tournament doesn't mean Gators fans can't enjoy college basketball's championship tournament. I went over to Yahoo! Sports and created an NCAA Tournament group for folks who just can't get enough of the Big Dance. Anyway, the winner will get some Poolside-200 cool BCS national championship swag I've got hanging up in my closet.


So, here's the link to the official Gator Clause office pool: CLICK ME! The password is "calathes". The link should take you to the group but if you have any problems, the group name is Gator Clause and the group number is 108741. Again, the group password is "calathes".



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I don't have much faith in Memphis this year. Does anyone else see the Tigers as a bracket buster?


Calathes also used the word "definitely" earlier this season in reference to the Gators making the field of 65...

I like Memphis, but I am notoriously bad at these brackets....
I joined the pool, I can't wait to win the swag.

No surprise Calathes is coming back given he will get eaten alive in the NBA. Real nice college player though lets not forget, those with real "next level" talent don't stick around. I don't see the "quick first step" that some praise him for. Instead, I see a point guard who more often than not sets his offense with his back to his man relying on his height advantage to get the ball out. Teams now know how to shut him down...don't be afraid he will go by you and play tight defense. Its Bobby Hurley at best, which is not bad for college...heck, I'll take it...but NBA...PLEASE!

So, the swag is pretty sweet. I'll upload pictures later tonight.


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