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EMAILS I GET: Player with a heart of gold

Now presenting the random acts of kindness of University of Florida receiver Frankie Hammond Jr. of Hallandale

GAINESVILLE -- As many of you know, the editorial board here at Gator Clause often publishes the emails that fill our inboxes. This latest email comes to us from Justin Mayor, a student at the University of Florida. The subject of the story is Florida freshman receiver Frankie Hammond Jr. Full disclosure, Gator Clause happened upon Mayor's story while surfing the message boards over on Gatorbait.net. We asked him to email us the story so we could share it with everybody. The story is simple and insightful. Those are the best kind...

Mr. Goodman,

My name is Justin and I'm a student from Tampa. Last Saturday morning, I woke up and realized I had misplaced my wallet. After scouring my dorm and my friend's apartment where I had been the night Hammond before, I was prepared to cancel all my cards and get replacements. When I returned to my dorm, I had a message on Facebook from Frankie Hammond [PICTURED, A good kid.] informing me that he had found my wallet and if I gave him my phone number he would call me and arrange a time and place for us to meet and return it. He called me to meet up and he returned my wallet. When he gave it to me I showered him with praise and gratitude, as he saved me over $100 in lost cash and replacement costs (which is significant for lowly college students like myself) and after I had finished lauding his act of kindness he just said, "No problem. It's not a big deal. It was just what any decent individual would have done."


Justin Mayor

Nice story, huh? Hooray for decency!



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